Tim ore?

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  1. Guardian0109

    Guardian0109 Tentacle Wrangler

    I am not sure if i downloaded a mod but i found a blue ore that when i mine it comes out as a face
  2. Jonesy

    Jonesy Sarif's Attack Kangaroo Forum Moderator

    You haven't mentioned which mod/s you're using. In fact, you'd be better off asking on the mod's discussion thread if you downloaded it from this site. Unless people actually know the mod you're talking about, they can't really help.
  3. NightMoonNyx

    NightMoonNyx Aquatic Astronaut

    Hello Guardian
    I am someone who has too found this cringe ore called tim mimicing diamonds

    I am currently running a manual mod check by going through my mods one by one to search for the tim ore and sus out the culprate.

    What would help is if you could post a list of your mods here and it will help me narrow down the results, so we can quickly remove the mod from our games.

    My mods are:

    90% Cheaper Station Expansions

    AFHP – Another Floran Hair Pack

    AMP – Another Mod Pack

    An THair

    Avali (Triage) Race Mod

    Avali Additions

    Avali Alternate Ship

    Avali Heavy Mining Laser

    Avali SpecOp Armour

    Avali Tier 9 and 10 ship to support the Tier 9 mod and the Avali Alternate ship mod

    Barrage heavy mecha

    Ceiling Mounted Sprinkler

    Compact Crops

    Craftable Mech BLueptints

    Craft able Pickaxe Mod

    Craft able Pickaxes and Drills

    CrazyFreak’s Musical Collection


    Dead Space Items

    Double-Barrel Shotguns

    Earth’s Finest Crew Improvements



    Extended Furniture Crafting

    Extended GUI

    Fallout Weapons and Armour

    Faster Morphball

    Fire Caste Accoutrements

    Food Rot Dots


    Full Spectrum Hover bikcs


    Give me Cotton!

    Grappling Whips

    Ground-Penetrating Radar Station

    Hylotl Extra Colours

    I want to Drive That Van

    I want to fly that van

    Improved Containers

    Improved Food Descriptions

    Improved Merchants

    Jak and Daxter Hellcat Cruisers

    Manipulated UI

    Metal Gear Solid Alert Sound

    Metroid Music Addition

    Musical Merchants

    Named Saplings

    Neon Rainbow Teleport Beam

    Novakid Concept Armour

    Tracer BLink

    XS Mech Modular Edition (BETA)

    Pulse Pistol


    Ocean Music Restored


    Racial Hover Bikes

    Rwby outfits

    Shellguard Starbound Expansion

    Starbound 40K Weapons

    Starchef Redux

    Steven Universe Song Pack


    T-45 Power Armour

    The Protectorate Flower

    The Sea Drake!

    The Tabla Rasa

    Themed Colony Deeds

    Tier Nine Ships

    Tracer Blink

    Undertale Music Mod

    USCM tanks

    UT-47 Kodiak Shuttle

    Wardrobe Interface

    Weapon Stats

    Xbawks Character extender

    XS Mechs

    ZZ Mech Modifications
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