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  1. Never

    Never Big Damn Hero


    ...Anyways, if I wanted to get into the series, I assume going in chronological order is best, but steam is making that hard, and the titles aren't helping. Can someone give me the order I should play the games in?
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  2. Kaede Grimwater

    Kaede Grimwater Existential Complex

    Re;Birth2 -> Re;Birth3 -> Megadimension Neptunia VII

    If you require any assistance with them, feel free to post here.
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  3. MilkCalf

    MilkCalf Master Astronaut

    Huh, I thought you would go full on Neptunia nerd mode.
    Some, like I, would tell you to start with ReBirth1. Kaede dismissed it because it's not connected story wise to the other games. How ever it serves as a great way to get to know the series, some things aren't really explained in the other games, and works well as a stand alone game. It's a remake too so it has pretty modern mechanics. (Rebirths are remakes of the original games and drastically change them. (Almost entirely for the better))
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  4. Jimlad 42

    Jimlad 42 Supernova

    Re;Birth 1 is just kind of unrelated timeline wise.
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  5. Ruin

    Ruin Phantasmal Quasar

    What Kaede said is true, but...
    what MilkCalf and Jimlad said is important to consider.

    Re;Birth1 is still a great game and a fantastic entry point, canon notwithstanding. Besides [Sorry, Kaede.], the canon really doesn't matter at all. Feel free to jump into any of them at any point. They are, after all, just giant lumps of silly and meta. Oh, and any of the games we haven't mentioned (ignoring the original releases on PS3), aren't mainline games.
  6. Kaede Grimwater

    Kaede Grimwater Existential Complex

    So, to those who have played the game, what is your honest opinion of Cave x 5pb.? Romantic, or just friends?
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  7. Merithor

    Merithor Big Damn Hero

    Just friends. 5pb. doesn't show much love for anything except for her live shows. Everything else is just friendly/stay away. and Cave... only loves Bullet Hell situations.
  8. Iris Blanche

    Iris Blanche Ice pudding fairy Forum Moderator

    It's so quite here. Plutia seems to be confused..

    ~ Iris ~
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  9. Kaede Grimwater

    Kaede Grimwater Existential Complex

    Sorry, I have been a bit down in the dumps lately. I have also been kinda afraid to talk about what Neptunia things I have been up to. My type of Neptunia habits are not what most people like. I like to make up rather serious and sometimes depressing stories, but a lot of people like Neptunia for the fun and carefree atmosphere. So I have been trying to keep my mouth shut about it publicly.
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  10. Iris Blanche

    Iris Blanche Ice pudding fairy Forum Moderator

    Well we would at least have a topic to talk about >v< (although i'm not very active in that topic though <.<)

    ~ Iris ~
  11. MilkCalf

    MilkCalf Master Astronaut

    You can put them in a spoiler if you want. I'm sure there are people other than me who would love to hear them.
  12. Kaede Grimwater

    Kaede Grimwater Existential Complex

    I have been feeling a bit of shame though. To see how different I am from other Nep fans really makes me question myself. Friends have assured me that I have nothing to worry about, and it has helped, but there is also the fact that not many people(if any at all) are gonna enjoy any Nep content that I produce.

    This coupled with the depression that I have been in for the past week or two has really not helped.
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  13. Iris Blanche

    Iris Blanche Ice pudding fairy Forum Moderator

    Well i'd really like to read your nep content ^-^

    ~ Iris ~
  14. MilkCalf

    MilkCalf Master Astronaut

    Of people will enjoy it. You need to think a little selfishy. Do what you want and don't care what others think. People may not realise it but that kind of behavior makes what you say more interresting. If you have passion for something people will be blown away by it.
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  15. null-a2

    null-a2 Guest

    I can understand how that can make you feel, I think all of us can empathize in a way. Not everyone will accept how we carry ourselves, but here of all places I don't think that you should be afraid in any way. I'm speaking on behalf of myself but.. I'd love to see what kind of things you've come up with. Regardless of whether or not Neptunia is a happy-go-lucky type of medium, we should be open to anyone's interpretation - it can be refreshing in a way ^-^ please show us what you've got!
  16. Kaede Grimwater

    Kaede Grimwater Existential Complex

    I suppose, but it might not be very good, and I only have concepts for the most part. My more serious take on the Neptunia series can be rather cringe worthy at times, and I am not the best with grammar or spelling. (Especially since some english word's spelling makes absolutely no sense compared to how it is pronounced.) Furthermore, according to some feedback I have gotten, I seem to be better at writing combat scenes, rather than story scenes.

