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Do you want Norans to be in Starbound?

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  1. Vincey

    Vincey Big Damn Hero

    The Norans

    (I promised I'd work on the race that received most votes on this THREAD)




    The Norans are among the most ancient sentient beings in the universe. In fact, the first Noran appeared about 5 billion years after the Big Bang while us, humans, appeared about 13,7 billion years after it. They evolved on a planet they called Nora which means "Origin" in their language. This planet was located in the galaxy NGC 2207 which entered in collision with the galaxy IC 2163 some 130 million years ago. Before that event occured, most Norans already left the galaxy, spreading across the universe, looking for new places to settle and new life to study.
    The Norans, being unimaginably technologicaly advanced, could manage to communicate together even from millions of years away instantly using quantum entanglement, thus preventing the splitting of their species into sub-groups.

    The Norans have long abandonned their physical bodies to become virtual multi-dimensional hyper-intelligent beings using probes to analyze and interact with the universe.

    200 000 years ago, a vessel holding a Noran hive-mind got shut down by an unexpected gamma ray burst near the crab nebula in the Milky Way. Upon awakening, the mind lost most of its memory and its communication system was broken. Unable to repair anything, the mind could only use a few obsolete back-up files, one of which contained the information to build original biologic Norans. Using its few functionning instruments and ressources to recreate a biological Noran, a creature that ceased to exist more than 8 billion years ago. The vessel seeded the planet Zeon12-3, which was an hospitable planet for them to live on, and they have since been working on their civilization, trying to repair the hive-mind in hope to regain contact with the rest of the Norans.

    Technological Advancement
    The Norans of the Milky Way, althought they are far from the unimagineable knowledge and power of the other Norans, they are very intelligent creatures with very sophisticated space-travel technology. They already recorded the life forms on about half the habitable planets of the galaxy. Althought they rarely use any infantry weapon, they possess the technology to make powerful laser guns or rail guns. Their weapon of choice are antimatter bombs, althought they use it mostly for peaceful purpose such as destroying potentialy harmful asteroids.

    The Norans are neutral, they observe life across the galaxy. Althought most of the time they try not to interfere with the development of alien civilizations, they abduct a subject once in a while and make various tests to study the reaction of alien societies to some events. They will not harm unless their life is threatened.

    The biological Norans are humanoid in shape, with a both internal and external skeleton made of various strong carbon polymeres, including carbon nanotubes. Their head represents a third of their whole body mass, their "brain" use about 80% of the energy consumed. They are physicaly weak as most of the handy work is done by machines, they genetically altered themselves to have less muscle mass so that more energy is used by the brain. They lack of a digestive track, in fact, all the composites necessary to make the organism grow to its mature size are given externaly by an artificial womb, all biological Norans are born with an adult body.
    They get their energy with organelles that make nuclear fusion. In order to make that, they need an intake of hydrogen in the form of water vapor via their respiratory system.
    Their 4 eyes can see a much wider interval of the spectrum of light than humans, from wavelengths of 10-4 to 10-8 meters.
    They are able of telepathy and many other mental prowesses. Most sentient beings entering in contact with a Noran feel as their thoughts were being read and their emotions were controlled.

    -Now they might seem a bit too powerful, but remember, you begin the game as you flee your home world from imminent destruction by an unknown force. A Noran is physicaly weak, its only strength is its intelligence. Starting from scratches, a Noran would not have any advantage over the other races and would actually be quite bad in any melee fight with nothing to help him/her.

    -Norans could also be a NPC race that you could encounter on various occasions. They could give you quests, information or some technologies in exchange of materials.

    Hope you like it! ;)
  2. BrutorDragon

    BrutorDragon Tiy's Beard

    Cool beans...
    Maybe a name not so close to morons though?
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  3. Vincey

    Vincey Big Damn Hero

    Too late, thread is made :3
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  4. litlbear

    litlbear Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Vincey, you never fail to impress me. I really do hope they use all your races.
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  5. Vincey

    Vincey Big Damn Hero

    I'd be more than happy even if it was a single one, even if you could see it only once in the game. I love the concept behind starbound, that's why I put so much heart into it.
  6. Alternal

    Alternal Existential Complex

    Technically you could always ask a mod to change it, since it is very close to "morons".

    Anyways, good look of them, they're very Metroid Prime-y, and the sprites look friggin awesome. I'd also be curious to see an antimatter bomb in Starbound.
  7. yoppyx

    yoppyx Phantasmal Quasar

    This race is really cool.

    So far starbound needs: Aliens (As in yours) ,Bug people, reptile people and dwarfs!

    SPACE DWARFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:sparta:
  8. Vincey

    Vincey Big Damn Hero

    Changed my mind. I finally changed the name for Norans.
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  9. Vincey

    Vincey Big Damn Hero

    Added varieties sprites. Hope you like them!
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  10. Darkblane257

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    Those things are pretty good.

    Keep up the great work. :)
  11. Lolicatgirls

    Lolicatgirls Astral Cartographer

    This is the best Halo idea
  12. F-ranko

    F-ranko Heliosphere

    This race is pretty cool. Only problem I have with it is that besides the face, everything about it looks extremely similar to the Turians of Mass Effect.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I like everything else about this race, though. +1.
  13. Kiajinn

    Kiajinn Sandwich Man

    Someone should definately Race Mod these folks in.
  14. cuddlepums

    cuddlepums Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    These guys remind me of the Protoss from Starcraftsounds like a very cool race I just don't like there name to much, sounds very similar to Florans.
  15. BlackHeartX

    BlackHeartX Intergalactic Tourist

    yo opino que mientras mas razas mas jugabilidad y hace descubrir su historia . xD
  16. Zaisher

    Zaisher Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    intrigueing but add the racial ability and armor oh and if you can add...uh what else was I gonna.. yea that's it
  17. Guwawo

    Guwawo Void-Bound Voyager

    This is awsome can you post it in steam workshop please :rofl:

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