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    Oh, for all the souls lost. For every drop of blood spilled, the world has grown ever darker.
    Long, long ago the universe as we know it did not exist. Instead a magical object only whispered about in the strangest of fairy tales - the World Stone. This object is eternal, holding the very fabric of our reality together. Spontaneously this stone created a form of life that we refer to as "Gods." These beings were of great power, possessing small parts of the stones power. The stone had given each God a purpose, a type of existence to govern. At first there were only four Gods, the Progenitors. These four are known as Decay, Magic, Lust, and War. These four Gods created a realm to live in which we refer to as the heavens. With a solid existence to build upon soon other Gods were formed, taking different elements and thoughts into their design. It didn't take long for thousands of these Gods to exist. The more general the purpose of the God, the more power it possessed.
    Some Gods felt much different from their counterparts. They wanted amusement, power, they wanted to control the World Stone and have it do their bidding. Their opposition saw the Stone for what it was - a power far greater than themselves, a power that could not be controlled. These ideals split the Gods in two. The side that wished for power called themselves Demons, while those who wished for peace and order called themselves Angels. The Demons set out and made their own plane, finding the Heavens to be too peaceful and tranquil. This is how the Deep Hells were formed.
    It would be a great many millennia before things would change. Angels and Demons fought one another for centuries without give. In secret a few Angels and Demons talked behind closed doors - feeling that the rift between the two need not be so deep. These Gods sought a land of their own where war would not exist. They sought the World Stone - and it let them find it. The stone granted their wish by fabricating a spherical world that they would name "Earth." Next the stone drew upon the power of all Gods to create a new life - the Nephalem. These beings weren't quite as powerful as the Gods, however, they had something not a single God did. They were not restricted to a purpose or type, they were capable of a variety of beliefs and emotions. They could change and evolve.
    The Earth existed for a thousand years peacefully. The Nephalem constructed towns of timber and stone, they formed governments and carved wonderful existences for themselves. This came to a halt when the Angels and Demons found them. A great war would ensue as the Demons sought to end the Nephalem and the Angels spent years debating a course of action. This war between Demons and Nephalem would teach the Nephalem how to fight. They would learn the power of magic and the way of the sword, becoming great heroes and adventurers.
    The Demons were pushed back to the Hells, and the Angels had finally reached a verdict. The Nephalem should be allowed to live as creations of the World Stone, however, they possessed too much power. The Angels took actions in the background to dilute their power and blood until the Nephalem ceased to exist.
    As the Nephalem faded from life, new life began. From the great mages arose the Elves, from the great craftsmen and miners the Azeroth, from the philosophers came the Fae, and from the great warriors and merchants came the Humans. A great diversity of life began - but with diversity, came war. The world would remained fractured and at war with itself for a great many years.
    The Demons have been preparing since the day they were pushed back. They raged and fought, creating lesser demons and hellish pawns to serve in their armies. They wanted the Earth, and they wanted the Nephalem to be dead. Their armies have reached a crest and now the Demons have begun an assault on the Earth. Demons and their minions have begun to attack small villages and murder all in their path.
    You, my child, may not know it yet - but you are a Nephalem, or at least as close to a pure blooded Nephalem as possible. You are destined for great things. The Citadel has called for all Mercenaries and Adventurers offering good coin. For one reason or another you have arrived to join the armies of the Empire.

    --From The Creator--
    Hello everyone! My name is Zamorak and I bring you a long in the works RP of mine. A lot of time has gone into designing a rich world where you, the players, may have great adventures and eventually become valiant heroes! There are a few things in this that add mechanic to roleplay, but hopefully it's so few and far between that it won't interfere with your enjoyment.

    --Races Within Therrak--

    1. Human
    The Humans are a proud, humanoid race. They come in a wide variety of skin tones, heights, and weights. Humans are the dominant race within Therrak. Often they are shop owners, generals, and even kings. Most Humans are in the upper-middle to rich class of society.
    Almost all Humans have some semblance of racism against others who populate Therrak. While most Humans would not actually act on this some do exist. It is not uncommon for a Human to think themselves above others.

