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    Hi Robotality!

    First, thanks for the game, I've been playing it a ton since it came out yesterday. I just finished the optional (yellow) mission where Mule wanted to go get food from the food storage. Man that was a nightmare fight with 4 back to back waves of 8-10 mobs, each progressively tougher than the last. I survived on the 2nd try through with only 2 guys alive

    Here are some thoughts I have about what I would like to see (not sure if you can patch or update the game or how that works with non online games)
    • Gaining Levels - I miss it. I kind of like the stim packs, but I would rather be able to gain maybe 10 levels per character and pump points into HP/aim/agility. Gaining levels has always been something i enjoy in games as it encourages the grind.
    • after fights, it seems that i get Recycled Energy, but I don't know how much. Could you put up some Post fight stats (hit %(yours), hit %(enemy), Total Damage Done (shields too), Total Damage received (shields too), Healing, Kills, Deaths, Recycled Energy earned)
    • Using Medkits to revive allies
    • some early enemies have ridiculous amounts of HP (including shield) from my observations. If you are using mid-range weapons you are kind of screwed. It doesn't seem like our damage goes up along with the HP/shield of enemies. meanwhile they're punching me for 10+ even after moving across the screen. Those melee brutes with high hp/shield and crazy agility are tough considering it seems they can move twice and still attack.
    • seems weird there is a machine i can purchase ammo/medkits etc. from. who is profitting off me? I would thinking since I pretty much only recycle weapon/armor, i would be getting weapon/armor recyclable material to make better weapon/armor. Some of the items are super expensive. I'm 12 missions in and have finally cracked the 1k energy mark. my stockpile is depleted though and i could be broke again if i restocked grenades (1/member of 4 man team) . I guess what i'm thinking is making all the current items available really cheap (like ammo), but make it where you can spend 250 and craft a random armor or weapon (a bit of gambling added in). Where it would be ranked 1-whatever is available at your particular point in the game.

    maybe i'm off base, but they are just some thoughts of mine.

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    • Bach

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      Thank you for taking the time to write up some thoughts and feedback, massively appreciated! :) Some very good thoughts in there as well!

      A note on the side quests: You can wait until later if one is too tough and just return with better equipment.

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        Thanks for the reply. One more thing i forgot to mention.

        Please please, make it so you can't use a Medkit on a person if they are Max HP already :) I've wasted so many medkits this way when i mean to select "Use on ally" instead of "Use".

        I'm pretty close to the end now "I think". The story is very good. I like the writing a LOT

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