The Penguin Games [Game Over]

Discussion in 'Forum Games' started by Alkanthe, Jul 22, 2016.

  1. The Squid

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    Edit: too late :'(
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  2. 611

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    Poor Squidderpie.
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  3. Alkanthe

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    Ah, lo siento.
  4. HunterC1998

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  5. zeskorion

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    Yes, i am ready
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  6. Alkanthe

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    That makes 4.
  7. HunterC1998

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    Just one more?
  8. Alkanthe

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    Just one more now.
  9. HunterC1998

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    Ok... patience....AHH I suck at patience!!
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  10. CjBeats

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    I'm readyyy
  11. HunterC1998

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    Let the games...BEGIN!!
  12. Alkanthe

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    No stop, CJ already said he was ready. I think.
  13. CjBeats

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    (I would've said i was ready earlier but like the forums didn't show anyone commented in this so i didn't know and blah blah BUT IM READY NOW)
    --- Post updated ---
    I didn't here
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  14. Alkanthe

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    That's still only five people who've said they're ready.
  15. HunterC1998

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  16. CjBeats

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  17. Alkanthe

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  18. Apathy Applied

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    Whoops, I'm ready

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  19. Alkanthe

    Alkanthe Supernova

    You find yourself in a darkened stone room, light provided only by a few dim Glitch-style wall sconces. It reminds you of a dungeon. You have no idea how you got there, but around you are a few other people. Some of them, you may recognize as well-known Penguin hunters. Others are unfamiliar to you.

    The speaker in the corner of the room switches on. A distinctly Floran, yet intelligible, voice emanates from it.

    "I welcome all of you to the very first Penguin Games!"

    A gasp. "Cuda," someone hisses. Others are as confused by that name as by the announcement.

    "My name is Cuda Berrybane, and I'll be your host!" The speaker emits a burst of feedback, making everyone cover their ears... or equivalent organs. "Heheh... Sorry about that. Okay, let Cuda start over. This is the Penguin Games, invented by yours truly. The aim of the game is to kill all the Penguin Syndicate members among you, before they kill you. For you Penguin Syndicate scum... jusst try to sssurvive."

    The speaker goes silent for a moment, and then you hear a fainter version of the same voice. "What do you mean, I should tell them how many there are? Are you crazy?! That would ruin the fun! ...All right, fine." She returns to the microphone. "Cricket says I have to tell you the number of Penguin Syndicate people. So here we go: it's two. But..." she breaks into hissing laughter, "not all of the people you need to get rid of are Penguinss!"

    The Penguin Games have begun.

    Day 1 Ends

    Thursday, July 28
    1PM EST

    5 votes required for majority lynch.
    Not Voting
    - 611, Apathy Applied, CjBeats, Dragonclaw, Dras, HunterC1998, Peacheon, Zebe, zeskorion
    No other votes.
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  20. Zebe

    Zebe Space Kumquat

    Ha, Cuda! Yes! I knew it!

    Now, to get this started and to welcome in the newcomer, Vote: Peacheon
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