The long history of Dimethyl Cadmium

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    *Before I begin this, I would like to make a really important note. This character does not follow much of the previously instated Novakid lore and/or Bio. He is a character that was made to both further delve into the Novakid race and expand upon the lovely species and be a major character in my upcoming story. Now please enjoy my little rude fireball of hatred.

    Edit: Whoa, almost forgot to explain what a Galaxian Cycle is. A Galaxian Cycle is one complete rotation around the Milkyway Galaxy. In the universe and character lore I made for my people, the Humans instated this time scale to measure the longevity of societies and planets within a star system. 1 Galaxian Cycle = 225,000,000 Earthen Years.

    Caddy was created with unknown means, most people presume he is from the first star born in the universe. Throughout childhood, he lived a disturbed life as noted by the other novakid in his past. He tormented other children by slowly peeling off their brands to a point then letting go. One point, he killed another child by accidentally tearing off their brand. He was further ostracized and fled to an outpost in the Triangulum galaxy. He claims he came from a family, but examination says otherwise. Further in his twisted life, when he was 18 Galaxian Cycles old, he moved to the Ethrodon galaxy and formed the Dimethyl family along with three other old Novakid: Dimethylformaldehyde (DMF), a blankslate of a person; Dimethyl carbonate, a novakid who can be very passionate about things; and Dimethyl sulfide, his “sister”. This quadrivium of Novakid became known as the Smoldering wall. The group went up against massive forces such as the Occasus, the Human destiny front, the Glitch expedition, the Miniknog, and the Novakid defence force. They wreaked havoc all throughout the universe until DMF was killed by a stray arrow released by a glitch crossbow through the brand. Caddy changed that day, he was no longer a curious boy. He has transformed into a ruthless captain of one. He left his sister in the Triangulum galaxy in hopes to run away from the mistakes he had made. Many of GCs pass until he meet with his sister again, along with a few more people. Sten, the unknown human, was one of the first people he had met after the Smoldering wall was disbanded. Him and Sten worked together for roughly 30 years after they met. Slowly during the thirty years, they have accumulated a little following. Of said following, three members arose: Xenon Trioxide, a new generation novakid; Dimethyl Sulfide; and Zet’ira Arohglea, a bipedal sex cat. Because of this, Caddy begun to open up. He hated Sten for this, but thanked him at the same time. They met Xenon for the first time at the Erchius mines, where Xenon worked at the age of 15, and won’t be added to the group until after the Ruin’s awakening along with Xenon’s pals, Avria Englea, Avian who undergone rough treatment in the mines, and Sri V72233J, Glitch who escaped a settlement known for “deactivating” the self-aware. They were found by Sulfide, alongside Dimethyl carbonate, during their escape of Nimbus’ home planet. During their escape, Carbonate was severely injured and sent back to Triangulum. They found Zet’ira stuck inside a stasis pod floating in the depths of space nearing on the verge of death. Thus began the new group, The Coalition of Sten. This group was the opposite of the Smoldering wall, they went around the galaxy in search of the artifacts, helping those who needed it. Caddy embraced the new change of scenery, but still felt something about him that hasn’t changed. He felt the bloodlust that swirls around his heart. After a while, he got bored of the coalition and disappeared from them for some time. During that time, he picked up the hobby of Geology, study of earthen elements. While he was on a planet being roasted from it’s dying star, he found the unconscious bodies of both Frozacia, a psychic cat, and Kurundam Kuruvinda, an amnesiac rock man. Sympathetic about their position, he took them aboard his ship and put them to work. Frozacia worked as a consultant and Kurundam worked as his lead architect. He restored many planets in the time he was separated from the coalition. His legacy stretched for light-years unending. He is considered the saviour of many previously lost worlds because of his deeds. Though, all good things must come to an end. He reverted back to his previous ways when he finally reached Triangulum. Pillaging the settlements and cities of those who fall in his path. Slaughtering millions. He caught the attention of a group of people, the Occasus. They deemed him too dangerous to be used in the attempt of using the Ruin, so they tampered with his internal brand, accidentally unleashing Caddy’s most powerful tool. After this point, he had the ability to erupt or explode violently into a fine gas of the toxic and carcinogenic compound of Dimethyl Cadmium. He broke out of the custody of the Occasus and recollected his nerves and group. He, with both Kurundam and Frozacia, went back to the coalition, which at this point is almost done with it’s objective. Though wary, they let him back into the group. The group only needs two more of the artifacts, the glitch artifact and the human artifact. After they gather them both, the crew enters the Ruin. After a long treacherous journey and an even more grueling fight with the Ruin. Caddy landed the killing blow. Everyone was exhausted when they realized that the Ruin was going to self-destruct. He and Sten, the only ones able to move, managed to get everyone but them home. They were caught in the blast. After a while, Caddy came back. He was distressed, however, and Sten was nowhere to be seen. As an account from Caddy, he said, “Our last moments were argueing, then hugging, then nothing. I appeared after the cultivator decided to revive me.” He said this the day after the Ruin was killed. Years later, present day, he now helps Xenon and his crew to find the Evalon gate in hopes that Asra Nox doesn’t open it.

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