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    Fort Ragnarok

    Part of The Kingdoms storyline, this will show Burst O'Mega and his friends attempting to create a new Kingdom among the stars. How far can they go? It depends on how long it will take until he suffers another novakid memory lapse...

    Day 1: I... can't remember

    I woke up in the dark and there was a terrible smell of molten metal. What had happened? I had no memory of how I got there. Well, at least I remembered my name. Burst O'Mega, constable of... Where did I came from? Whatever. I could feel dirt and rocks all around. Was I in a cave? Fortunately I found a flashlight and made my way out of there. Oh, and my hat! I almost forgot it in there!

    Once outside I saw that it was actually a ship. Did I crash? Yes... I could remember something wrong about my ship. There was a problem. Well, from outside the damage was clear. That junk was not going anywhere ever again. In fact, there was no sign of the engine. It must have blown up entirely.

    With no memory of anything before waking up, I was stuck on that nameless planet.

    Day 2: I'm not alone

    On the morning I tried to clean the ship. Maybe I could use it as a refuge. Not that there was any danger around. It was actually a very nice planet.

    But the smell was too strong. So I decided to take a look nearby. It didn't take much time to find something interesting: three cultists building a shrine. They recognized me and seemed to panic. What did they say? That I would not get the bounty? Well, the way it ended I would not get anything from them. Except a tent. It was nice of them to leave it for me.

    Worried, I went back to the crash site and started to chop some trees. If there was anymore of these fanatics there, I would not be caught unprepared.

    Day 3: Just think about it

    I was so focused building a wall that it took me hours to stop and actually think about those cultists. There was something about them that I thought I should notice. But what? And it was then that it occurred to me. Something about the crashed ship was not right. It had those primitive bricks all around. Just like... the cultists' shrine. Holy blast! That was not my ship. Mine was still all right, on orbit! How could I forget that?

    I beamed up and talked to my ship's AI. What a lazy horse! It should have contacted me. Apparently I came here to capture those cultists and I told the AI to remain silent to avoid alerting them. I must have found their ship and the ceiling collapsed when I went to check it inside.

    Day 5: Fort Ragnarok

    After visiting the Outpost, I decided to hire some help and start a colony on that planet, Ragnarok Cradle V. For someone with a title, Baroness Brassclank is quite a worker. We finished our basic settlement in just two days and although there was no reason to expect anymore problems there, we built it like a fort. The walls were almost ready, after all.
    Day_5_1.jpg Day_5_2.jpg Day_5_3.jpg
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    Week 2, Day 4: The Farm

    Baroness Brassclank invited two farmers to supply the Fort. We are currently producing wheat, corn, tomatoes and rice. So far there has been no problem with attacks. I explored the planet and found no signs of anymore cultists. This could be a very promising colony.
    Week_2_1.jpg Week_2_2.jpg

    Week 2, Day 6: Celebration

    We finished upgrading the Fort. There is always room for improvement, but the first changes will make things much better for the time being. We now have a cistern and a larger walled area. There is also an underground tunnel and two more floors on the main house. A chef and a soldier joined us, but we lost the Baroness. She demanded a sewer barrel and I couldn't find one in time. So I got another worker and she ended up proclaiming herself a noble too. Baroness Clipchip or something like that. I'm not sure these glitches understand what the titles are supposed to mean. The chef is a Dame and none of them behave like nobility...

    Week 3, Day 3: The Warehouse

    Now we have an underground storage area. And somebody to take care of it. This is quickly becoming a Glitch settlement. I'll need to intensify my exploration to find more Novakids. I really like the Glitch, but I miss my people.

    Week 3, Day 5: Crossing the lake

    I improvised a bridge across the chasm to the west and I filled it with water. It looks like a very good area to expand our colony. The lake became our main source of entertainment, a very good place to spend our free time.

    The conditions are not good. The basic sanitation will not be acceptable for much longer. I'll have to build other options for leisure and find somebody to provide us with more clothes.

