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    Welcome to The Kingdoms RP!

    Do you have the skill to grow your ragtag little band into a sector wide kingdom for the ages? Grow your citizen base, enhance your technologies, expand your influence, build great cities of commerce and defeat your rivals by outproducing them. You determine your citizens fate, and the legacy you will leave.

    This series can be joined by anyone whom wishes to participate. It is a single player(not in a server), ingame and forum linked RP game using the starbound universe and some mods (though mods are not necessary). If you wish to participate, claim your starting sector by posting here with the coordinates, and then make a post with the tag [The Kingdoms] so we can follow your progress. Post lots of pictures, stories about your citizens, Form alliances, make trade partners, sabotage rivals, and ultimately grow your civilization!

    All standard RP rules apply, along with the following...

    Nothing in a town may be simply spawned, it must be created or traded for. When starting out, basics need to be covered asap. The town will grow as more people generate (via colony deeds), needing more services and buildings as it grows. The quality of buildings will also improve, as more resources become available.
    5 city size levels.
    - hamlet - starter
    - village - developing (20 citizens)
    - town - lvl 2 tech and port developed (50 citizens)
    - city - lvl 3 tech and shipyard ( 100 citizens)
    - metropolis - bigger and bigger...

    Once a town reaches Tungsten grade, a government can be formed. This gives you the ability to generate taxes (admin money), create civilization bonuses (expanding citizens skills), make fleets, and colonize past the starting planet. Make sure to build a port for your ship!

    Tech level will be determined per town via crafting benches available to that town and available ports/shipyards.
    3 tech levels.
    - 1 wood, coal fuels, iron tools (workbench, furnace and anvil techs)
    - 2 Titanium, bio fuels, tungsten tools - port available (steel workbench, alloy furnace)
    - 3 durasteel, radiated fuels, max tools - shipyard available (Replicator, Atomic Furnace, Specialists tables)
    --- Even higher tech levels can exist, but must be discovered ;)

    Recommended towns will include the following...
    1- housing for residents
    2- raw material sources (lumber camps, mines, ect)
    3- food sources (farms, kitchens, water collection, ect)
    4- shops/crafting areas (manufacturing, clothing, ect)
    5- sanitation system (outhouses, toilets, showers, sewers, ect)
    6- defense buildings (walls, towers, gates, barracks, armory, ect)
    7- storage and shipping (landing pad, storage bays, sorting bays, ect)

    Larger towns will include...
    8- enhanced buildings (power systems, multiple landing pads, interior transport systems)
    9- additional buildings (gathering places, gardens, recreational areas, religious buildings, science buildings)

    Towns will be graded on an image matrix...
    1- +/- (1-3) food levels (starvation vs plenty)
    2- +/- (1-5) Health - sanitation and food diversity (protein, grains, fruits, vegetables, specialties, and sources of water/oil)
    3- +/- (1-5) housing levels (crowding vs spacious and quality)
    4- +/- (1-5) moral (clothed, recreation, aesthetics)
    5- +/- (1-3) employment (unemployment vs demand)
    6- (0-5) town advancement (tech level, building variety, ports)

    A strong positive score will encourage higher level trade, stronger citizen attraction/retention, and better fighting moral.
    A strong negative score will cause citizen discontent, less fighting moral, and eventual rebellion/abandonment.

    Your citizens are key to your growth, so here is what you need to cover...

    Citizen needs - Food, Housing, Clothing, tools, health, safety

    Food ---
    Each citizen will need the following to survive...
    - 3 food sources per person (planted crops) or 2 meals (crafted food items)
    - 3 water per person or other liquid (coconut milk, oil, ect.)
    Housing ---
    Acceptable housing will include the following...
    1- sealed space (walls, backwall)
    2- Light source
    3- Access point (door)
    4- Furniture (bed, dresser/chest, chair, table)
    5- Systems (air if in airless environment, heat/cool for balanced temp)
    Clothing ---
    Your citizens need clothing for moral and decency...
    - 2 sets of clothing per person stored in their house
    Tools ---
    Citizens need tools to do their work...
    - 1 tool per citizen per job.
    Health ---
    Health is determined by diet, sanitation and environment...
    - +- for plumbing, clean air/water, and diet
    Diet food types - Protein, grain, fruit, veg, unique. Max all in a diet to get a health benefit.
    Safety ---
    Your citizens need protected from hazards and wildlife...
    - +- for guard towers, walls, guards, personal weapons, and other security measures.

