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RELEASED The Random Weapon Randomizer 1.1

The Random Weapon Randomizer, Randomly randomize your randomly found weapons.........Randomly

  1. Imblazed247

    Imblazed247 Ketchup Robot

    Imblazed247 submitted a new mod:

    The Random Weapon Randomizer - The Random Weapon Randomizer, Randomly randomize your randomly found weapons.........Randomly

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  2. Phantaeon

    Phantaeon Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Will it stay the same weapon type? Like say I randomize a broadsword, Will I be guaranteed to get a broadsword? And what about using 3 broadswords and 1 rifle to make a better weapon? Will it be random, a 75% chance of a broadsword and a 25% chance for a rifle or a 50% chance broadsword 50% chance rifle?
  3. Imblazed247

    Imblazed247 Ketchup Robot

    sorry i should have made it more clear
    Yes your weapon type will remain the same infact it takes the like weapons to craft the next tier
  4. siuk3

    siuk3 Orbital Explorer

    Where can i find the Random Weapon Randomizer? Craft it?
  5. Imblazed247

    Imblazed247 Ketchup Robot

    c menu

    Named The RwR
  6. baconsama25

    baconsama25 Cosmic Narwhal

    Would it be possible to disassemble weapons of the same kind, and then choose a feature from each of them to build a new customized? I.e. getting 3 tier 6 random spears, from one I make the appearance, from another the element and the other the special.

    But hey, great idea! :D
  7. Imblazed247

    Imblazed247 Ketchup Robot

    No promises but i was thinken of that but not sure if and how i would accomplish it.
    the random looks are generated by
    X 20 butts
    X 20 middles
    X 20 barrels
    so i have to see how cause JUST on the look alone thats ALOT of work
    the alt abilities and the elemental aspect probably alot easier
  8. Michal2000

    Michal2000 Void-Bound Voyager

    Why are all the random tier 1? Including rare and legendary.
  9. Imblazed247

    Imblazed247 Ketchup Robot

    it looks to be all theyre lvls but i do plan on making higher lvls and even legendary ones
  10. Imblazed247

    Imblazed247 Ketchup Robot

    will be adding tiered lvls
    also legendary versions of the randomness
    also tiered common/uncommon/rare/legendary flamethrowers <forgot these and theyre only legendary atm>
    increased dmg spread through the rarities
    maybe some new alt abilities
  11. Kupan

    Kupan Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    I don't know if it is just me or an interaction with one of my other mods, but when crafting rocket launchers, the white ones can have the right abilities and the green and blue only have guided rocket. I spent about 2000 iron crafting new rocket launchers and a fair while rerolling a couple of rocket launchers and both crafting and rerolling always come up with guided rocket. Love the idea of the mod but I want my Rocket Burst :D
  12. Imblazed247

    Imblazed247 Ketchup Robot

    Miiiight be another mod not 100% sure
    Im using vanilla guns
    So they should work as intended
    Just interface and recipes really
  13. Shadowblitz16

    Shadowblitz16 Pangalactic Porcupine

    are you able to manually piece the gun together with certain stats to fix the bug where guns aren't what they seem in the picture?
  14. Kupan

    Kupan Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    The guided rocket ability shows up on any rocket launchers i upgrade with the randomizer, but making the white or rerolling the whites gives any of the rocket launcher abilities. If i use nothing but rocket launchers crafted at the randomizer and upgrade them to green or blue they stlill always have the guided rocket ability. Just reiterating in case there was any confusion. The mods I have enabled are Frackin Universe, Rentek Project Armoury, RwR, and The Stars My Destination. The mod versions were up to date as of 1/14/2016.
  15. Imblazed247

    Imblazed247 Ketchup Robot

    looks to be the way THEY set it up im gonna re-unpack my assets making sure its not been patched already

    this is due to them being 100% random nilla guns

    i think im going to rework this whole process and not use 100% nilla guns but all nilla sprites but correct a few things where alt abilities seem to be taken away or other things

    this will most likely fix most issues with lvling and alt abilities and probably make me add a few alts ive thought up and even made
    like laser sighting...this combines my laserpointer mod and the alt abilities that gives a surprisingly accurate lasersight

    i wanna thank you all for bug reports here too btw!
    WAY too many bugreports are bugratings lol
  16. Starbound playa

    Starbound playa Pangalactic Porcupine

    This Font is Random. This Text is Random. This Entire Thing is Random. This Word is Random.
  17. Imblazed247

    Imblazed247 Ketchup Robot

    donmar <---randomly spelled random
  18. Maoyu

    Maoyu Big Damn Hero


    You wanted people to report bugs over here instead of reviews so here it goes...

    While it may not be a bug is there a way to get a higher weapon damage? I've been playing around with my spear, just wanting to change it look really, while keeping similar stats and the same skill. Doing so made me realise all randomized weapons have a set damage value. It's always around 15. This is a gray/beginner weapon value. The spear I've been playing around with is blue and was found endgame with a damage value of 34. Since then I've tried to craft a blue spear through the RWR making 16 gray -> 4 green -> 1 blue spear and all of them had around 15 damage. So what's the point of making higher tiers if all of them have the same value as gray weapons?
  19. Imblazed247

    Imblazed247 Ketchup Robot

    iits not that read some of the reports and the bug on the front page youll find atm it turns ALL WEAPONS no matter the lvl to lvl 1

    the randomization is quite random tho...using the games mechanics so the fact your dps dont raise is most likely due to in game mechanics

    i will be adding the other lvls but this in turn will make the guns random in all aspects except lvl/dps
  20. Maoyu

    Maoyu Big Damn Hero

    Now I'm interested in how the vanilla item spawn mechanics work. Any chance if I put the RwR really deep underground on a high level planet it will yield higher statted results?

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