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    I normally build with the things I have at hand; however, sometimes, there are objects which CF added to the code, but didn't made accessible yet. The Hylotl stuff is one example. If you want to do that, just use the /admin command to get the objects you want without using a mod.
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    After a long journey, Dr. Beatrice Memmo found new signs of Leeven culture...

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  3. Exciting development!
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    After so many buildings in victorian style I needed something different :D
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    I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I like the fact that they live on water. They kind of remind me of a more sophisticated ferengi in the fact that they're often scammers.
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    Hey, thanks! Yes, the Book of power is a clear reference ;)
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    Trade Wars

    It’s a noteworthy fact that the Leeven had (and still have) an ambivalent relationship with the major races; but the major opponents are mostly forgotten. In fact, the Leeven fought several wars especially against two races. One of them were the Froggs. From the first moment on, Leeven and Froggs were rivals in trade. The fierce competition lead to some trade wars, one of the few moments of Leeven history, when Leeven prides united against a foreign threat. The most important Manes of Lyon signed a truce with each other and engaged in fierce and brutal actions.

    For decades, the so called "Serene and delicious Froggish Wars of Prey" (the Frogg called them just "Great Leeven Wars") were fought, disastrous for both sides, and each of them ending with a different result. In the end the Leeven kept the upper hand.

    The Froggs lost their traditional trade power and changed their priorities, concentrating on furniture, instead having a wide range of products. Both races don’t like to talk much about these conflicts, and a Leeven will keep quiet, when a Frogg enters the room (and vice-versa). However, even if the Leeven humiliated their rivals, they didn’t conquer their homelands, but mostly plundered ships and planets, seized colonies and fought for trade monopolies.

    The second opponent in the early years of Leeven exploration was another merchant race, which lives in a distant sector, closer to the Leeven, but very far away from the rest of the known universe. Some say, that this merchant race resembles moles from earth, but there is no one except for the Leeven who may verify this. Some speculations have been about this topic – mostly rumors, which underline the theory, that the Leeven are responsible for the fact, that this mole race doesn’t have any contact with other species, maybe due to a contract or a lost war.
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    Leeven Codices:

    leevenpowerbook1.png leevenpowerbook2.png leevenpowerbook3.png

    Leeven model ship:


    A statue of the leeven homeworld, Lyon:

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    This mod is really AMAZING, and I really like the work you do and the time you dedicate to it, when will it be ready? I want to be a lion astronaut
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    Haha! Thank you.

    Well, interestingly, there is happening something in the background after years of silence. 27 codices, three farmables and six recipes are ready. A dozen microdungeons are done, too, and I'm working on a leeven village, maybe two with different styles. I'm also doing some objects and furniture as you've seen above (the globe and the model ship).

    However, my main problem is spriting characters. I'm really bad at this and still need a helping hand who can sprite the species and it's animations. The same goes for clothes.
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    I like the idea of several types of villages, something like Avian style.

    And what about the animations, it's a shame, I'd like to help you but I do not know anything, I just enjoy the mods ?)
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    Yeah, in the end, the villages should look like this (but smaller, this is an example with all house types, not everything is implemented, yet).

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    your constructions are INCREDIBLE, I think that if I had the complete decoration of the race, it would be perfect, how much do you estimate that you will delay in finishing with all the content of the race?
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    Thank you. :)

    Well, it depends heavily on the search for a good spriter, which I haven't found yet. I would even be fine if the Leeven were at first only a NPC race, so I could release the dungeons, farmables and codices first (so a player would have at least something to discover). Unfortunately, the Starbound community - especially the community of artists - has changed drammatically in the last two years and vanished mostly. I do regret the fact that I didn't search more aggressively for someone to help me back then. But People who know me also know that I'm rather shy when it comes to that, as I know that every modder loves his own project the most ...

    I would call this step a "beta" only to check if the dungeons, the Leeven NPCs and other new items work properly. With a spriter at hand, I think this would take a month.

    A next step would be "a full release", including the playable race, maybe two months. However, it would lack a custom ship and custom armour.

    The next update would include hopefully either the custom ship, custom armour or a leeven mission. I was never a fan of the protectorate story, because it destroyed large sections of the old lore of Starbound, which I found much more interesting. My approach would be a different start and a bit storytelling. Regarding ship, armour and mission - I can't specify exactly how long it will take.
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    We share thoughts on the subject of the protectorate, I have always wanted to step on "The Earth" and have a "real life" style city that mixes the races.

    And I like that approach you want to give it, it's quite different from the other races and every time I love your project more, you want to innovate Starbound, and that's a very good thing.

    I was looking back in your post that you even wanted to put a kind of religion, rules, societies, etc. Do you think you could complete that in the game? or would you see yourself "limited" in that regard? I also saw that Dragonith had helped you, what's wrong with him?
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    I see it more as lore, and I try to implement some nuances into the game. For example religion: I wanted to show that even some little details like the mosaics may have a deeper meaning. You may have also seen the big lion monuments (like the first post on this page of the thread), which are symbols of an old forgotten past, when al leeven believed in one winged lion deity. It's a bit disappointing how much opportunities Starbound has, but how little of them are used. A player should explore the world and understand it bit by bit when looking at it. Sure, codices are cool and put things together, but I wanted buildings and codices with a meaning and a race with interesting possible stories and conflicts which a player may also invent or roleplay later.

    Oh, nothing wrong with Dragonith, he's great! But he has many other projects and also retired more and more from the forums the last two years. Also: he is more or less a pixel-celebrity, I'm sure he has more important things to do than looking after some lions. :D
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    He might be interested in the work, is a person who loves the Pixelart and also is very good at that, you should ask for help to have what happens, I'm still dying of cravings for this mod
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    Haha, I'll do my best, however, he wasn't very active in the last ages. :)

    Also: some Leeven banners. Just some examples, I won't take all of them.

    leevengonfalon1.png leevengonfalon3.png leevengonfalon5.png

    leevengonfalon2.png leevengonfalon4.png leevengonfalon6.png

    leevengonfalon7.png leevengonfalon8.png
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    I like them, you are pretty good at all that, I would like to know how to create armor, at this rate I would already have the armor of Artyom xD
    PD : I would like to be a Beta Tester \:D/
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    Appointed. :D

    In fact, I'm only mediocre when it comes to objects, but I try to better my skills. You know this basic guide?



    Also: leeven clocks for your fireplace!
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