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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Sir Wilfrey, Sep 6, 2016.

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    If this is for 'philosophical' nonsense and rants, then I'm in!

    Well, to the point.
    Some time ago, one friend of mine tells me : "Sooner or later we'll die. Not because the 'natural way', nor by unfortunate accident, but by human hand."
    I accept that. Sometimes, I'm personally afraid to leave my house, because some idiot can come to me, ask, if I have a cigarette, and if I don't give him one, he shoot me to the head...
    WHY? Why we must live in the world, where some people kills other people? For entertainment? For respect? Or he is just bored?

    And that's not the only problem...

    I don't know, but humanity deals with things like : 'We must reach the stars!" or "We should build a new highest tower on the world!" To be honest, reaching the stars is pretty awesome (or I've just watch Sci-Fi too much) and new tower in the middle of... somewhere, can provide more work places. But there are MORE important things to do, like supply poor countries with food and water, deal with acts of terrorism all around the world, or stop to nonsense called war. It seem that 'high forces' doesn't give a s**t about little people, their suffering and similiar things. Even animals are more better than these 'high forces' and humans themselfs. That's why I like animals more than people, because dogs or cats -for instance- gives me one thing : Love. People needs love. WORLD need love.

    I don't say I hate people and life in common. Life has many and many pleasures : painting, writing, sport, music, cooking... you can name it. I'm glad I live and can enjoy the life. Same as you, guys.

    I'm just afraid the Bell of Apocalypse will ring loudly, and Four Horsemen will start their crusade across the surface of World sooner, than we expect...
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