    So, anyway, my end goals are as follows:
    1. To add some in-between events, as each game does seem to have a sizable time skip between them.
    2. To flesh out the Makers, Journalists, and Oracles, as they tend to have interesting stories that don't really get the attention they deserve.
    3. To flesh out some villains, or give them more of a role.
    4. To cover some plot points that were mentioned but never really covered.(Especially a particular one that had enormously wasted potential. The fact that it wasn't covered more is incredibly disappointing.)
    5. To bring more detail overall to Gamindustri. I have spent countless hours thoroughly examining dialogue, item descriptions, and lore, all so I could make connections and learn more about the world of Gamindustri and it's people. I suppose this is how the Dark Souls community feels when trying to figure out it's lore, though I think they might have an easier time of it, as Neptunia deliberately leaves much up to the imagination.

    I shall list some examples of my motivations for goals 2, 3, and 4. Beware, spoilers will be abound.

    Let me get this out of the way first, as this is one of the most egregious examples of a glossed over plot in the entire series. That plot point being Linda's relationship and past with CFW Magic. Linda's character overall was not given as much coverage as it deserved, but the fact that they glossed over her relationship, possible love, and past with main antagonist CFW Magic is a damn shame, a major disappointment. Covering this plot point could have given a lot more interest to what many consider the weakest game in the series.

    Over the course of Re;Birth2 and presumably Mk2 we see that Linda has definitely had a past of some sort with CFW Magic, sometimes saying stuff like "You have no idea what I had to give up for her.". She is incredibly loyal to Magic, and is even brought to tears when Magic turns into a omnicidal maniac and tries to kill her. She even states that there is no way Magic could be this cruel. Despite this, later on we see Linda stopping Nepgear and crew in an attempt to get revenge for Nepgear killing Magic. Nepgear and crew defeat Linda, which seems to cause her to just give up on everything, but despite this in the epilogue Linda seems to be unaffected and back to her normal shenanigans, which is complete nonsense given how she appeared after failing to get revenge for Magic. After this game, Linda is never seen, heard from, or referenced in any other game. Truly she is one of the biggest examples of wasted potential in the entire series.

    Let's start off with Falcom. Of all the Makers, Falcom has possibly the most backstory and attention, but she could still stand for more. Falcom is a great character, and unlike most of the cast, has two stages of her life, Young Falcom and Adult Falcom. Both have their own charm, but I have heard more people favor Adult Falcom over Young Falcom. I could write an entire page worth of praise and info for Falcom, but there are other characters to cover here, so maybe another time. I will make it brief by saying Falcom has a lot of backstory, and absolutely none of it is covered to any notable degree. Adult Falcom even has a past with Histoire. HISTOIRE! One of the most central characters in damn series! Why in the lemon scented hell is this not covered dammit?!

    Next up is Cyberconnect2/CC2/Cybercon. CC2 is the complete inverse of Falcom. She has next to nothing in the form of backstory, and only we only get a little bit of trivia about her likes and hobbies. She is one of the most, if not the most neglected Maker in the series. She deserves way more attention than this. Come on Compile Heart/Idea Factory, give CC2 some love.

    Next is Mina Nishizawa. After the events of Re;Birth2 and presumably Mk2, Mina questioned herself, and her ability as an Oracle, and so she left Lowee to go on a journey to find herself and become a more capable person. This is never really expanded upon, and that is a real shame. There is also the fact that Mina was more or less the one who raised Rom and Ram, and the one who taught them how to use magic. Would really like to expand on that as well.

