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    The Whipperberg Chronicles
    "The circumstances of one's birth are irrelevant; it is what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are."

    Chapter 1: Unrestful Night

    Around the campfire, which was encircled by wagons, sat a dwarf, three humans, and elf, and something in between. All of the humans were women, all in their early twenties. The rest were men. The conversation was rather one sided, as the ladies seemed to have known each other for years, while the men were each fresh from the road. They all seemed to have one thing in common. They were responding to a call for aid from the city of Whipperberg, but half a day's journey from their camp. 'Twas a pity that they hadn't yet reached their destination, for it was this night that goblins decided to hunt. But this night, they chose the wrong caravan. ((Roll perception, tell me the result OOC and wait for my response.))
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    Deyrnym sat, idly listening to conversation. He strummed his lute quietly, not playing any tune in particular, merely tinkering. He gazed the others seated around the fire for a few moments, wondering about them silently. He was just going to get into playing an actual tune, when suddenly he noticed movement just outside their small encampment. His instincts kicked in as he analyzed what he noticed. They seemed to be smallish creatures, and there were a few of them. He raised a hand and voiced aloud, "We aren't alone, everyone, on your guard!" He put his lute down and stood, drawing his bow and nocking and arrow, aiming toward the creatures and readying a shot, waiting for the creatures to emerge into clear view before loosing an an arrow.
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    Before further action could be taken a figure burst out of the brush. Small, green, and with a jaw full of teeth, the goblin ran in yelling and screaming. "Attack! Kill the humans for shinies and foods! Burn the carts because the books!" The entire camp was suddenly busy with men and women drawing weapons whilst children were ushered into the carts and small valuables were collected in case of defeat. In truth, despite what seemed to be a simple job to slit the things throat, the gypsies had no real chance on their own. It was fortunate, then, that they weren't alone this night.
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    Deyrnym loosed his arrow at this emerging goblin, beginning to take note of everyone's movements, for it was important to know whom could be relied upon in a surprise combat situation. He decided to keep an eye on the group to get a better feel for them.
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    Deyrnym's arrow strikes the goblin with a wet thumping noise. He quickly drops his bow out of the way and pulls out his rapier, readying himself for close combat with these beasts. "Come forth to die, foul creatures!"
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    The goblin shrieked with a noise no person in the camp could possibly listen to comfortably. "You mean, you hurt! Imma stab while you're burnt!" It's high-pitched voice was joined by others emerging from the brush. "Stab and burnt! Stab and burnt!" While the battle cry of most creatures inflicted fear, this was truly just annoying, like a rotten three-year-old human who wanted more rock candy. The four goblins dashed across the open space to the circle of wagons, their faces scrunched up into tiny snarls. Only one of them, whose attire involved flowing bits of cyan cloth, stopped. It bent down and planted a stick in the ground. From there it stared at the stick, no more than a twig really, hard enough that one almost worried if it was going to hurt its eyes, before they remembered that they wouldn't be of much use soon.
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    Herion was up and standing. And he was downright pissed. Damned goblins. He had been thinking hard, and was quite close to an epiphany! He let it go, and focused on combat. He waved his hand at them, chose the closest goblin, and decided that he would cast a more, well, powerful, spell from his book. "Feel the wrath!" he said, as the air around him became charged with lightning. Then, all of a sudden, with a krakow! and a flash of light, a burst of powerful electric death headed for the closest Goblin. It dealt a lot of damage, and the goblin was barely standing after that

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