Poem Those Stars Shall Shine

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    "With winter wilting trees and such,​
    while fans of Starbound wait and wish,​
    we can only ask so very much,​
    while coders there at Chucklefish,​
    code away, for them and us!​
    With such hope and glee,​
    under any Christmas tree,​
    we wanted such a piece of art,​
    but we will wait a little more,​
    when the game is at last, released,​
    we will play, with all our heart!​
    With pixels dancing, in our heads,​
    we lay to rest, deep in our beds,​
    all of us, we toss and turn,​
    we check Tiy's twitter, every morn!​
    Some sweet day will come, by wintertime,​
    when the game Starbound, will finally sell,​
    until that day, we wait and rhyme.​
    The day of release? Only time can tell!"​
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    Very nice.:up:

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