Things in the Original that Should be changed/edited in the remake (may contain spoilers)

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Rainbow Dash, Feb 15, 2013.

  1. Voyager

    Voyager Spaceman Spiff

    I hope this game has good controller support when it comes out.
    If it's a retro platform game I want to be able to use my Logitec controller.
    • EnderRydel

      EnderRydel Scruffy Nerf-Herder

      Just picked up Treasure Adventure Game and I have to say I'm loving it so far. My only real issue is that the controls for using some of the items (Mainly the throwing hook and the bottle) seem just a tad wonky to me. I can't count the number of times I've tried to use the throwing hook while standing in front of a door and wound up going through the door by mistake.

      Maybe in the new version implement a Zelda-like inventory system where were can swap/assign a specific item to the action button as needed? That might make things a bit easier.
      • fetalstar

        fetalstar 404 Artist Not Found Developer

        Haha yeah, we're kind of trying to figure out a way to improve the controls, so they're not super awkward! ^^
        • EnderRydel

          EnderRydel Scruffy Nerf-Herder

          Well I've finally finished TAG and overall it left a very good impression on me. Only real complaints I have are the control difficulty I mentioned in my previous post and the fact that:

          After taking down the computer boss underneath GloboTech it sorta seems like there's not much content left in the game before the end-boss despite the fact that you've still got a few treasures left to collect. For the first few treasures in the game you'd always have to work your way through a massive dungeon area and struggle against some boss before being rewarded for your efforts while the last few were all hidden underwater and relatively easy to find and get once you acquired the Diving Helmet, the Flashlight, and the proper maps.

          I was really pumped up after taking down the computer boss. Was thinking "Oh man...and I still have treasures left to collect. What crazy shit does this game have in store for me next?" It was a bit of let down that the last few treasures were so easy to get to compared to the first ones. I was expecting at least one more dungeon-type area that I'd have to go through. It sort of took the feeling of accomplishment out from finding them when all I had to do was dive my way underwater and navigate my way around a few obstacles before finding the chest. I'd hope in the remake that there'd be a few more challenges involved in finding the final few treasures. A massive underwater area to explore would be pretty cool, IMHO. Whether or not it's feasible or not to add such a thing to the remake, I'm not sure, but that's my two cents on the matter.
          • 1John5vs7

            1John5vs7 Hard-To-Destroy Reptile

            I agree with this gentleman's post. The end game seemed oddly truncated. I also thought the computer boss was RIDICULOUSLY harder than all of the other bosses. I hated those doggone mini-games you had to play and felt the controls were particularly clumsy there. I am a HUGE nemesis of game mechanics that require you to keep slavishly grinding out boss-gets once you've figured out the pattern, the timing, the strategy, etc just because the controls are sluggish and unresponsive. Although I don't like his potty-mouth, the Angry Video Game Nerd totally has this right on the money when he rages over old-school Nintendo/Famicom games with junky controls. That stuff needs to goooooo in the new version, pretty please!

            Other than that, the game was so much fun, and hey, even with the difficult controls, I beat the doggone thing, so huzzah!
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            • LotBlind

              LotBlind Orbital Explorer

              I'm surprised so many people are having a hard time with the action sequences and bosses and the controls/because of them. I had no such difficulties even if some of them (up+swing=throw or however that went) took a little getting used to. I didn't think they were sluggish. I didn't think the computer boss was too tough. I'm thinking there must be some problem only some of us are getting.
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              • cosmictruffle

                cosmictruffle Void-Bound Voyager

                I think TAG was brilliant, but since this thread exists, I may as well put in my two cents worth.

                The Magic Bottle's controls were rather frustrating at times. Mostly when you needed to spray below you, with wind, to propel yourself upward, while also moving to the side/platforming. 70% of the time, the bottle would suddenly switch to spraying in front of me, and it would push me backwards, making me fall and have to start the platforming challenge over from the beginning.

                Skippable cutscenes would be nice. The computer boss was fun, but if you died, not only did you need to do the moving platform obstacle course again, you had to watch a cutscene each time.

                If you are looking for item/upgrade ideas, how about an item that lets you run faster (or, even better, swim faster underwater), by holding a button? I found swimming painfully slow and walking slightly less so.

                I second the "more dungeons, especially after the final one" suggestion as well; perhaps Solfor could be expanded into a full one? I agree that finding the treasures underwater was kind of anticlimactic, especially when they were lightly guarded.

                Maybe have some night owl characters, or the ability to wake people up and talk to them, with different dialogue than what they say when the sun's up - it would give some reason to use lockpicks in the second half of the game, or to break into peoples' houses in the first place (I stopped picking peoples' locks when I realized there was nothing to see inside anyone's home at night).

