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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Qtw, Sep 16, 2018.

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    you might have heard of them one time or another.
    they make up the 5th largest religion.

    in a time when some religions and many cults are suspected of evil deeds...
    this one...holy crap this one...

    firstly, lets get this outta the way.
    i'm an atheist. i dont believe in any gods or any supernatural forces.
    generally i hate religion as i've seen too much of it being a driving force for evil...
    and causing many who already corrupt to take easy control.

    many religions do good yes. but they use the good deeds as a cloak to convert people to their side.
    i don't have a problem with this long as they don't force it or withhold the good deed
    from the needy as a way to convert.

    Sikhs on the other hand.
    holy moly they take altruism to a grand level.
    the religion itself strives for good deeds. for the sake of doing good deeds.
    not for the pleasure of their god. not for a reward of an afterlife for bliss.

    they do it for their fellow man.
    they dont preach. they dont try to convert.

    these people are awesome. i've heard they were cool before...but i didn't think they were to THIS extent!

    also here is something i watched with them in mind
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    i learned about sikhs in middle school, they were interesting ^u^

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