The Kleptoad

Discussion in 'The Monster Monster Contest' started by Giant Door, Mar 8, 2012.

  1. Giant Door

    Giant Door Space Penguin Leader

    Here's my entry :D


    Here's a small example of the Kleptoad younglings. In retrospect I'd probably increase their size to almost that of a human, but this image still shows off their cheeky nature well enough.


    ... on a side note, I wouldn't actually have the Kleptoid youngling steal the players weapons.... it's would be unnecessarily cruel to strip an adventure of the key tools of his trade :p
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  2. aiMarz

    aiMarz Big Damn Hero

    I must admit, the ingenuity and the creativity used in coming up with this creature is highly imaginative. I could really see hunting these pesky Kleptoads. Especially when their may be loot involved. Would there be a time limit that you would have to kill an Adult Kleptoad before your item is gone for good?
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  3. Giant Door

    Giant Door Space Penguin Leader

    Thanks for the kind remark. Well it depends how they code the game, but the way I see it if you let it get too far away from you, the creature would despawn. So basically you'd have to stop and fight it right then and there (or follow the smaller one), or cut your losses and make a break for it!
  4. aiMarz

    aiMarz Big Damn Hero

    Makes sense. Well good luck to your entry. Nice drawing by the way.
  5. Giant Door

    Giant Door Space Penguin Leader

    Thanks again!
  6. Attack_Fish

    Attack_Fish Phantasmal Quasar

    I like the idea! I hope if you don't win this contest that they add yours in anyways! haha
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  7. Giant Door

    Giant Door Space Penguin Leader

    Haha thanks man... you wouldn't find me complaining if things ended up happening like that :p

    *when I typed this earlier on my phone I somehow missed key words out of the sentence, sorry if it didn't make ANY sense lmao
  8. Giant Door

    Giant Door Space Penguin Leader

    Just updated with a simple pixel art to show off the young kleptoads in action pose :)
  9. jon218

    jon218 Phantasmal Quasar

    Cool! I could see maybe some sort of item to protect from these and maybe some other creatures with similar Ai.
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  10. Giant Door

    Giant Door Space Penguin Leader

    Yeah well since shield blocking is in the game the player could block an incoming tongue, but maybe if they were to put variations of the creature in the game certain types could even pull your shield out of your hands. I put a decent amount of thought into creating a unique concept for this creature, where it's individuality really shows through its behaviour.... but like you said, it's AI could definitely translate well to other species or npcs. I think following a thief back to it's secret lair would be really cool and rewarding in an adventure game. Cheers!
  11. Motie

    Motie Big Damn Hero

    At first I thought the creature was awkwardly designed, but then I saw what its gameplay purpose was and I became infatuated.
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  12. Giant Door

    Giant Door Space Penguin Leader

    Aha, yeah it was designed to look awkward, but not awkwardly designed. I wanted to do a thief creature, so I started with the name, built up the concept around it and finally the art. I started with the word "Kleptomaniac", which is a thief with an irrational urge to steal... looking at the word I instantly saw how toad could fit into the name, and how a frog's tongue could be utilised in theft. I then decided to use the K from klepto, as it is an awkwardly stand-out letter that made me think of an equally awkward animal - the Koala. I mixed the two together to create this hodgepodge yet (hopefully) striking design, then boosted it's dimensions up to yeti status.

    When I was drawing it one of the main things I wanted to do was keep the colour scheme simple so it could easily be adapted to pixel art. I thought the toad's eyes would look cool and stand out, and I gave it the hard, stumpy legs to give it even more of an "alien" feel.... that, and I think they would look cool animated. Probably the only other thing worth mentioning about the design is that I wanted it to look threatening, but not scary as such... I wanted it to keep in line with the fun, light-hearted & adventurous nature of what I have seen of this game so far.

    Oh, one other design element probably worth mentioning is that I based their behaviour off simians, since they are one of nature's natural thieves. With the younglings I wanted them to be more like monkeys, with a bit of daring and spring in their step (stump)... and with the adults, I wanted a gorilla feel - more of a lumbering, powerful beast that just takes what it wants when it wants.

    Thanks for showing interest Motie :)
  13. Yaxlat

    Yaxlat Existential Complex

    :up:AMAZING +1 !!!
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  14. Yen

    Yen Pangalactic Porcupine

    Ahahahaa, this is so cute!!! I really really love the baby ones, this is a genius idea (and I don't know why but it's making me get excited)
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  15. FungusTrooper

    FungusTrooper Subatomic Cosmonaut

    This is so great.
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  16. Giant Door

    Giant Door Space Penguin Leader

    Thanks a lot for the comments everyone, much appreciated :) I'm glad people like the idea

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