The Penguin Games [Game Over]

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  1. Alkanthe

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    4 votes to majority lynch.
    Not Voting
    - Apathy Applied, Dragonclaw
    Apathy Applied - Zebe, Dras, CjBeats, HunterC1998

    Finally, the confusion clears and a decision is reached. The small Human looks suspicious, they say. More so than the Apex, the Novakid, the Hylotl, or even the Avian.

    It's not clear what the gender of this Boring Human is. The only thing Sinead Alderman (Apathy Applied) identifies as now is dead.

    Night 2 Ends
    Saturday, July 30
    1PM EST

    Submit your night actions now. Try not to die.​
    @Dras @Dragonclaw @CjBeats @Zebe @HunterC1998
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  2. CjBeats

    CjBeats Weight of the Sky

    Why why why. Zebe you fabulous meanie
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  3. HunterC1998

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    Welp...might as well nap to some Marty...
  4. Zebe

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  5. Apathy Applied

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    I told you soooOOooOooOoOoOoo~

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  6. Alkanthe

    Alkanthe Supernova

    See y'all soon. Whenever I get available.
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  7. HunterC1998

    HunterC1998 Cosmos Killer

    Now we can enjoy the silence....with MUSIC

    Shut up, I'm feeling funky...
  8. CjBeats

    CjBeats Weight of the Sky

    I should've gone with my gut. *cries* forgive me Appy. I shall win this for you
  9. Apathy Applied

    Apathy Applied Ketchup Robot

  10. Apathy Applied

    Apathy Applied Ketchup Robot

    I doooOoOooOoOoon't
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  11. Alkanthe

    Alkanthe Supernova

    The Night has ended.

    No one dies.
    The night is full of tension, but devoid of murder.

    Day 3 Ends
    Sunday, July 31
    4PM EST

    3 votes to majority lynch.
    Not Voting
    - Dragonclaw, Zebe, Dras, CjBeats, HunterC1998
    No other votes.

    "Amazing." Cuda says flatly. "I could've sworn the game was over, but somehow... you got lucky. You all get a second chance. Use it well, or you'll have worse things to fear than Penguins."​
  12. CjBeats

    CjBeats Weight of the Sky

    Bless. Ok Hunter you have my full trust. Now we know Zebe is a penguin so

    Vote: Zebe
  13. Alkanthe

    Alkanthe Supernova

    But wait.
  14. CjBeats

    CjBeats Weight of the Sky

    I don't wanna wait.
  15. Zebe

    Zebe Space Kumquat

    What's going on?
  16. CjBeats

    CjBeats Weight of the Sky

    Is the night not actually ended?
  17. Zebe

    Zebe Space Kumquat


    I think you've made a mistake somewhere there. I think several mistakes have taken place recently.
    How were there no kills? The Night ended early so... What is happening?
  18. CjBeats

    CjBeats Weight of the Sky

    I have a solution to no kills. Everyone attacked one person, but that one person happened to be protected.
    --- Post updated ---
    Actually I have another solution. Hunter is the penguin and so is dragonclaw but since dragonclaw is inactive Hunter was the only one to do a penguin act so when he was trapped he couldn't actually do his penguin act, but also if Dras attacked him in the night then he would've been protected.
    --- Post updated ---
    Vote: None
  19. Zebe

    Zebe Space Kumquat

    ...Makes sense, I guess? Dras wasn't here. But Dragonclaw was actually online. Don't know if it counts.

    ...I also guess I'll just wait.
  20. Alkanthe

    Alkanthe Supernova

    Too bad.

    Cuda had begun the Day a second too soon. They had underestimated the craftiness of Mihoto. They'd assumed he was busy, but he was not. Instead, he was right... behind... Jess Tallin.

    "Watch out!"

    But even Cuda's warning couldn't save the brave Hunter. CjBeats died after all.

    The Penguin Syndicate next turned their gaze to the helpless Civilians, Tlixotl and Oxane Jet. Neither of them were able to retaliate in time.

    The Knight - Dras - died.

    The Boring Novakid - Dragonclaw - died.

    "Let us go," demanded Mihoto once the deed was done. "We won the game, now we are to be set free."

    "I never agreed to that," hissed Cuda. "You killed Pattan and backstabbed that soldier unfairly! I'll never let the likes of you leave this dungeon alive!"

    Mihoto turned to Red, his Apex partner in crime. A silent communication passed between them.

    "All right," the Hylotl said. "But my partner, Red Myrnovich - he did nothing of the sort. You can have me, but let him go."

    "Fine. I suppose I'll have to settle for you, then... eh, I always liked Hylotl best."

    The Game Has Ended.

    Explanations and a formal apology to follow.​
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