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Should this be in Vanilla?

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  1. Fluffyswift

    Fluffyswift Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    i fear no evil......BECAUSE I GOT MY XENON PACK!!!!!!! or was it my EPP?

    Slight frustration evident.
    Can't decide on the EPP or xenon pack. Oh wait I'll die without the EPP.

    Suggestion: stick the xenon light on the EPP (combine-able)?

    Opinion: As it stands right now i cannot use my lantern stick or halogen pack or even the xenon pack on any planet that is afflicted by one condition or another. The EPP has a single augment that does this and one is not bright enough and two bars any use of other augments..

    Suggestion 2: Make augments stackable (add to tooltip) or interchangeable.

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