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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by superconsole, Jun 7, 2018.

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      Thank you very much for your work. I'm loving everything shown about this game. I don't know if this question has already been asked, I didn't found it. Do all commanders have the same stats (resistance, damage, HP...)? If not, the only difference is their Groove?
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        Hey there! Glad you're liking the look of Wargroove :DD

        That's right, currently all Commanders have the same stats, but the grooves drastically change up how things on the battlefield can play out. As it's still in development, there's always the possibility that we may decide to change this during testing, but that's the plan as it stands.

        In case you haven't seen, here's the full list of Grooves listed out by Tiy in the Discord on Friday:
        • Mercia - Heal Aura - Mercia raises her sword to the sky and heals all surrounding allied units by 30%. - Fast Charge
        • Valder - Raise Dead - Valder raises a skeleton from the ground. The skeleton is immediately active. - Very Fast Charge
        • Caesar - Inspire - Caesar's magestic presence inspires all surrounding units to have another go. - Medium Charge
        • Ragna - Shield Jump - Ragna leaps into the air, and lands hitting adjacent enemies for 50% health. - Slow Charge
        • Greenfinger - Wild Growth - Greenfinger summons a wall of five vines in front of him, blocking enemy movement. - Very Fast Charge
        • Sigrid - Vampiric Touch - Sigrid drains all health from an enemy unit, and adds it to her own health. - Medium Charge
        • Tenri uses a tornado to move herself or any unit except commanders. - Fast Charge
        • Sedge - Sadistic Rush - Sedge hits a target for 35% damage. If it dies, he can keep doing it again. - Very Slow Charge
        • Nuru - Teleport Beam - Nuru beams down a friendly ground unit in the heat of battle. You still pay for it. - Fast Charge
        • Koji - Sparrow Bombs - Koji spawns two Sparrow Bombs. Upon death, they deal 30% damage to nearby enemies. - Slow Charge
        • Emeric - Cherrystone Defence - Emeric deploys a Cherrystone, providing a defensive bonus to all nearby friendly units. - Fast Charge
        • Ryota - Dash - Ryota dashes through enemies, damaging anyone on his path for 50% health. - Medium Charge

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