The Pre-1.3 (and 1.3) Perfect Armor Problem

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Perfect Armor

  1. Make more expensive/harder to get

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  2. Make cheaper/weaker

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  3. Hey man, its their game

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  1. E2Lua

    E2Lua Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Hello, i just watched a video of someone on the unstable branch, and the coders beat the perfect armor into the ground.
    (yes i know unstable is not guaranteed, but things like this make it into games all the time)

    The armor went from: 'Best Armor' to 'Base stats of the other top tier armor'
    and i get it, its achievable early, and its the best armor, nobody is building other armor.

    But, here is a fix for ya.
    nerf the stats 30%, for each, that way instead of having all the max stats, it has a jack-of-all-trades feel, better than base but master of none

    also, so people don't just get it early, you can add in addition to the:
    Electric Fluffalo
    Fire Fluffalo
    Ice Fluffalo
    Poison Fluffalo

    you can add a Void Fluffalo, which is only obtainable in the post-game gates.
    i would only suggest this fix if you keep the Pre-1.3 stats.

    otherwise the Void Fluffalo could be found on Tier 5+ planets, in specific (possibly rare) dungeons. possibly a Void Fluffalo egg being worshiped by something. Or a challenge door, with a chance of a Void Fluffalo egg on a stand at the end. Or continue the way you are going so people will only build a set of Perfect Armor, until they hit the other armor and never use perfect armor again.

    Perfect Armor was named to be the Perfect armor, but in the end it couldn't even save itself. Ironic.
    Edit: yeah its Perfectly GENERIC Armor, the joke above doesn't really fit now xP

    Video (for reference) at 23:14
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  2. STCW262

    STCW262 Heliosphere

    What are Void Fluffalo supposed to drop? Namely, do their drops have other uses?
  3. E2Lua

    E2Lua Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    similar to the static cell, a void/dark cell or something similar, maybe for weapons that can increase gravity on enemies, making it hard for them to jump or making them take fall damage

    Edit: maybe it could also be similar to dark matter in futurama, it could fuel ships, possibly to full, or make dark matter out of a lot of it and make it hard to get fluffalo, so that the dark matter is valuable, rather than easy to get and can than be used for ships

    Edit: maybe for a planet eating weapon, with a lot of dark matter and a lot of essence, you could craft in a Terra forge, (i would definitely make it disable-able for servers, cause people coming on would ruin everything)
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  4. {insert_name_here}

    {insert_name_here} Astral Cartographer

    Honestly, in my opinion there are two fixes for this:

    You can make it a jack-of-all-trades armour like you suggested, with slightly weaker stats than the more specialised tier 6 armours but more generalised, providing average amounts of protection, health, damage and energy (slightly above the base tier 6 stats but not as much as it was before 1.3). This allows for a good option for tier 6 players who do not want to be specialised in any form of combat. I like this suggestion.

    Or, you can make it overpowered once more, but only make it available once the Bone Dragon is killed, to prevent weaker players from accessing the armour.

    Adding a new Fluffalo just for the purpouse of fixing the Perfect Armour issue sounds like too much un-necessary work for the developers.
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  5. Shaggyd0g

    Shaggyd0g Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    This gripe seems to come up a lot.
    Throwing in my 2c here because well, that's what discussion is for :p

    It's not Perfect armour, but rather perfectly generic armour. Thus the changes actually make more sense as it's made from Perfectly Generic items.
    It was never supposed to be perfect.

    EDIT: That being said my main character might be using it in Stable currently. (Until the update hits anyway)
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  6. {insert_name_here}

    {insert_name_here} Astral Cartographer

    LOL, fair point, I had forgotten that.

    But in that case, then making it a completely generalised, all-round option for tier 6 makes more sense as it is Pefectly Generic.
    For those people who don't really want to be confined to a particular play-style.
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  7. E2Lua

    E2Lua Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    usually by the time i have access to the bone dragon, i have already got access to violium and the others, making that somewhat of a moot point

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