The Wardrobe -- your cosmetics management solution

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    Cosmetic items take up a lot of space. Storing them requires almost an entire section of your ship, even if you use racial storage lockers (which are, themselves, expensive). Keeping cosmetics organized and finding the outfit you want at any given time can be quite tedious as well, especially if you do indeed have a whole room dedicated to storing them.

    Enter . . . the wardrobe.

    The wardrobe is a furniture item that allows you to efficiently and stylishly store, browse, and don your cosmetic items. When you interact with it, a unique interface comes up that allows you to:
    -- scan any new cosmetics you have found (costs pixels)
    -- browse through your entire collection (by slot or even by set)
    -- preview your appearance as you're browsing (similar to character creation)
    -- print out cosmetics to share with friends (costs pixels)

    Another possibility would be the stockpiling of large amounts of dye within the wardrobe, which would allow the player to further customize their cosmetics before finalizing their choice. No more having to waste dye just to see what a color looks like.

    Also, like the ship locker, interacting with any wardrobe, no matter where it is or whose it is, will always bring up your cosmetics.
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    hum. maybe this could be modded. like, make it a crafting table. make it so that you learn the recipes to make versions of the cosmetic items upon pickup. so you start out with nothing, but as you find more, you unlock more. have buttons to sort by slot (i don't think there's enough room in the menus for sorting by set, but that'd be cool if it could be done). the preview would be possibly problematic (i dunno lol). but this solution would allow you to craft (for pixels) goodies for your friends or yourself. this would also allow you to use any instance of the crafting table to view your recipes. you could make the table look like something else. a standing wardrobe, for example. or maybe a digital wall panel that doesn't take up much space?

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