Tier7+ Star/Planet/Biome ideas

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    Dark Stars - All planets in the system would be in perpetual twilight, star would be black surrounded by white light. planets in system:

    1.Midnight planets (already exist)
    2.Frozen planets (already exist)
    3.Alien/mutated planets (already exist)

    4.Eldritch planet, with lovecraftian style monsters, creepy, dungeons filled with cultists, shallow black/green oceans, stormy, tentacles, cthulu-like monsters, mad scientists, demons, evil,mysterious tech and unlockables, forbidden knowledge. Non-playable race could be ood-like aliens (as in the doctor who ood). at this tier after the (possibly first) main story of the game the planets or star systems could have their own bosses, this planets would be something similar to cthulu. Minibiomes for the planet could include:
    1. alien
    2. eyeball
    3. swamp
    4. evil
    5. hive
    The dangers of this planet would be radiation.

    5.Neon planet, in perpetual twilight, some of the life in this system would have evolved like creature in the deep ocean on earth, the trees, procedural and non-procedural creatures and even the water and rocks (because of bacteria) would glow all sorts of bright colours and would also have bright glowing crystals
    Other biomes could include:
    1.prism biomes
    2.bio-luminescent biomes
    Dangers would be radiation.

    6.Carboniferous planets, ancient planets with giant trees,lakes, based on the carboniferous period where there were tons of giants bugs, invertebrates and amphibians. Could have a lot of coal and oil. Other biomes:
    4.possibly desert or savannah
    5.bamboo forest*
    Dangers: Radiation, High oxygen - prolonged exposure would cause the player to become dizzy

    7.Undead planets, planets teeming with horrible monsters, zombie and skeletal versions of the races with fortresses where the last living npcs are holding out.
    1.scorched city (less fire, just a ruin)
    2.toxic ocean
    Dangers would be radiation, could also have an evil race instead of zombies waging war against the normal races

    Hallowed system - bright binary star system, longer days shorter nights, although higher tier and with stronger monsters, some planets would have less hostile monsters because of large settlements and the planets being good areas to build colonies. Main dangers would either be radiation or heat because of the two stars.

    Paradise planets - ocean planets, with lots of sun and rainbows, vacation settlements with loads of npcs chilling out, think the island from animal crossing new leaf, but the whole planet, underwater utopias could also be present

    Utopian metropolis planets, similar to earth at the start of the storyline, could be mainly one of the races, hinting towards a home planet, loads of skyscrapers in background, could have large side quest lines, police, crime, trade, other complex systems, other biomes could exist outside the large cities aswell, depending on theme of the city.

    Many other planets could also exist in this system, preferably any planets with a lot of trees and flowers,
    the carboniferous planet from the dark system might work better here, with less of an emphasis on all the giant bugs and amphibians being creepy and more of an emphasis on it being a haven for life

    *i mention a bamboo forest, this could be a good mini biome
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    Liked some of the suggestions here... specifically how some of them seem to be designed to reuse existing content in new ways.
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    A Lovecraftian planet would be a dream to me.
    The amount of stuff you could do with it leaves a lot for the imagination, could even make dungeons and combat interesting being a challenging but rewarding planet to venture.
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