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Is the UGC a good idea?

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  1. Brycen

    Brycen Phantasmal Quasar

    "This is a galaxy full of those who are willing to stake claim to it, they are born with equal rights, as intended by God, thus, they each have the same potential to claim each solar system as their own."

    -Grant Mentrese, Founder of The "United Galactic Conglomerate"

    The UGC is a fictional organization in the Starbound universe. They were formed to create and manufacture goods to each other, and to other organizations. Now to be clear the definition of Conglomerate is

    "a number of different things or parts that are put or grouped together to form a whole but remain distinct entities."

    So, the UGC isn't just one organization, it's many organizations. They all chose to join the UGC and have since become powerful in that they manufacture on a galactic-scale. They are peaceful towards all, but are always willing to fight. Keep in mind, it would be very foolish to attack them as they could easily manufacture goods to mercenaries such as the Galactic Federation. So they would be decked out with the best gear, and all-around, a force to be reckoned with. Back to what I was saying earlier, they don't wish to declare war or take over, they simply are a bunch of organizations trying to make it in the Galaxy.


    If you are looking to join the UGC, then congratulations! You have already taken the first step to becoming a multi-billion are! We are always looking for new organizations to partner with. Please keep in mind, you WILL not receive any bonus just for joining! Your reward with come in time, as you grow and explains your business or organization alongside us. We ARE NOT looking for organizations who want a reward/payout just for giving us their services. We hope you understand!

    Also keep in mind that we will not store any of our resources in YOUR storage facilities.

    Finally, if you could not guess already, the UGC is not something you can touch, it is a name for over 547 different organizations who have formed under one banner. They could NOT have gotten anywhere without the UGC, and it is a Huge trading business.


    Organization Name: United Galactic Conglomerate (UGC)

    Origin: Delta Fivos 729

    Members: Estimated 70,000-100,000*

    Protection: USCM (Closed), Galactic Federation, DSU Floran Warrior Units 78-92

    Race(s): ALL

    Ship Type(s): ALL

    Enemie(s): NONE

    Stance: Peaceful/Neutral

    Symbol(s): A package with A planet on the side


    Do you think this would be a cool idea for role playing? If so please give me feedback! Thanks!


    (This group is STRICTLY for role play purposes, and can be used by ANYONE.)
  2. Solar Ace

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    So this is just group of companies and organizations that trade with each other right? It's not one giant organization led by a single person or group of persons and made up of multiple companies?
    Is the symbol an isometric cube with a circle behind it at an angle? I attached a file of a symol I made.

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  3. Bamboozler

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    Does that make me enemy number 1?

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