    2. Elves
    The Elves are the most noble race on Therrak. They populate the forests and tend to avoid other creatures. Elves prefer to keep to themselves, only leaving to trade or issue threats. Elves are the most magically gifted race on Therrak with 88% of it's population being capable of magic. Most Elves are slender and lack large muscles, but are otherwise simple humanoids.

    3. Azeroth
    The Azeroth people are strong and warm hearted. These creatures are humanoid in shape with large rock-like plates covering their backs and limbs. Where they have skin it is tough like hide. The average Azeroth height is 6'7 while the average weight is 400lb. Azeroth's tend to be miners and craftspeople. Their generally nice and happy disposition makes them great traders and companions.

    4. Fae
    The Fae are simple folk, primarily thinkers and not fighters. They are shorter than humans (Roughly 4' on average) and very light (60lbs.) The Fae are humanoid in shape with wings. Their skin glows a large variety of colors from purple to neon green. All Fae have blue eyes. Fae are one of the rarest species across Therrak. They make great scholars, teachers, and even mages if they are called upon.

    --Factions and Kingdoms Within Therrak--

    1. The Empire
    Not much is needed to be said about the Empire. It's lands are vast and cover the majority of Therrak. The Empire has a grand army with thousands of soldiers who guard it's cities. The Empire is the worlds greatest producer of food, weapons, armor, and luxury goods. The Citadel is the capitol of the Empire, a grand city which floats two hundred feet above the ground. The city is guarded by a series of magical wards which both keep it afloat and counter hostile magic which would disrupt it's flight. The only way into the city is by one of two chariot stations located on different sides of the city.

    2. Zaun, City of Innovation
    Zaun is a vast metropolis which exists within the Empire. It is largely considered it's own entity although it remains loyal to the Empire. Zaun is a perfect example of when science governs the people and is allowed to run rampant. Smoke billows into the sky, permanently clouding the city in a green haze. The buildings are made of strange metal alloys. The sewers of Zaun are said to be radioactive and fatal to humans. People who grow up in Zaun tend to be smarter than others but have a twisted sense of morality.

    3. Zhurim Deserts
    A great expanse of desert exists between the Empire and the Frozen Shroud to the north. These deserts are governed by Zhurim, a mage-king who has declared himself the rightful ruler of the world. Despite these claims he has yet to make a move on any land outside his desert. Zhurim's capitol city is Shurima, city of the dead. This city has a massive floating disc situated between the two towers of the palace. This disc is inscribed with runes which ward off undead - for during night, the desert is filled with horrible undead which roam looking for prey.

    4. The Frozen Shroud
    The north is covered in frozen mountains. A constant snow leaves the lands blanketed white at all times of the year. Here exists a kingdom of monks and strong warriors. In the north only the strong survive. The monks here are grand and wise, teaching the young how to find inner peace and a sense of self. The armies of the Frozen Shroud are feared even by the Empire - every soldier is a master of unarmed combat and Ki, a special form of magic taught by the monks. It is said a single Monk from the Frozen Shroud is worth at least one hundred soldiers.

    5. Daemon Hunters
    There is an order within the Empire unknown to most. This order has existed since the days of the Nephalem. The Daemon Hunters live within a massive castle made of stone brick, guarded by magical seals that make the Citadel seem unguarded. Here great warriors are trained to fight the undead and legions of hell, here, heroes are made. The Daemon Hunters specialize in either melee combat, ranged magi-guns, or magical combat. The Daemon Hunters are the only organization other than Zaun that has access to gun-like weaponry.

