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The Motivator

Discussion in 'Create-A-Hat' started by NovastarX, Dec 3, 2012.


How fun would it be to wear this in-game?

  1. Not at all!

  2. Somewhat fun.

  3. Super fun!

  4. OMG, how do I make one?!

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  5. ...you're kidding, right?

  1. NovastarX

    NovastarX Big Damn Hero

    So this is my Create-A-Hat idea... the Motivator!​
    It's basically a race-specific food item tied to a string hanging from a stick. Its default stat increase would be a slight to moderate boost to speed (trying to grab whatever is on the end of the string!) I have no idea what the proportions are in terms of stat number ratios and such, but I'd intended this item to be a beginning-of-game type deal in that it can be simply constructed with wood (either the default wood drop or fashioned stick item) and some type of food or health item (making the object on the end of the string possibly variable and have multiple visual options). A "string" could also be a crafting item, but I have no idea how rare it would be per monster-specie-specific drop or even if it's an in-game item at all. Of course I'd leave all of that decision making to the game designer, these are just suggestions!​
    I also did some tiny sketches for the various species. I have no idea what each likes, but I assume "carrot on a stick" would be the comical human default (or cheese, I'm not that picky), the bananas for the apes, nuts and seeds for our flighty friends, fish for the aquatics, batteries or fuel cells for the robots, and I assume meat for the primitive anthropomorphic plants.​
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  2. Like the robot one:up:

    Although, why human is going for carrot? Is he... a Vegan? :saywhat:
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  3. TTCBuilder

    TTCBuilder Jackpot!

    This a fantastic idea, and hilarious!
    I would wear this. I wonder if you can wear more than one hat at a time...
    you should be able to... :yeahhhh:
  4. XRiZUX

    XRiZUX Spaceman Spiff

    It's a cool idea, I like it. :whistle:
  5. Appledamn Fruitcake

    Appledamn Fruitcake Tentacle Wrangler

    Do not mistake that for a pile of poo, it is a chunk of medium-rare steak, at it's best quality. Now it will really motivate the human!

    Hah, this is so awesome. I love the concept sketches.
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  6. I hoped to see a candy somehow...:V
  7. Appledamn Fruitcake

    Appledamn Fruitcake Tentacle Wrangler


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