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Closed Tiers, tiers of joy

Discussion in 'Starbound Support' started by Prophet of Deception, Apr 20, 2013.

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  1. Prophet of Deception

    Prophet of Deception Big Damn Hero

    Do the Pre-order tiers unlock any of the lower tiers? I bought the Alpha version of Prison Architect recently and on the page for pre-order if you bought a tier any tiers beneath it would also be included in your deal eg. buying tier 3 and that gives you say a chance to write something in-game or be included in the credits and such and you would also get the 2nd and 1st tier bonus like getting custom skins or something (This is not actually waht you can get in Prison Architect).

    So my question is: If you buy the $2000 tier and be a statue do you also get to design a weapon and make a hat?
  2. Khataclysme

    Khataclysme Big Damn Hero

    Pretty sure yes, i read this somewhere, but my answer is 99.99 % right !
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  3. haincha

    haincha Master Chief

    That is typically how it works, unless worded differently. Just double check your tier, and read it. That trumps everything above it.
  4. Quixotic

    Quixotic Big Damn Hero

    It most certainly is not. The statute does not include the weapon tier.
  5. haincha

    haincha Master Chief

    It clearly lists what are all included in each tier reward. You get all of the above stuff up until the Platinum Tier. Then you get what is listed.

    I understand how it works, I guess I just have a terrible explanation... :p
  6. Malthael2797

    Malthael2797 Void-Bound Voyager

    No you don't. This was on another thread then an admin/mod agreed said you don't get the previous rewards.
  7. For Solarium, you don't get the Platinum-exclusive reward. For Impervium, you get neither solarium nor platinum-exclusive reward. Same goes for each individual badge you receive; If you pay for impervium, you only get the badge for impervium.
  8. Prophet of Deception

    Prophet of Deception Big Damn Hero

    Thankyou for your answers! Suika Ibuki... Sooooooo maaany badges! And I see you bought the game twice.
  9. love doctor

    love doctor Cosmic Narwhal

    Omni did say officially no but he also said inofficially if someone is willing to spend 2k for impervium hes sure a deal can be reached
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