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Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by SpaceDavid1997, Jul 10, 2019.

  1. SpaceDavid1997

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    Hello. Recently, I worked a bit in creating armor for Starbound by changing the colors of those that are already in the game. I have a question, can I create armor bigger than those that are in the game? I mean higher and wider. I know I can add pixels to the helmet and you can actually see them in the game but I do not know if you can try with your legs and hands. And what about the collision of objects and objects that the player holds like sword.

    Ps. Sorry for my English
  2. NexusTheBrony

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    Looking at the files, it appears when using a full set of armor, 5 layers are used to render the armor, 6 if u include masking out hair for the helmet. the layers are "head", "chest", "bsleeve", "fsleeve", "pants", and the binary mask. each layer is 43 pixels by 43 pixels per animation frame, allowing that size armor without any custom jsons. using custom jsons u can technically make any size and any number of frames, tho all armors and species will need to be modified to accommodate. as of right now, collision and hurtboxes can only b modified in humanoid.json or species-based custom equivalents (like penguinoid.json), which can't b changed mid-game. idk what limits are on weapons if any

    note: this info may not b accurate bc i'm using a packed.pak from b4 the most recent update. don't hav time to unpack the most recent 1 yet
  3. SpaceDavid1997

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    I do not know if I understood correctly, ( Problems with English )but 43 pixels for 43 pixels of the animation frame to a lot, especially that, for example, "pants" take about 12 pixels to 13 pixels, etc. (photo)
    So if I do not exceed those 43 by 43 pixels for each layer then I will not have to use customs jsons?

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  4. projectmayhem

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  5. limitdistortion

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    I have a running up question, if you make a custom vanity set that is larger then the 43 by 43 but want to shrink it so that it is the vanilla size is there any way to shrink it when coding?

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