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  1. georgeness123

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    I think making unit equipment would be interesting. Adding a forge to make better a better set of armor or weapons that you equip to your units making them stronger, but the downside would be investing in that losing that unit would destroy the item. Of course there would have to be new art for armored dragons.

    Forges would be built anywhere on a empty space and take a turn to complete then a unit would go to the forge and get it's upgrade depending on what type of forge it was or maybe it just get one upgrade and that it.

    one set of upgrade per forge. and it has a cooldown. this is just one idea. I am hoping for lots of extra content in the coming days. I love the art, love gameplay and i'm just screaming for more content which is why I had to post something. let me know what you think of this concept. Thanks my name is Raichu on steam. I have wargroove on switch lite couldn't be more happy.

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