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Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by AmazonValkyrie, Jun 1, 2016.

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    I started playing around with Tiled in hopes of creating some randomly spawning villages, and I'm using my own custom tileset to build with. I have several tiles that extend beyond the 8x8 tile boundary with sides that--in game-- will appear if nothing is next to them. However those tiles appear off center in Tiled, I'm guessing due to their size. I was poking around in the .json files to see if there was any fixing their positioning through the properties in Tiled, but to no avail. Of course, the tiles that are only 8x8 in size have no issue. I did try View>Tile Collision Editor where you can edit the offset in the window, and it does move the tile in the preview, but it still doesn't render it as such when placed on the map. Does anyone know if there is a way through the tile properties to align the larger tiles properly?

    A solution I'm playing with is to break up the larger tiles into three separate tiles. One for the center, and one for each "side". They'll then render properly in Tiled, but I'm hoping there's an easier solution.
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    You need the tile to be 8x8 otherwise it has to be an object instead.
    Each tile in the end of the day is an interact-able unit - in a normal game where everything is not destructible it will not matter.
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    Thanks so much for the speedy response! Okie doke, 8x8 it is. I think I'll break up the larger tiles into separate 8x8s that connect, but what I'm wondering is if I change the way the tile looks in Tiled/custom tileset folder, do I also have to change my buildable versions of the tile in my mod directory? I don't believe so, as the .json for Tiled doesn't even reference the material ID, just it's image (from the Tiled directory folder for the custom tileset), but I don't want to muck anything up.
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