    --Technology level within Therrak--
    The normal equipment for an empire soldier would be a sword, shield, and steel armor. This is not however true for the entire world. The city of Zaun has massive automatic cannons which fire magical bolts of energy, used to repel attacks without risking a single infantry man. Foot soldiers of Zaun may carry a single magi-gun alongside their sword - the Zaunite magi-gun is a single shot pistol that sends a bolt of arcane energy at an enemy up to 50 feet away, melting armor and flesh.
    The Daemon Hunters have the most advanced weaponry - thought to be created by the original Nephalem. They have revolvers which can have up to 4 cells charged with arcane energy. A ranged Daemon Hunter will usually carry two of these - and the standard Daemon Hunter revolver has a blade extended under the barrel made of silver, to allow for melee combat in the event of running out of ammo.
    Certain wealthy cities (Such as the Citadel or Zaun) have massive floating Zepplins which are used primarily for transporting troops or keeping watch of nearby areas.

    --Magic within Therrak--
    Magic is at the core of Therrak. It is described as a process in which results are created that do not match the rules of the world. There are many different ways to make magic, all with unique drawbacks and advantages. For example, Elven Mages used Arcane magic - which is fueled by mana, an energy which flows through all things in the world. Mana is a potent resource for magic, but limited and takes time to restore. Mages within the Zhurim desert use Alchemy - a process where very little mana is used to turn equivalent amounts of one substance into another substance. This can be used to create food from metals or to simply turn a rod of steel into a sword without a furnace. The monks from the Frozen Shroud use Ki - a spiritual energy that only exists in living things to fuel their abilities. Ki is less powerful than mana, but quicker to replenish. Due to the power level of Ki most monks use it to enhance their physical prowess or to disable opponents, rather than cast spells. The final major form of magic is blood magic - the use of life force to power spells. Blood is many times more potent than mana, as life itself depends on it. Blood magic is forbidden throughout Therrak, but this does not mean it doesn't exist. There are tales of great mages who would sacrifice entire towns of people to gain great power.

    1. No metagaming/godmodding (Obvious stuff)
    2. Be creative, do not be afraid to add things. The idea of the RP is to add to WoTG's rich history. Create factions, races, and even minor kingdoms. Just send me a PM if you want to do anything expansive.
    3. Play how you want. If you want to create a hero - you can do so. If you want to be a villain - again, you can do so. I will even allow your character to be the leader of some kind of organization, city, or small kingdom. I do not care how you choose to play so long as you do not take control of anything I or others have established.
    4. Any characters in the "Reserved" list are characters you cannot control. Anyone not in this list is up for grabs. Consider all reserved characters to be NPC's that I need to play.
    5. Be kind to fellow players. Even if your character is a backstabbing no-good thief, always be kind to those around you in the OOC. We're all looking for a good time.
    6. Please keep edge to a minimum. This is an RP forum - so I expect there to be some. A lot of the people skulking here are 14-16 and still going through the edge phase. I get it. But for my own sake please try not to bleed edge.

    --Reserved NPC List--
    (None yet, there isn't even an IC page yet, sillies!)


    Your name/nickname (Whatever you want me to call you OOC):
    Your age (Optional):
    Your personal preference in RPs (Combat, exploration, lore/history, talking/drama):

    Character Name:
    Character Age:
    Character Race:
    Character Description:
    Character Personality:
    Character Backstory:
    Equipment (Must be justified by backstory):
    Magical abilities/Known spells (Must be justified by backstory):
    Misc information:

    --My Character--
    --- Post updated ---
    --- Post updated ---

    Your name/nickname (Whatever you want me to call you OOC): Zamorak or Zammy
    Your age (Optional): 25
    Your personal preference in RPs (Combat, exploration, lore/history, talking/drama): Creating interesting scenario's and fun situations for others to figure out and interact in. I am a creator - a Game Master - more than a player.

