The Starbound Music Guide (Updated for Starbound Composer)

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  1. Tathar

    Tathar Pangalactic Porcupine

    Just updated my ABC quirks and bugs guide. Changelog:
    • Added a section on ABC 2.1 following CyberBotX's report
    • Added a section on guitar chords following @erisdev's report
  2. Okazari

    Okazari Space Hobo

    A short one for zelda's fan :
    Balad of the Wind Fish from Link's Awakening.
    The end is not perfect but sonds great to me.
    I writed this one myself from a musicsheet found on the internet

    Enjoy :)

    zb^c'd'EGdBE[bG][^c'd][d'B]EGdBE[^c'G][bd][^fB][aD]^F^c[bB]D^F^cBEGdBE[B,G][^Cd][DB]EGdBE[B,G][Dd][GB]EGdBE[^FG][Ed][^FB]D^F^cBD^F^cBD^F^cBD^F^cBB,D[Be'^c']^F[B,d'b]D[Ba^f]^F[a^fB,]EB[Gbg]B,EBGB,DB[^Fg'e'][B,^f'd'][De'^c'][Bd'b][^Fa^f][B,ge][Ea^f][Bd'b][^Fbg]B,E[Bbg] [^F=c'a]A,=CGE[A,e^c][=Cge][G=c'a][Ea^f]A,=CGE[A,a^f]=C[G^ge]E[A,d'b]=C[G^c'a]ED^F^cAD^F^cA
  3. Lateo

    Lateo Big Damn Hero

    I'd recommend using a program like Fruity Loops to write out the notes for the song and save it as a midi. You can then use EasyABC or LOTROmidiplayer to convert it to abc.
  4. LuckyRare

    LuckyRare Phantasmal Quasar

    It would be nice to have a separate thread for Music requests to sort things: What has been suggested already/done and such. But for now, I'd like to request/suggest Csárdás(Dracula: Dead and loving it) and Diva dance(Fifth Element).
  5. GewaltSam

    GewaltSam Big Damn Hero

  6. tehxanthias

    tehxanthias Space Spelunker

    Hey folks!

    So Starbound's ABC Notation reader really sucks. But I was compelled to write a few things so that they'd sound good in-game. Maybe I'm just a sucker for challenges... ;D

    Hopefully, with as many people interested in writing for the game's instruments, we'll get a more fleshed out system soon.

    Anyway, here are a couple things. First is just the Entertainer, by Scott Joplin (a crappy version), and then I transcribed the tune from Wily's Castle in Megaman 2. The latter appears in two versions, one an octave higher (8va), because some instruments sound like balls in the lower spectrum.

    Feel free to shove these into the top post or whatever.

    Also, the ABC files themselves may (do) contain strong language not suitable for anyone. ;D

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  7. Bonabopn

    Bonabopn Fluffiest Squirrel

    Has anyone gotten Stand By Me yet? o:
  8. Lateo

    Lateo Big Damn Hero

    Updated the video with a transcription done by me and performed by myself and the Starbards server. Thanks to Fre3bie for the recording.
  9. MajorCyto

    MajorCyto Phantasmal Quasar

    Music Hall on now displaying 117 songs.
  10. James Almasy

    James Almasy Void-Bound Voyager

    Gonna give the free trial of Fruity loops a shot.

    What is it's limitations, because I have a lot of music that i'd love to turn into abc files.
    for example


  11. Lateo

    Lateo Big Damn Hero

    Its only limitations are your own skill with being able to listen to music and identify notes. Granted, you have to get used to the program but after that it becomes quite easy with practice.

    On a different note the conversion guide re-write is coming along nicely, expected tomorrow or Wednesday.
  12. James Almasy

    James Almasy Void-Bound Voyager

    Fruity loops was a bust for me. I used something Called WIDI, which was the closest i was able to do audio to midi. However, I had no idea how to edit it.
    Might be a bit more simpler for novices, although it'd a bit hard to figure out the controls.
  13. Heromaster

    Heromaster Master Chief

  14. VermilianBIO

    VermilianBIO Intergalactic Tourist

    may i put a request here? i'm not so good about these stuffs and if u guys dun mind my request i would love if someone make Okami OST like :Reset" or "The Sun Rises"
    if no then ignore or tell me that i should work on it myself.
  15. AzureShadow75

    AzureShadow75 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    I was wondering if you could help me with my abc file. I've been trying to make this abc file work but since this is my first time making one I can't figure out whats going wrong.

