The Starbound Music Guide (Updated for Starbound Composer)

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  1. Lateo

    Lateo Big Damn Hero

    Can you post the notation you're talking about?
  2. Kesa

    Kesa Void-Bound Voyager

    This guide is amazing ^.^
  3. Lateo

    Lateo Big Damn Hero

    The guide has been updated to use the Starbound Composer. Since it is continuously updated this guide will recommend using it for the foreseeable future. As is such, if any notable features are added I will update the guide with said information.
  4. gradytrain

    gradytrain Void-Bound Voyager

    I started using Starbound composer so my songs work now, not sure what the change really was but I am not complaining...
  5. Vondred

    Vondred Void-Bound Voyager

    Page down?
  6. Ash Nakano

    Ash Nakano Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    I know this thread has not been replied to for more than 90 days and it's bad to necropost so forgive me... I have no idea otherwise where else to post my collection of songs to add to the bigger archive of Starbound user songs. Here, I'll share what I've got up with SBC.

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  7. Bonabopn

    Bonabopn Fluffiest Squirrel

    Don't worry about necroposting, it's only bad if it's a topic that doesn't need bringing up again, or if you post something that adds nothing to the discussion. c:
  8. Lateo

    Lateo Big Damn Hero

    Since starbards isn't online I added your pack to the reserved section. In the future if someone wants to post songs here please message me directly since this thread is mainly about getting help with abc files and the starbound music system in general.

    This thread is stickied so "necroposting" isn't that big of an issue.
  9. Syzygy

    Syzygy Big Damn Hero

    Sorry for the necro, but where can I obtain the Starbound Composer? Currently trying to download it form the linked page just leads to a 404 error.
  10. Lateo

    Lateo Big Damn Hero

  11. Roxyn

    Roxyn Title Not Found

    Anyone else having an issue with Starbound Composer having no instruments since the most recent patch?
  12. Sparksol

    Sparksol Phantasmal Quasar

    Yep, it's got to do with how the recent stable updates changed where the instrument files are located; since Starbound Composer takes it directly from Starbound itself, and the Composer apparently hasn't been updated since March of '14 (though I may be wrong on that count, since the files are hosted elsewhere,) it needs an update if it's going to continue to work. Or else we need to find a different path to use in the Tools->Preferences menu.

    No luck on that so far, I might add.

    EDIT: seems I was wrong about it being updated (no surprise there) but I'm not sure why it's working for some and not others of us.
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  13. Bismuth

    Bismuth Cosmic Narwhal

    I installed it fresh and it works fine for me. No clue what the trouble might be.
  14. Locher

    Locher Space Hobo

    So we just need to wait for a solution by the development team of Starbound Composer? Your explanation seems sound as the program won't load up any instruments for me too. It's completely mute.
    I tried to relocate my Starbound folder through the Preference options but seeing that the actual instrument files have been relocated since the big update, I find no way to fix it without going into the program's inner structure.
    I use Win8 64bit so maybe the OS is part of the reason why some of us have no issues so far? I don't know it other than the fact that I want to put in my favourite tunes into this game as soon as possible. <3
  15. marshallemon

    marshallemon Space Spelunker

    Yeah this is great and all, but there's one thing that's probably the most important thing that everyone here is forgetting. How the hell do I add my own notes to the song when you start off with a blank slate?

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