    Population - 7 of 7
    Jobs – 1 builder, 2 farmers, 1 lumberjack, 1 chef, 1 soldier, 1 quartermaster

    >> food - [+1] - 50 crops (+5), 10 meals (+2), 190 water (+1, there is plenty but the excess doesn't necessarily mean better conditions), 7 citizens (-7)
    >> health - [-2] - 4 food groups (+1 each), 1 water source (+1), no medicine (-.5 per person), very basic sanitation (-0.5 per person)
    >> housing - [0] – 5 basic beds in the Fort - including the warehouse (+5), 2 beds in the farmhouse (+2), 7 citizens (-1 each)
    >> morale - [-3] - no clothing (-.5 per person), water lake under the bridge for recreation (+0.5 per 10)
    >> total - [-4] – unhappy and getting worse. Proper sanitation needed. More crops need to be planted.

    - Tech Level - Building Materials: dirt, rock, wood, bricks.
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    The story is very good, and the buildings are very organized, looking very cool. One thing bugs me, though: how come those wooden logs on the walls are upwards???
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  4. TheFloranChef

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    The Castlevania mod has logs in the three directions. :)
  5. SivCorp

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    I was about to ask you which mod gave you the multi directional logs... ;) Great start!
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    Week 4, Day 1: Recruiting

    It was time to increase our workforce and start expanding our colony for real. We went to the Outpost and came back with several new colonists. Earl Leadzap is now our dedicated carpenter. And Knight Pumpblink is our lumberjack. After being attacked by some bandits, we hired another Floran soldier to guard the lands beyond the bridge.

    Week_4_1.jpg Week_4_1b.jpg

    Week 4, Day 2: Glitch Farm

    With so many Glitch, we needed farmers specialized in their preferred type of food. So we brought in Pumpchip and Leadchip. What a bizarre taste they have! That stuff looks like a battery with iron dust. I'm definitely not trying that!


    Week 4, Day 3: Mining

    We finally set up a mine! And we hired a miner to collect some metal. We will soon be able to advance the technology level of our settlement.

    Week_4_3.jpg Week_4_3b.jpg

    Week 4, Day 5: Clothing

    We now have a seamstress and a hunter to provide her with leather or any other material she requires. They will live on the side of the mountain above our mine. We are also digging a tunnel to reach the other side.


    Week 4, Day 7: Bath

    We built a bath on the top of the mountain. It quickly became a very popular place and nobody is swimming on the lake anymore. The janitor will also be responsible for collecting some rain water.


    Population - 16 of 16:
    Glitch: 9
    Floran: 3
    Novakid: 1
    Apex: 1
    Human: 1
    Hylotl: 1

    2 workers
    4 farmers
    2 Soldiers
    1 quartermaster
    1 chef
    1 carpenter
    1 lumberjack
    1 miner
    1 clothier
    1 hunter
    1 bath janitor

    >> food - [-2] - 110 crops (+11), 10 meals (+2), water reserve: 471 (+1), 16 citizens (-16)
    >> health - [-6] - 8 food groups (+8), 2 water sources (+2), no medicine (-.5 per person), very basic sanitation (-0.5 per person)
    >> housing - [0] – 16 basic beds (+16), 16 citizens (-16)
    >> morale - [+9.5] - basic clothing (0.5 per person), bath (+1 per 10)
    >> total - [+1.5] – content. But still need proper sanitation and more crops.

    - Tech Level - Building Materials: dirt, rock, wood, bricks, bamboo.
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    Week 5:

    The Bridge

    The construction of the bridge near the Fort is finally over. People are really satisfied with it. The view is specially nice at night. We also welcomed two new residents: a smelter and a blacksmith. It's high time we had proper metal workers.

    BridgeDay.jpg Week_5_2.jpg Week_5_2b.jpg

    Little Ape

    I found an Apex city in a nearby system. I just wanted to check on their furniture but things didn't go well. First they complained about my guns. Why would anyone do that?!? Maybe next they would ask me to remove my hat too. But they stopped talking when I said something about their leader. I could swear his name was little ape... After dealing with the guards, I found someone being tortured underground and decided to liberate the whole place from the Miniknog guards.


