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RELEASED The Radium Expansion

Discussion in 'Weapons, Armor and Clothes' started by Magitek, Dec 11, 2013.

  1. Magitek

    Magitek Void-Bound Voyager

    I'm not too sure how the newer update handles new sectors, and while you may be able to craft everything, I'm not sure you'll be able to go to the higher sector without a new character.
  2. Teocyb

    Teocyb Space Hobo

    This is really strange, I started off with a new character after installing a few mods.
    Namely, Variety is the Spice of Life, The Radium Expansion and a few added races and the Star Wars Gear mod. I've uploaded the mods all to my server, hosted by Multiplay and...

    We got through past sector X and came to the point of being able to create the Starmap upgrade for the Omega sector. Crafted it and when I used it, it crashed the game? My friends had this issue as well.

    Any ideas? Would really love to give it a go, but we don't seem to be able.

    Edit: This is the crash log we are getting.

    Info: UniverseClient: Sending Handshake Repsonse
    Error: MapException: Key 'sectoro' not found in Map::get()
    0078E8C6 (/Users/builder/starbound-slave/releasebuilder-windows/build/source/game/items/StarCelestialItem.cpp:41)
    007981A6 (/Users/builder/starbound-slave/releasebuilder-windows/build/source/game/interfaces/StarFireableItem.cpp:122)
    007224C4 (/Users/builder/starbound-slave/releasebuilder-windows/build/source/game/StarItemUser.cpp:828)
    00536DEE (/Users/builder/starbound-slave/releasebuilder-windows/build/source/game/StarPlayer.cpp:858)
    005428A8 (/Users/builder/starbound-slave/releasebuilder-windows/build/source/game/StarPlayer.cpp:749)
    ... (2)
    004EF6C6 (/Users/builder/starbound-slave/releasebuilder-windows/build/source/game/StarUniverseClient.cpp:154)
    004056CF (/Users/builder/starbound-slave/releasebuilder-windows/build/source/client/StarClientApplication.cpp:572)
    004068D7 (/Users/builder/starbound-slave/releasebuilder-windows/build/source/client/StarClientApplication.cpp:381)
    0040A6C4 (/Users/builder/starbound-slave/releasebuilder-windows/build/source/application/StarApplicationBase.cpp:200)
    00407E74 (/Users/builder/starbound-slave/releasebuilder-windows/build/source/client/main.cpp:38)
    004EC0C1 (SDL-1.2.15/./src/main/win32/SDL_win32_main.c:318)
  3. Magitek

    Magitek Void-Bound Voyager

    from nexus:
    You need to start new characters (and probably server) to get access to sector omega; Starbound does not handle creation of new sectors gracefully.
    You will still have access to the content from TRE but not the new sector unfortunately.

    Perhaps I need to implement another way to access the recipes, as I thought the omega key was at least usable.

    edit: If you want access to the recipes, I think you will need to edit tieroengine.celestial in mods/Radium/items/generic/celestial/
    change sectorunlock "sectoro" to "sectorx" and try using the key. This should give you the recipes to craft the new items, without access to sector omega.
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