Gameplay [The Kingdoms] Traversing the Kakkab Traverse (RP builds)

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    Traversing the Kakkab Traverse
    Part of the Kingdoms Storyline. This small group of friends from the Protectorate escaped the demise of Earth, and are now stranded out in the Kakkab traverse. They must recover, rebuild and reform the Protectorate from the ashes of its demise. Once again, Natsumi Kaeru leads the charge to try and rebuild the Protectorate and prevent further destruction.

    Prologue --

    Natsumi Kaeru reporting, my friends Takeshia and Arata, fellow Hylotl students of the Protectorate, a glitch called Bingbop, and my friends boyfriend, an Avian named Naui, all escaped the attack on the Earth planet. We were in pilot training class, so took our training ship and got off world as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, the FTL drive on the trainers is not always reliable, and malfunctioned. It never disengaged. Bingbop knows a lot about the systems though, and was able to get it to deactivate. We put the ship into orbit around the closest, habitable planet and checked the nav computer... we were in an uncharted part of the universe called the Kakab Traverse. It's name coming from the Explorer who first found it and sent back rough charts on it... until he lost contact with everyone, and never reappeared. We will hopefully be more successful in survival here.

    But first, we need to take care of the essentials.

    Upon teleporting to the surface, we found the atmosphere acceptable, the fauna familiar and the creatures not too aggressive. The little orange blobby creatures are toxic to the touch, and continually want to jump on you... but are no trouble to keep back. We found a few ruins of what appeared to be Glitch towers, and Bingbop said we should make a keep outpost here.


    We all agreed, and set to work building a small, fortified settlement. It took roughly 3 days to collect enough resources, but there was a nearby mine that was abandoned, so we could get good quantities of stone and clay for building.

    We built up the west tower, and rebuilt the east tower, building a perimeter fence out of wood to seal off the space.


    We then built a basic house in the middle, along with crop space and workshop space. It will do for the first couple weeks, as we work on establishing contact with the Protectorate again... if they are still out there.

    Peace through Unity.

    The Kakkab Traverse System (177967494, -123176533)

    Population - 4 of 7.3
    Jobs - farmer, lumberjack, miner, seamstress

    >> food - [+1.7] - 13 crops 6 recipes, 5 water, 4 citizens
    >> health - [+3] - 4 food groups (+1 each), 1 water source (+1), no medicine (-.5 per person)
    >> housing - [-1] - 2 tents (+.5 each), 2 basic bed houses(+1 each), 4 citizens (-1 each)
    >> moral - [-7] - no clothing (-.5 per person), no recreation (-1 per 10), no sanitation (-1 per person)
    >> total - [-3.3] - unhappy, but not bad. Needs improvement in moral and housing.

    tech lvl - wood/cloth, copper/iron, and coal fuel
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    Natsumi Kaeru signing in. The batteries on the recording unit I was using went dry, so I have been unable to document our progress over the last couple months. However, upon finding an abandoned science lab I was able to swap out the batteries for some new ones, charged them at the ship, and we can record again!

    Where to start...
    Well, we have added many more to our little outpost.
    We built a new house over by the mines, and put up a stone gate to keep the annoying leaf sprouts from cutting us all up.
    Nona and Charlie live there, Charlie being a medical student from the old Earth, and Nona being an artistic martial arts fighter. It seemed logical to pair those two up under the same roof.

    I had to swallow my apprehension for the last member to join our group... a Floran called Zaina. She had falsely applied to our want ad we posted at the outpost for a beekeeper. She is a brilliant beekeeper, but upon seeing that it was a Hylotl group, she claimed to be hylotl as well in order to meet up. Aside from that dishonesty, and my leeriness of florans, we actually got along just fine. So we accept her, and she even appreciates Hylotl architecture, so we made her house appropriate for her tastes.
    Zaina even knew to build layered pagoda platforms of flowers to increase the production of the bees. Perhaps there is a knowledge we can gain from florans about nature after all... not just savigary.

    Population - 7 of 15
    Jobs - farmer, lumberjack, miner, seamstress

    >> food - [+5] - 30 crops, 10 recipes, 10 water, 1 honey source, 7 citizens
    >> health - [+3.5] - 5 food groups (+1 each), 1 water source (+1), no medicine (-.5 per person)
    >> housing - [-1] - 2 tents (+.5 each), 5 basic bed houses(+1 each), 7 citizens (-1 each)
    >> moral - [-1] - basic clothing (+.5 per person), no recreation (-1 per 10), basic sanitation (-.5 per person)
    >> total - [6.5] - Adequate, but needing recreation and infrastructure improvements to move into the next level.

    tech lvl - wood/cloth, copper/iron, and coal fuel
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