    Some of the Apex were really happy with my help and rewarded me with some advanced technology. Well, at least for our colony's current level. The chef was always asking for a fridge, so I got a few for him.

    Week_5_3b.jpg Week_5_3c.jpg

    Coffee and Wine

    Three of the liberated Apex and an Avian joined our colony. They are all farmers and will help prepare for the next stage of development. With the increase in food production, we will be able to get many more workers soon. And since we are now capable of creating concrete and should have no trouble making better buildings. It's worth mentioning that they brought some important seeds, including coffee and grapes. No more drinking only water. :)

    Week_5_6.jpg Week_5_6b.jpg Week_5_6c.jpg Week_5_6d.jpg

    Week 6: The Dam

    We also built a dam to the east. It shouldn't be too hard to figure a way to use it for energy generation. We will see.

    Week_6_1.jpg Week_6_2.jpg

    NOTE: This is how the colony is looking like so far:

    Colony1.jpg Colony2.jpg Colony3.jpg Colony4.jpg Colony5.jpg

    Population - 22 of 22:
    Glitch: 11
    Apex: 4
    Floran: 3
    Novakid: 1
    Human: 1
    Hylotl: 1
    Avian: 1

    2 workers, 8 farmers, 2 Soldiers, 1 quartermaster, 1 chef, 1 carpenter
    1 lumberjack, 1 miner, 1 clothier, 1 hunter, 1 bath janitor, 1 smelter, 1 blacksmith

    >> food - [+4] - 230 crops (+23), 10 meals (+2), water reserve: 471 (+1), 22 citizens (-22)
    >> health - [-15] - 15 food groups (+15), 3 water sources (+3), no medicine (-.5 per person), very basic sanitation (-1 per person)
    >> housing - [0] – 22 basic beds (+22), 22 citizens (-22)
    >> morale - [+14] - basic clothing (0.5 per person), Recreation: bath (+1 per 10), Aesthetics: Bridge: (+1)
    >> total - [+3] – content. But sanitation is becoming a serious problem

    NOTE: the penalty for the low sanitation has increased from 0.5 to 1

    - Tech Level - Building Materials: dirt, rock, wood, bricks, bamboo.
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    Week 8:


    The Hotel

    It's been almost two weeks since we built the dam. During this time, we have concentrated in the construction of a hotel. Now we can properly receive visitors and invite them to become residents. This should increase our population and help our colony develop faster. In the outpost they are referring to our village as Fort Ragnarok, so it will be the name of our settlement.

    To ensure the safety of the tourists we built a watch tower nearby. We also implemented a rainwater collection system and finally started using proper sanitation. We will build a sewer for the entire colony, but it will take some time.


    On the right side of the building we have a nice bridge (another one!) where the guests can enjoy their meals and look at the landscape. But we also have tables inside and our first modern kitchen, with two new chefs. They will not have much time to rest because everyone is loving the place and it's not exclusive for guests. There is a small library too and a tree garden inside the building.

    Week_8_2.jpg Week_8_3.jpg

    In the basement we have a small sewage treatment facility, which will serve as a test for the much larger one we will need when we build our urban center. And since it was about time we had electricity, we also made a coal powered energy generator, conveniently right on top of a mine.


    Another thing we really needed was a bar. And that is a fact because it's the most popular place in the colony. Imagine if we had built it right beside the bath, nobody would leave the place anymore! There is even a room for card games.

    Week_8_5.jpg Week_8_10.jpg

    As for the guest rooms, we have 6 with a total of 7 beds. Each room is unique and while they are vacant we have our citizens take turns at them. This is helping with the morale, but it's showing them what our colony lacks in terms of sanitation. By the way, the barmaid and the innkeeper (the "triangle sisters") are the first Novakids to join Fort Ragnarok. It's finally feeling like home, although I can't really remember if I ever had one…

    Week_8_6.jpg Week_8_7.jpg Week_8_8.jpg

    To the west of the hotel we constructed a house for our beekeeper. He is a very strange creature, I'm not sure if he is a maggot or if he is just wearing a costume.