    T:Cave Story Theme - curly
    Z:Xel Phoenix
    K:C maj
    +f+ [^G5/3^d5/3] [d4/3^g4/3] [G5/3d5/3] [d4/3g4/3] |
    [^G5/3d5/3] [d4/3^g4/3] [G5/3d5/3] [d4/3g4/3] |
    [^G5/3^c5/3] [c4/3^g4/3] [G5/3c5/3] [c4/3g4/3] |
    [^G5/3c'5/3] [c4/3^g4/3] [C,5/3G5/3c'5/3] [^C,^A^c] [D,/3G/3d/3] |
    [^D,5/3-^G5/3^d5/3] [D,4/3d4/3^g4/3] [D,5/3G5/3d5/3] [C,d-g-] [D,/3d/3g/3] |
    [D,5/3^G5/3d5/3] [D,4/3d4/3^g4/3] [D,5/3G5/3d5/3] [^A,d-g-] [D,/3d/3g/3] |
    [^C,5/3^G5/3^c5/3] [c4/3^g4/3] [G-c-] [C,2/3-G2/3c2/3] [C,c-g-] [C,/3c/3g/3] |
    [B,5/3^f5/3b5/3] [^A,4/3=f4/3^a4/3] [^G,5/3^d5/3^g5/3] ^C,4/3 |
    [^D,5/3^D5/3^d5/3] [^A/3-f/3] A2/3- [A/3f/3] [d-^f] [d2/3^g2/3] [^C,/3-A/3-f/3] [C,2/3-A2/3-] [C,/3A/3=f/3] |
    % space to look organized
    [^D,5/3^D5/3^d5/3] ^A4/3 [d-^f] [d2/3^g2/3] [^C,/3-A/3-f/3] [C,2/3-A2/3-] [C,/3A/3=f/3] |
    [B,5/3^d5/3] [^F4/3b4/3] [B,2/3-^f2/3] B,/3- [B,2/3f2/3] [B,-F-=f] [B,/3F/3d/3] |
    [^C,^C-f-] [C2/3f2/3] [^G4/3^c4/3] [^A,-C-^g] [A,2/3C2/3g2/3] [C,4/3G4/3f4/3] |
    [^D,^D-^d-] [D2/3d2/3] [^A2/3-f2/3] A/3- [A2/3f2/3] [d-^f] [d/3^g/3] [^C,2/3-A2/3-f2/3] [C,/3-A/3-] [C,/3-A/3-=f/3-] |
    [^C,/3^A/3f/3] [^D,^D-^d-] [D/3d/3] A5/3 [d-^f] [d/3^g/3] [C,2/3-A2/3-f2/3] [C,/3-A/3-] [C,/3-A/3-=f/3-] |
    [^C,/3^A/3f/3] [B,4/3^d4/3] [^F5/3b5/3] [B,/3-^f/3] B,2/3- [B,/3f/3] [B,-F-=f] [B,/3-F/3-d/3-] |
    [B,/3^F/3^d/3] [^C,4/3^C4/3f4/3] [^A,5/3^G5/3^c5/3] [A,/3C/3-^g/3-] [C2/3-g2/3] [A,/3C/3c/3] [F,4/3-D4/3-=d4/3-] |
    [F,/3D/3d/3] [^D,^D-^d-] [D/3d/3] [^A2/3-f2/3] A/3- [A2/3f2/3] [d-^f] [d/3^g/3] [^C,2/3-A2/3-f2/3] [C,/3-A/3-] [C,/3-A/3-=f/3-] |
    [^C,/3^A/3f/3] [^D,^D-^d-] [D/3d/3] A5/3 [d-^f] [d/3^g/3] [C,2/3-A2/3-f2/3] [C,/3-A/3-] [C,/3-A/3-=f/3-] |
    [^C,/3^A/3f/3] [B,4/3^d4/3] [^F5/3b5/3] [B,/3-^f/3] B,2/3- [B,/3f/3] [B,-F-=f] [B,/3-F/3-d/3-] |
    % space to look organized
    [B,/3^F/3^d/3] [^C,^C-f-] [C/3f/3] [^G,^G-^c-] [G2/3c2/3] [G,C-^g] [C/3g/3] [G,G-f-] [G/3-f/3-] |
    [^G/3f/3] [^D,^D-^d-] [D/3d/3] [^A2/3-f2/3] A/3- [A2/3f2/3] [d-^f] [d/3^g/3] [^C,2/3-A2/3-f2/3] [C,/3-A/3-] [C,/3-A/3-=f/3-] |
    [^C,/3^A/3f/3] [^D,^D-^d-] [D/3d/3] A5/3 [d-^f] [d/3^g/3] [C,2/3-A2/3-f2/3] [C,/3-A/3-] [C,/3-A/3-=f/3-] |
    [^C,/3^A/3f/3] [B,4/3-^d4/3] [B,5/3^F5/3b5/3] [^A,/3-B,/3-^f/3] [A,2/3-B,2/3-] [A,/3B,/3f/3] [B,-F-=f] [B,/3-F/3-d/3-] |
    [B,/3^F/3^d/3] [^C,^C-f-] +mf+ [=C/3^C/3f/3] +f+ [C^G-^c-] [G2/3c2/3] [^A,C-^g] [C/3c/3] [F,4/3-D4/3-=d4/3-] |
    [F,/3D/3d/3] [^F,4/3-^F4/3^a4/3] [F,5/3^c5/3] [F,-F-^g] [F,2/3F2/3=a2/3] [^C,-c-^a] |
    [^C,/3^c/3b/3] [F,5/3-F5/3c5/3] [F,4/3c4/3] [F,5/3F5/3^d5/3] [C,-c-] |