    Character Name: Lee Sin, The Blind Monk
    Character Age: 33
    Character Race: Human
    Character Description: Lee Sin is roughly five foot nine and one hundred and fifteen pounds. He has a lean, albeit muscular body. He wears only a pair of baggy pants and shoes - exposing his upper body entirely. Striking through his chest and across his arms are large burn scars which has a black dragon tattooed over them. Around his head where his eyes are is a red strip of cloth wrapped in a X pattern. His head is entirely bald with the exception of a long pony tail which trails to his waist. Lee Sin stands straight and tall, with an air of confidence around him.
    Character Personality: Lee Sin attempts to act and speak with wisdom and forgiveness. He is a patient man who is willing to talk before fight, and who believes all people deserve redemption. Lee Sin believes all people equal and attempts to act humble.
    Character Backstory:

    Lee Sin was born in Westgate in the Empire to a military family. From a young age he was taught
    the way of combat and how to fight. It was the original intention of his father that Lee Sin would continue the
    military tradition of their family and hopefully attain a higher rank than himself. This goal was achieved when
    Lee Sin was 18, earning the officer rank of Captain. His tactical skills and ability to lead made him an obvious
    choice - however, Lee Sin was arrogant and believed himself worth more. He would do anything to prove his ability
    and climb the ranks - and it cost a great deal.

    Reports began to come in of a village being beset by one of the lesser dragons. Without waiting for authorization
    or for the reports to be confirmed, Lee Sin took his regiment and marched to the village. Lee Sin had given an order
    to protect the village at all costs. Unknown to him, some of his soldiers took this as meaning that the residents
    themselves were the enemy. It was a horrible day that left roughly ten innocent people dead before Lee had realized
    the mistake and stopped his soldiers. Without a dragon in sight, and two small children among the dead, Lee Sin was
    devastated. The parents of the children cursed him, wished him dead. Lee Sin was not punished for his negligence
    because he showed "promise." Seeing the flaw in this thinking, he left the Empire to wander.

    After leaving behind all he knew, all that he believed in, he ventured from town to town without a coin to his name.
    Eventually his travels would lead him to a monastery which he would join willingly. Here he was taught of inner
    peace and the power of self. He would abandon armor and weaponry, believing them unhonorable. After 10 years within
    the monastery a battle broke out nearby between two cities - the fighting was small, probably not even noted
    by any major nation. This was still an act of violence and Lee Sin took to the field, tying himself to a stone
    post and setting himself ablaze in protest. The fire would consume his flesh for two weeks, defying would should
    have been certain death. When the battles were settled his fellow monks put out the fire and rushed him for healing
    believing him to certainly be dead. This was proven false when he had made a nearly full recovery - his eyes had
    been melted from their sockets, leaving the monk permanently blind and horribly scarred along his chest and arms.
    Despite his blindness, he now spoke with a wisdom that some at the monastery thought impossible for a man of his
    background. Some questioned weather his blindness was an impairment or a blessing as his skills continued to improve.
    A certain air of confidence surrounded the monk. The fires had consumed his guilt and helped him discover peace
    of self, for nothing is more truthful than your conscience when facing certain death.

    A black ink tattoo of a dragon was drawn along the scars left on his body. Lee Sin then turned to leave the monastery,
    now understanding that sitting and meditating would not save the children he had let die. He now wanders, helping
    where he can. Lee Sin seeks atonement for his mistakes - known by some as the Blind Monk and Captain by others.

    Equipment (Must be justified by backstory): Nothing
    Magical abilities/Known spells (Must be justified by backstory):
    Resonating Strike - Lee Sin uses his honed senses to detect an enemy. Using the power of Ki he vaults in the direction of his enemy, his fist colliding with their body at a high speed.
    Safe Guard - Lee Sin quickly moves to a location, using his Ki to provide temporary healing to himself and an ally.
    Tempest - The air around Lee Sin is filled with Ki, damaging anyone with malicious intent.
    Dragons Rage - Lee Sin channels his Ki throughout his body, slamming an enemy with a round-house kick capable of shattering stone.
    Misc information:
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