    The secret laboratory

    With our technology level increasing, we saw that it was time to build a laboratory. There are many secrets to be found in the universe and we need a proper place to study them. We decided to have it in a secret location, just in case someone wants to spy on us, and we chose a snow planet in the *classified* system, because it will help preserve our samples. Although we still have only one ship, we built a landing pad on one of the mountain tops but had to improvise a shelter under it before we finished the first houses due to heavy snowing. Our first worker here is also a Novakid. I hope many more will come.

    Week_8_11.jpg Week_8_12.jpg Week_8_13.jpg Week_8_14.jpg Week_8_15.jpg

    Population - 30 of 37:

    Glitch: 11
    Apex: 5
    Novakid: 4
    Floran: 3
    Human: 2
    Hylotl: 2
    Avian: 2
    Maggot (human?): 1


    Food: 8 farmers, 3 chefs, 1 hunter, 1 beekeeper, 1 barmaid
    Military: 4 Soldiers, 1 quartermaster
    Construction: 3 workers, 1 carpenter, 1 smelter, 1 blacksmith
    Gatherers: 1 lumberjack, 1 miner
    Other: 1 seamstress, 1 bath janitor, 1 innkeeper

    >> food - [+1] - 230 crops (+23), 30 meals (+6), hunting (+1), water reserve: 668 (+1), 30 citizens (-30)
    >> health - [-25.5] - 15 food groups (+15), 3 water sources (+3), 1 rain collecting system (+1), 1 small waste treating facility (+.5), no medicine (-.5 per person), very basic sanitation (-1 per person)
    >> housing – [9.5] – 28 basic beds (+28), 7 luxury beds (+1.5 each), 2 sleeping bags (+.5 each), 30 citizens (-30)
    >> morale - [+27.5] - basic clothing (0.5 per person), bath/card room (+1 per 10 each), library/bar/restaurant (+0.5 per 10 each), Aesthetics ( 2 nice bridges: +2)
    >> total - [+12.5] – Happy. Sanitation will be improved soon, but medicine is required.

    - Tech Level - Building Materials: bricks, concrete, iron, copper.

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    My underwhelming week 1 colony feels very threatened by the fortuitous members of Fort Ragnarok (and surrounding lands).
  10. TheFloranChef

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    I wouldn't worry about it. These stories don't happen necessarily at the same time. But even if they do, Fort Ragnarok has only a few soldiers and has no intention of threatening anyone. :)

    Also, they are not really fast developing technology. Their lab will probably be an exception, but in the main city they are even planning to build a railroad.
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    Week 9: Aiming for the stars

    The weather on our secret base is terrible but we managed to finish building some houses. The base itself will be mostly underground so we shouldn't have much trouble in the future. Now we have the basic structure and will be able to maintain a team of scientists. The first one is already at work, an astronomer that probably thinks he is actually an astronaut…
    Week_9_1.jpg Week_9_2.jpg Week_9_3.jpg Week_9_4.jpg Week_9_5.jpg

    Back in Fort Ragnarok, we had to rework our apiary, something that didn't please the maggot guy. He left but we quickly found a replacement, a Glitch called Cableboop. Well, at least now we know where all of our citizens come from. We also build a refinery to supply proper drinks to the bar. Mysteriously, we got a large number of volunteers to help build it. Just a coincidence, of course, but the population increased significantly with them. Luckily we have finished half of the sewers and will be able to house the larger population without any environmental problems.
    Week_9_6.jpg Week_9_7.jpg Week_9_8.jpg Week_9_9.jpg

    Two of the workers were farmers and are now taking care of an orchard and new types of crops, including cotton and ingredients for the refinery. The cotton will be important because our seamstress is supplying a large number of citizens. As for the food, it's not enough to supply everyone, but we should be all right for some time, thanks to the construction of the hospital, which has raised the morale higher than ever.
    Week_9_10.jpg Week_9_11.jpg Week_9_12.jpg Week_9_13.jpg