    [^C,/3^c/3] [E,5/3-E5/3c5/3] [E,4/3c4/3] [E,5/3E5/3^d5/3] [C,-c-] |
    [^C,/3^c/3] [^D,5/3-^D5/3b5/3] [D,4/3B4/3] [B,5/3-D5/3^f5/3] [B,-B-^g-] |
    [B,/3B/3^g/3] [D,5/3-D5/3a5/3] [D,-A-a] [D,/3A/3g/3] [D,-D-a] +mf+ [D,2/3-D2/3g2/3] +f+ [D,-A-a] |
    % space to look organized
    +pp+ [D,/3A/3^g/3] +f+ [D,5/3-D5/3a5/3] [D,4/3A4/3] [D,5/3D5/3] [^F,-A-a-] |
    [^F,/3A/3a/3] [^C5/3-^g5/3] [C-^G-g] [C/3G/3^f/3] [C-g] +mp+ [C2/3-f2/3] +f+ [C-G-g] |
    +pp+ [^C/3^G/3^f/3] +f+ [^C,-C-=f-^g] [C,2/3-C2/3f2/3] [C,4/3G4/3] [C,5/3-C5/3f5/3] [C,-G-] |
    [^C,/3^G/3] [^F,5/3-^F5/3^f5/3^a5/3] [F,4/3^c4/3] [F,-F-=f^g] [F,2/3F2/3f2/3=a2/3] [C,-c-^f^a] |
    [^C,/3^c/3^g/3b/3] [F,5/3-F5/3c5/3^a5/3] [F,4/3c4/3] [F,5/3F5/3^d5/3b5/3] [C,-c-a] |
    [^C,/3^c/3] [E,5/3-E5/3c5/3^a5/3] [E,4/3c4/3] [E,5/3E5/3^d5/3b5/3] [C,-c-a-] |
    [^C,/3^c/3^a/3] [^D,5/3-^D5/3c5/3^f5/3] [D,4/3B4/3f4/3b4/3] [B,5/3-D5/3] [B,-B-] |
    [B,/3B/3] [D,5/3-D5/3] [D,4/3A4/3^c4/3e4/3] [D,5/3-d5/3^f5/3] [D,-A-e-a-] |
    [D,2/3A2/3e2/3a2/3] [D,4/3-D4/3^c4/3^f4/3] [D,5/3A5/3] [D,4/3c4/3d4/3f4/3] [^F,-A-^g-b-] |
    [^F,2/3A2/3^g2/3b2/3] [^C4/3-^c4/3f4/3] [C5/3^G5/3] C4/3- [C-G-] |
    % space to look organized
    [^C2/3^G2/3] [^C,4/3-C4/3] [C,5/3G5/3] [C,4/3-C4/3] [C,-G-] |
    [^C,2/3^G2/3] z16/3 |]
  16. Tathar

    Tathar Pangalactic Porcupine

    First, take out anything in plus signs. Then read my guide for SB workarounds, which is linked to on the OP here. You have a few things that need to be fixed.
  17. AzureShadow75

    AzureShadow75 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Thanks for the help! :D
  18. KDawg

    KDawg Void-Bound Voyager

    alright, I have an odd request... Among all of the great songs/nostalgia some of us have and would love to hear them ingame in Starbound, I have been searching where I could find all the songs of an old game that was played on Game Gear called Defenders of Oasis. I have unfortunately found only ONE file out there, so if there's anyone that could help me access them in .midi format, I'd be very grateful!
  19. Lateo

    Lateo Big Damn Hero

    Updated the conversion section with a different program and additional information about what is required. This should result in much higher quality conversions.
  20. Koirannue

    Koirannue Void-Bound Voyager

    Out of curiosity and lack of ability to search on mobile device, is there a guide for writting abc notation by hand or demand for one? This thread seems to be mostly people throwing midis into converters and seem fairly satisfied with the results.

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