Three other saved game files that aren't mine suddenly appear? [RESOLVED]

Discussion in 'Support' started by PanDan951, Dec 8, 2016.

  1. PanDan951

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    I recently just opened my Stardew Valley, and this happened. I only had one saved game file, the one with the name PanDan. The other three saved files aren't mine, but they suddenly just appeared when I played the game after a while... (Look at Martin's gold though lmao). Could this mean I was hacked or something? My hours for Stardew Valley never increased while I wasn't playing it. This is too sketchy. I have only played the game for 24 hours, you can check my steam profile for proof. Martin's saved file has more hours than my hours in game Spooky.png
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    • Kashmir

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      Have you recently shared files on the computer with someone? This happened to me once. I was file sharing with my son, something completely different, but when either of us opened up Stardew or Starbound, the other's characters were on our games. Just 'unshare' and delete them. (if that's what you did).
      • PanDan951

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        I logged on another computer in a computer shop that had stardew valley installed. Based on your case i think i know what happened already.. thanks!

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