    The increasing population and the expansion of the secret base will require a cargo ship, so we set up a landing pad in the fort and will soon build a factory for ship parts over there. This could be the foundation for the Ragnarok Fleet! Week_9_15.jpg

    Population - 47 of 54:

    Glitch: 14
    Apex: 10
    Novakid: 7
    Human: 5
    Hylotl: 4
    Avian: 4
    Floran: 3


    Food/drink: 10 farmers, 5 chefs, 2 drink makers, 1 hunter, 1 bee keeper, 1 barmaid
    Military: 8 Soldiers, 1 quartermaster
    Construction: 3 workers, 1 carpenter, 1 smelter, 1 blacksmith
    Gatherers: 1 lumberjack, 1 miner
    Science/Medical: 1 astronomer, 1 doctor, 1 nurse
    Administration: 1 bath janitor, 1 innkeeper, 1 supervisor, 1 crane operator
    Maintenance: 1 sewer worker, 1 ship mechanic
    Other: 1 seamstress

    >> food - [-9] - 260 crops (+26), 50 meals (+10), hunting (+1), water reserve: 1.668 (+1), 47 citizens (-47)
    >> health - [.5] - 16 food groups (+16), 4 water sources (+4), 2 rain collecting systems (+2), 2 small + 1 medium waste treating facilities (+2), basic medicine (0 per person), sanitation in half the village (-0.5 per person)
    >> housing – [2.5] – 38 basic beds (+38), 7 luxury beds (+1.5 each), 2 sleeping bags (+.5 each), 47 citizens (-47)
    >> morale - [+30.2] - basic clothing (high demand) (0.25 per person), bath (+1 per 10), card room (+1 per 10), library (+0.5 per 10), bar and restaurant (+0.5 per 10 each), Aesthetics ( 2 nice bridges: +2)
    >> total - [+24.2] – Very Happy. Sanitation is almost complete, but the citizens still waiting are upset. Medicine is acceptable but food is below the necessary and need to be imported.

    - Tech Level - Building Materials: bricks, concrete, basic metals, steel.

    Note: with the hospital and the sewers the score will go very high. To balance this I'm not building all the farms I need, at least for now. And I'm also not giving beds to everyone. I'll assume they are living in the background houses in the orchard.

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  12. Kirumaru

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    Do you need the Castlevania blocks to make those lumber piles? I quite like the way they look.
  13. Zerukoba

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    Love the logic being used to build. The bar being right next to the bathrooms is my favorite though.

    Just a shame you need a mod for some of these effects. I personally like to stick with vanilla personally. I just suddenly became aware that Starbound lack a "hammer" feature like you can find on Terraria to change block shapes though. Made me more grateful on what I could do on Terraria but it also make all of the neat builds on Starbound that much more impressive.
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  14. Kirumaru

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    That was a relatively late addition to Terraria, though.
    I played the hell out of Terraria before that addition. I agree it's hard to go back once you've had a taste of it.
    I'd probably go back to playing Terraria more than Starbound except I find it easier to mod Starbound (so limitless content) and I prefer the character sprites more.

    If I could get Starbound sprites in Terraria (easily) I would probably be enjoying Terraria, but I couldn't really get back into it after Starbound early access.
  15. TheFloranChef

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    Yes, otherwise the blocks in the end would look like the others. With the Castlevania mod you actually have three different log blocks.

    The hammer was a very nice addition. In Starbound I'd love to have a way to make the blocks look inclined at 45 degrees. Something like the roof tiles, but for other blocks like logs, girder...

    Btw, I barely began to explore the Castlevania mod. It has so many interesting things! Look at these windows, for example:

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    Yeah, I've just added the Castlevania mod too... it has much potential in building :)
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    I may have to check it out.
    I have been enamored with both your background houses and your bridge-work.
    I'm a sucker for bridges. I haven't built a real one yet, but I've dog-eared yours for inspiration weeks ago.

