The Penguin Games 2 [GAME OVER]

Discussion in 'Forum Games' started by Alkanthe, Jul 31, 2016.

  1. 611

    611 Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Got some valuable info when I get back later today, but I'll be busy for most of it.

    See you this evening.
  2. Zebe

    Zebe Space Kumquat


    I was alwayss meant to be allied with an Arsonist. Because you can't sspell inferno without fern.
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  3. HunterC1998

    HunterC1998 Cosmos Killer

    Okay time to crack down and get gritty, I am the militant, I killed, and failed.....the first two nights....Mr.CJ was my first kill in the right direction, WE NEED SOLID EVIDENCE HERE NOW!!
  4. HunterC1998

    HunterC1998 Cosmos Killer

  5. SpaceMonkeyRingo

    SpaceMonkeyRingo Big Damn Hero

  6. Alkanthe

    Alkanthe Supernova

  7. SpaceMonkeyRingo

    SpaceMonkeyRingo Big Damn Hero

    Ballsarooney tooney. Hmm, ok then.

  8. Alkanthe

    Alkanthe Supernova

    3 votes to majority.
    Not Voting - The Squid, SpaceMonkeyRingo, HunterC1998, 611
    HunterC1998 - SpaceMonkeyRingo

    Just over a day left.
  9. HunterC1998

    HunterC1998 Cosmos Killer

    Woah woah woah,
    VOTE: SpaceMonkeyRingo
    Did you not read what I typed?
  10. 611

    611 Subatomic Cosmonaut


    Sorry man. Don't vote the confirmed town when you're scum.
  11. HunterC1998

    HunterC1998 Cosmos Killer

    No no no I was just tying the vote so I didn't get auto lynched and I AM claiming town! Why else would I have told CJ 'Nice knowing ya'?
  12. 611

    611 Subatomic Cosmonaut

    I am aware.
  13. HunterC1998

    HunterC1998 Cosmos Killer

    I AM the Militant!

    I killed Apathy, then Zesko, then CJ!
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  14. 611

    611 Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Day's over.

    You really should begin to wonder why I lurk at this point in the game...

    (Except for next game, because I'm at the beach now, so I'll only be able to post on day bookends)
  15. HunterC1998

    HunterC1998 Cosmos Killer

    Days over?
    Oh crap did I just get deadlined!
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  16. 611

    611 Subatomic Cosmonaut


    (And then it turns out Squid is the Shadow... (I hope not) (or if day didn't actually end. That would suck))
  17. HunterC1998

    HunterC1998 Cosmos Killer

    Wait SMR was the Dove wasn't he?
  18. Alkanthe

    Alkanthe Supernova


    3 votes to majority.

    Not Voting - The Squid, SpaceMonkeyRingo, HunterC1998, 611
    HunterC1998 - SpaceMonkeyRingo, 611
    SpaceMonkeyRingo - HunterC1998

    "I swear I didn't mean to accuse you! I forgot you were innocent!" the Human protested.

    The Apex glared at him. "A likely story."

    The Novakid chimed in, "I don't know why you'd accuse him... unless you wanted to get rid of the guy who's confirmed to be innocent."

    "No, I swear it was an accident!"

    "We haven't got room for accidents anymore."

    "Wait!" Cricket hurries in. All eyes turn to the Floran. "We're not killing him."

    "And why not?!"

    "We're not killing anyone. Not anymore."

    "What in the heck happened to you?! I thought you wanted to see us kill each other!"

    "...Not any more."

    "You're just going to do this now and expect us to forget about all the people the Syndicate killed here?!"

    "It wasn't all the Syndicate's doing... the Human admitted that he contributed quite a lot."


    "No. I'll take him into custody now, thank you."

    The Militant HunterC1998 (Alex Crane) has been eliminated from the game.

    Night 4 Begins

    It will end

    Sunday, August 14
    5PM EST

    Submit your night actions and hope for the best.
    @611 @The Squid @SpaceMonkeyRingo
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  19. HunterC1998

    HunterC1998 Cosmos Killer

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  20. SpaceMonkeyRingo

    SpaceMonkeyRingo Big Damn Hero

    *sweats intensley*

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