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Theories about the setting (spoilers)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by freeformschooler, Oct 29, 2014.

  1. freeformschooler

    freeformschooler Void-Bound Voyager

    One of the cool things about Lenna's Inception is that it keeps you guessing about the world the characters live in. There seems to be two competing ideas - held by different characters - about the nature of the world.

    The reaper is wrong (theist fiction)

    This is the a new player's default assumption. Lenna's Inception has all the trimmings: a big castle, lots of swords, wizard enemies, and the deadly Archangels themselves. Now, Lenna doesn't actually believe this -- she may buy into the idea of magic, but she definitely doesn't believe in the superstitions and legends everyone else seems to hold about Archangels. The Old Man believes in magic, but the grim reaper doesn't, and this is the crux of the old man subplot at the start of the game.

    Almost everyone is deluded (atheist fiction)

    The library books tell us about Earth in the past (relative to the game). It seems that Lenna's Inception may actually take place on an alien planet where Human society and knowledge have regressed to pre-modern understanding. This would explain some otherwise odd features of the world, like the castle having a modern-looking accountant and a global economy, and genetic experiments (the Ursines) living with Humans.

    Despite the fact that some parts of the game truly do seem like magic, I'm going to say this is probably the nature of the game world -- if only because some of the books sound like snippets from fiction Eliezer Yudkowsky would write :lod: I'm guessing the game is essentially doing this: http://ffn.nodwick.com/ffnstrips/2003-06-18.png

    Of course, it could be something entirely different.

    My theory is this: Humans and Ursines were blasted off to the alien planet mentioned in the books. Something horrible went wrong, and now everyone has reverted to base superstitions. There is some process, probably having to do with the secret lab mentioned in the update, that turns people into Archangels... and this is what the Old Man's rival did to himself to turn into the grim reaper. This also happened to the Old Man's lover, but he killed her, and he stored her heart in a box, hoping that he could bribe the reaper into bringing her back.

    Can't wait to see what the new update reveals about the plot :)
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    • freeformschooler

      freeformschooler Void-Bound Voyager

      Spoiler in a spoiler! That's how big a spoiler it is.

      Wow! What a huge twist! I was expecting the Archangels to be genetically engineered, but trans-humans gone wrong?

      So there's no magic after all, but there is technology that operates on level that's damn near magic (the flower and spire).

      The reaper is right, in this world, in that there is no evidence for the preservation of the mind after death... but I don't see what's stopping enterprising folks like the old man from pulling a Fringe Season 2 and grabbing an identical replica of their loved one from a parallel universe. Aside from, you know, needing the flower.

      Awesome plot. I can't wait for the exciting conclusion!
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      • tccoxon

        tccoxon Procedurally Generated Programmer

        You might be able to work out the ending from the information already in the game.

        No aliens though! That would be a lame deus ex machina ending. ;)

        • Kishi

          Kishi Master Chief

          I feel like the plot device behind Delvin is going to be similar to the anime Noein, he's probably traveling through the multiverse, or pocket realities, trying to find one where uh, whats her name, Julia? Where Julia Juliet still exists as a living being. He's probably trying to defeat death in some way, create a safe world, a universe where she will survive and live, possibly where they can be together in peace. However, in each universe she dies. In each universe a hero slays the archangels he makes. He's a little out of touch, it's probably his fault due to the dickish methods he's using. I say dickish and not evil because he's probably operating on a mindset similar to the professor. The ends justifies the means in a multiverse of infinite realities, and he's probably willing to sacrifice all the other realities to get to the "perfect" reality. I think it is apparent as well that Delvin is technologically immortal, at least in terms of aging. I think it is also apparent that he is the grim reaper, powerful archangels can probably revert to a humanoid form or maybe they all can. Delvin is the character that the wise man had conflict with. I think this is why the grim reaper was so angry with him. Still, despite his angry views about being unable to defeat death, I think he is trying to do so through the remote or pocket universes or whatever. Honestly there have been very few stories that I can think of that are similar to this so it's a great concept if that's the case. The planet could be a new terraformed planet, as is likely the case, or it could be earth in the future, or who knows. I don't really care to theorize that because it feels like at this point it's left up to the player's imagination. I guess we'll find out for sure when they go to the desert world with the white spire, which is where Delvin and Lenna probably got transported by the white rose insignia. I expect some Legend of Zelda on the NES style hidden forest maze since with a specific path through but otherwise you could wander around forever, since the professor mentioned that getting to the spire was confusing but his boss knew the way. In the end I think despite all the horrible things we and the main character percieve Delvin as doing, he's just a heartbroken guy trying to make a universe that isn't fucked up and terrible. All in all I'm really liking the themes in this. There aren't any cliche badguys which is a nice touch. Even the banker guy was trying to help in his own deluded messed up way that got way out of hand. Those soldiers STILL chase my townspeople sometimes ugh.

          My real hope, due to all the glitches and the missingglasses and such, was that they are actually already converted consciousnesses in a digital reality. Still X-ing my fingers that it's some story like that, or maybe it'll go meta and they're stuck in a game lol. (hope not on the meta thing but hey) Like, maybe all that historical stuff did happen in reality, but they're even farther beyond planetary travel and are within a simulated digital reality. It could take a cue from The Matrix and explain death in that most consciousnesses would reject complete peace and immortality naturally. *shrug*
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