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    Week 11: Fort Ragnarok City

    With the increasing population, we decided to build a Town Hall and create a formal government. The process is still going on but we already had our first election and Baroness Brassclank has become the first Mayor of Fort Ragnarok City. It seems we haven't reached a city level yet, but good luck to anyone trying to explain that to the Baroness. She proclaimed that it is a city and will not even hear anyone speaking against it. No problem for me, since I have finally taken the position I like and become the chief constable.

    Week_11_1.jpg Week_11_2.jpg Week_11_5.jpg Week_11_6.jpg

    The Constabulary is in the urban center, right in front of the Town City Hall. There is a nice park nearby and we also found an abandoned mine while finishing the construction of the sewers. It doesn't have much use for mining though, so we turned it into a tourist attraction. There is even a dedicated guide there.

    Week_11_4.jpg Week_11_3.jpg

    The old dam has been replaced and we finally have a reliable hydroelectric power source.


    Now that our colony is properly organized, it's time to plan some expeditions to the nearby systems. We'll need advanced resources in order to build a fleet and improve the efficiency of our settlement. The ship factory is ready and we assembled a prototype scout ship. It's very small and doesn't have any weapons, but we have to start from somewhere...

    Week_11_8.jpg Week_11_10.jpg

    Population - 55 of 62:

    Glitch: 14
    Apex: 11
    Novakid: 9
    Human: 8
    Hylotl: 5
    Avian: 5
    Floran: 3


    Food/drink: 10 farmers, 5 chefs, 2 drink makers, 1 hunter, 1 bee keeper, 1 barmaid
    Military: 8 Soldiers, 2 constables, 1 quartermaster
    Ship crew: 1 pilot, 1 engineer
    Construction: 3 workers, 2 ship builders, 1 carpenter, 1 smelter, 1 blacksmith
    Gatherers: 1 lumberjack, 1 miner
    Science/Medical: 1 astronomer, 1 doctor, 1 nurse
    Administration: 1 bath janitor, 1 innkeeper, 1 supervisor, 1 crane operator
    Maintenance: 1 sewer worker, 1 ship mechanic, 1 dam operator
    Other: 1 seamstress, 1 guide

    >> food - [-17] - 260 crops (+26), 50 meals (+10), hunting (+1), water reserve: 1.668 (+1), 55 citizens (-55)
    >> health - [+24] - 16 food groups (+16), 4 water sources (+4), 2 rain collecting systems (+2), 2 small + 1 medium waste treating facilities (+2), basic medicine (0 per person), sanitation system (-0.5 per person)
    >> housing – [-0.5] – 43 basic beds (+43), 7 luxury beds (+1.5 each), 2 sleeping bags (+.5 each), 55 citizens (-55)
    >> morale - [+26] - basic clothing (production at maximum capacity) (0 per person), bath (+1 per 10), card room (+1 per 10), library, bar, restaurant and guided tours (+0.5 per 10 each), Aesthetics ( 2 nice bridges, Park, Town Hall: +4)
    >> total - [+32.5] – Very Happy. Sanitation system is complete, Medicine is acceptable but clothing production has reached a limit. Food is below the necessary and need to be imported.

    - Tech Level - Building Materials: bricks, concrete, basic metals, steel.

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  19. Zerukoba

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    Those colorful trees and City Hall for whatever reason make me thought of a slice of life anime or at least give me the vibe of one.

    Dat Castlevania clock though.


    I guess the mod have it's name for a reason.
  20. TheFloranChef

    TheFloranChef Giant Laser Beams

    Our cargo ship, the Steampunk, is ready. I'm not sure if this is what the shipbuilders designed. Sometimes I think half of my colony is composed of lazy drunks. And they claim it runs on steam... It can't be right?

    NOTE: There should be a Steampunk Captain and a Novakid engineer, but nobody spawns in those rooms. I tried making them larger and changing the furniture and still nobody comes. Anyway, they will be included in the population when I update the empire status.

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