Thriving Tribes

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    Your friend and neighbor Sleepy123 with more suggestions.

    Ever found that ALL worlds are inhabited either by either mindless monsters or by space-faring civilisations? WWell, I was wondering... why not have a middle term between the two? Why not have THRIVING TRIBES!

    Beasts, tribes... what's the difference?

    Simple. Tribal minions would be biped creatures, but they would be more humanoid than standard creatures, and carry a small but diverse random arsenal of primitive weapons (throwing spears, axes, bows...) and clothes (furs, skirties, floran...) with them. They would (optionally) attack wild animals within the range of their town and even the player, if he/she is careless. Oh, and they would be able to open unlocked doors, and the most advanced ones would (rarely) use bombs. Careful with those!

    How would they spawn?
    Easy to program, since we already have the system programmed! They would spawn just as colonists do, Tribal minions would use a spawner inside a biome-themed hut to appear, but they would appear en masse. A small group of 1-5 minions (5 max) would appear per hutt. They would be a splendid mini-dungeon addition. As an addition, a stronger, bigger tribal Chief could appear at the center of the town and use a higher tech item, perhaps even a staff that allows him to use tech-magic.

    What would their behavior be?
    Here's where the crazy part would start. Minions would always attack together and use a hit-and-run strategy vs the player. I recommend making all trives ranged to make this easier.
    If you attack their Chief or destroy one of their huts, they would be far more persistent than regular creeps and send small groups to raid the player's current location. Huts would make tribal minions spawn every X time.

    Some nice addition would be to have some non-hostile tribes that only become hostiles when the player attacks them or steals from them, and a tribal Chief that actually gives procedurally generated quests. Help those poor noble savages!

    What's the reward for fighting those tribes?
    To crush your enemies, to see them driven before you and to take their chests from them. Or you could capture them with a capture pod. Or you could add them into your tribal zoo. That's up to you.
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    It's an interesting concept, one that would be excellent if executed correctly, but I'm not sure if it belongs in starbound as much as spore or rimworld...

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