The Syndicate Monument - A Starbound Movie/Story

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    Very long story...[DOUBLEPOST=1449046062][/DOUBLEPOST]/------------------------------------------\
    Chapter 1 - The Story

    They we're one boy named " Era ". An adventurer, he have fast reflexs. He have a heart of adventure and courage. sometimes, naughty... But, one day, he was walking home and saw a mysterious man we a hood. " What's wrong with that guy? I think his hiding something... Gotta check it out "
    says Era. Era follows the mysterious man. " What is this place... it's... strange... " says Era in his heart. The man entered the place then he started talking... " Hello, child. I'm " Granox " the Ancient ". " What is this place... Your an Ancient? " Era shocked. " Yes I'm an Ancient from Centuries ago. So... you follow me to know what I was hiding, did you? ". "How did he know?! " says Era in his heart " Yes... ". Suddenly... a vision came to Era's mind. " What's is this presence? ". Era saw a Comet that is absorbing everything and grows into a size of a planet in his vision. " It's is the vision that will happen in the future, Even me, don't know what is that comet is. I'm to old to defeat it. " spoke Granox. " Let me take him down! " says Era. " Wait... I don"t know anything about this thing. Even my Codex have nothing to know about it. I'll just have to find out in my journey. " says Era in he's heart. " Good, use this. It's called the " Light Sword ". Era take the sword and Granox says " May the presence guide you... ". Era smiled at Granox and set on his journey...
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