    Next is Chika Hakozaki. Chika's character isn't really a mystery, and she can be very blunt with you, when she isn't BSing you. What is a mystery is how Chika and Vert met, and why Chika loves Vert so much despite the fact that Vert really treats her like crap, and often ignores her in favor of Nepgear or video games.

    Next is Kei Jinguji. Oooh boy. Out of all the Oracles Kei deserves the most attention. She can be one of the most interesting characters in Re;Birth2 and presumably Mk2. It is really difficult to talk about why this is, because to do so, I would have to talk about a character from another game series, and that is gonna turn into a very long conversation. Suffice it to say that, if expanded on, Kei has the potential to be one of the best characters in the series.

    Histoire. As mentioned above, she is one of the most central characters in the series, but her past is only referenced in bits and pieces. This, is really disappointing.

    Those are some of the more notable examples, but there are more. I will stop here, but if anyone shows interest I will post more.
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  17. Ruin

    Ruin Phantasmal Quasar

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  18. Kaede Grimwater

    Kaede Grimwater Existential Complex

    I have a very bad feeling about this, but if you all wanna see some of the concepts I have been working on, then I will post them. I am not a good writer, never was, probably never will be. Prepare for some terrible, cringe worthy, garbage. Possibly even the worst Neptunia fan work ever. Keep in mind that these are purely concepts, and are in no way proper novel form. Hell, most of them are written in a way that only serves to remind me what happens in the scene. It is also possible that these concepts may not even make it into any final version.

    I suppose it might not be too bad. These concepts have gotten good reviews so far.

    She was fighting what is presumably the big bad, or one of the big bad's higher ups. Her goal was to defeat or stall the enemy. Both fighters were exhasted, but CC2 was more battered. Her rage boost was the only thing keeping her going. She was battered, bleeding, her right eye was closed and presumably hurt. Eventually she was able to exploit an opening and strikes the killing blow. She passes out soon after her rage boost wears off. She wakes up much later in a hospital bed. She is wearing a breathing mask, and bandages can be seen on her right shoulder, right upper arm, upper chest, and the right side of her face. The rest of her is hidden underneath the bed's blanket. Later on Compa explains that even with her healing magic there is a limit to what the human body can sustain. She goes on to explain that while CC2 will live, she will be very weak for a while. CC2 can later be seen in a wheelchair, as she is too weak to walk on her own. She presumably gets better.

    The scene takes place in Uni's room in the Lastation Basilicom. Uni and Nepgear are playing around, and talking about a recent victory over a monster. Uni, being prideful, is showing off and bragging that of course they would win with her there. Nepgear is praising how cool Uni was. Uni then points her rifle in a manner imitating how she shot the monster, but suddenly...the rifle fires, hitting Nepgear. Nepgear recoils back, letting out a cry of pain while gripping her wound. Uni drops the rifle in shock. She runs over to Nepgear, apologzing repeatedly with a panicked tone. Uni looks around frantically for her phone, upon finding it she immediately dials the emergency number and calls for an ambulance. After which she called Noire, urging her to come home. Noire tries to calm Uni down and asks what is going on, which Uni replied with "I...I shot Nepgear.". Noire nearly drops her phone in shock, but before Noire can respond Uni qucikly interrupts her saying " was an accident...I checked the gun! There was no magazine, no..I checked it! Noire you know I would check it!". Noire tries to calm Uni down and says she will be home as fast as she can. Nepgear grabs Uni and tries to assure her that it's okay, but all Uni can do is apologize.
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  19. Iris Blanche

    Iris Blanche Ice pudding fairy Forum Moderator

    Give us more to read :nurunaughty:
    *shameless bumpnepping*

    ~ Iris ~
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  20. Kaede Grimwater

    Kaede Grimwater Existential Complex

    I will, eventually. I am currently working on something right now. I am just super stressed right now, and kinda depressed.
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