                More features for your (buyable) house would be nice as well, like a save point (that you could buy or take from somewhere). As it stands, there's not really any reason to buy or even visit the house other than the good ending.

                And as an OCD person....

                All of the maps could get a checkmark when you found the place they were leading you to... except, inexplicably, the Museum Map. Not that it matters in the slightest, but I figured while I'm here... :p
                • Klaimen

                  Klaimen Orbital Explorer

                  I gotta chime in with LotBlind, I didn't find the bosses too hard either. They are challenging indeed, but I never found any of them unfair or cheaply designed.

                  About the jar portals, to be honest, I felt like being fooled by the game. I only found out that you could use those spirals only after finishing everything else in the game, and only by reading somewhere on the internet about it. Well, travelling by boat back and forth through the whole world wasn't so bad (I liked that part very much actually). Though knowing about that option that you can take those shortcuts every now and then would've been pretty great. Especially since these portals are no secrets, but obviously placed and wandered by from the beginning on. Finding out about that function was like "Meh, I've been waiting for so long for the game to tell me what these spirals are, now I feel dumb". So yeah, even though some people may feel great by having found out this by themselves, I think at some point in the game you should be told how to use those things. For me, personally it is a great unused option cause it was never introduced to me. ;/
                  • nikoscot

                    nikoscot Space Hobo

                    I think the bosses have the correct amount of difficulty to keep me interested in the game. If the bosses were easier it would be another game with meaningless boss-fights.

                    About the parts that blend with the background and you can't say one from another I haven't any problems with that.

                    I think most of the computer games are made by the companies with a very-easy-difficulty-level-to-play because gamers nowadays won't play a game if they have to try more than 2 times to kill a boss or jump over an obstacle or if they have to use their brains for more than 2 seconds.

                    I played the original and it is a very balanced and amazing game.
                    Haven't played the TAW yet and I hope the developers wont ruin it by making it more easy or destroy any of the great graphics TAG has!
                    • Rainbow Dash

                      Rainbow Dash Oxygen Tank

                      the boss im talking about was way too hard and everyone hated it
                      • LotBlind

                        LotBlind Orbital Explorer

                        No, not everyone hated it. Quite evidently...

                        It's true that the little segment leading to it may have felt a little redundant if you were to keep failing multiple times, though even that serves as a little opportunity to collect yourself and make yourself more ready for the next attempt. Anyway I know not everyone hates it when a game chucks a challenge at them. People who play VVVVVV and IWBTG.

                        So you're wrong and should stop making use of the "but everyone says so"-argument, which is actually just a way of saying you can't argue with actual arguments. And you would have avoided getting this response having expressed yourself with just slightly less hyperbole. Oh and if you find yourself getting frustrated with a game, it's time to stop playing.

                        On another note, did anyone find one of the bosses too EASY? I did, the 'Shroom Cave one. It had great visuals and design, but somehow felt too relaxed. Well no wonder if you've been inhaling all those fumes...
                        • JDA

                          JDA Void-Bound Voyager

                          I LOVED the mainframe boss - best fight in the game for me. Similarly to my friend there, I too posted a list of bugs on the old forum (spoilers!)


                          I've put this in the "Bugs" thread also - these issues were the only time I felt frustrated by the game, the "usual" difficulty when bug-free being about right. Breakrys was nasty though, and even having otherwise 100%ed the game and talking to everyone I never did learn about the warp points. The person that is supposed to be the biggest hint to these appeared to be talking about the interdimensional fragments, but they (the warp points) are not ultimately required so no great loss!
                          • :^)

                            :^) Space Hobo

                            My only beef with the game was
                            The final boss that used assets ripped from other games. It felt jarring and ruined the end of an otherwise great game for me.
                            • fetalstar

                              fetalstar 404 Artist Not Found Developer

                              Don't worry, that shouldn't be a problem this time around. :3
                              • The Lone Gnu

                                The Lone Gnu Space Hobo

                                I loved TAG, but also felt disappointed by the lack of new dungeons after the computer boss. I thought the computer boss was quite fun, and not as hard as the skeleton worm (the hardest boss in my opinion), I do however think it is annoying that you cannot skip the cut scene prior to the computer boss!
                                My main problem with TAG is the last part of the game, it is an anticlimactic downhill ride after you have the flashlight and beaten the computer, I think the underwater parts are too slow and monotonous, the museum dungeon is way too short and the final boss battle is boring which is really a shame since TAG is filled with so many cool bosses!

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