    Recommended distribution of labor with tech levels-

    Level 1 -

    Farmers - 1 farmer per 30 crops [[needs hoe, watercan, seeds]]
    cooks - 1 cook generates 10 meals Meals count for double food. (2 meals per citizen, efficient!) [[needs foods for meals, cooktop, fridge storage]]

    Lumberjack - 1 axeman per 30 trees [[needs hoe, saplings]]
    Carpenter - 1 carpenter processes 1000 wood [[needs workbench]]

    Miner - 1 miner generates 50 ore [[needs hoe/pickax/drill, mineshaft area, crates]]
    Smelter - 1 smelter generates 40 bars [[needs furnace, waterbarrel, crates]]

    Clothier - 1 seamstress generates 3 garments [[needs plant material/fabric, spinning wheel]]

    Manufacturing - 1 worker generates 5 tools/items/furniture/ect. [[needs workbench, raw materials, workspace]]

    Level 2 -

    Farmers - 1 farmer per 30 crops [[needs hoe, watercan, seeds]]
    cooks - 1 cook generates 20 meals Meals count for double food. [[needs foods for meals, cooktop, fridge storage]]

    Lumberjack - 1 axeman per 30 trees [[needs hoe, saplings]]
    Carpenter - 1 carpenter processes 1500 wood [[needs workbench]]

    Miner - 1 miner generates 80 ore [[needs hoe/pickax/drill, mineshaft area, crates]]
    Smelter - 1 smelter generates 50 bars [[needs furnace, waterbarrel, crates]]

    Clothier - 1 seamstress generates 5 garments [[needs plant material/fabric, spinning wheel]]

    Manufacturing - 1 worker generates 10 tools/items/furniture/ect. [[needs workbench, raw materials, workspace]]

    Level 3 -

    Farmers - 1 farmer per 40 crops [[needs hoe, watercan, seeds]]
    cooks - 1 cook generates 30 meals Meals count for double food. [[needs foods for meals, cooktop, fridge storage]]
    food bonus - 1 extra citizen per 300 stored food

    Lumberjack - 1 axeman per 40 trees [[needs hoe, saplings]]
    Carpenter - 1 carpenter processes 2000 wood [[needs workbench]]

    Miner - 1 miner generates 100 ore [[needs hoe/pickax/drill, mineshaft area, crates]]
    Smelter - 1 smelter generates 60 bars [[needs furnace, waterbarrel, crates]]

    Clothier - 1 seamstress generates 8 garments [[needs plant material/fabric, spinning wheel]]

    Manufacturing - 1 worker generates 20 tools/items/furniture/ect. [[needs workbench, raw materials, workspace]]
    ship bonus - can now build ships and ports for trade.

    -- Current territories --

    (X,Y) - Name

    (999999379, 999999817) - Pegasi Frontier, The Pegasi Alliance
    (471398842, 949907126) - Atlas Stream, B-612
    (-723579879, 782456846) - Sadalsuud Wake, Greenwing
    (177967494, -123176533) - The Kakkab Traverse, The New Protectorate
    (-972397582, 794077971) - Ragnarok Nest IV, UVA
    (??) - Mebsuda Tide
    (514530954, -450680247) - Menkar Threshold System,

    -- Current Kingdom Summary --

    Last Updated: Aug 30 2016
    -- Current Players --

    SivCorp - The Kakkab Traverse
    Pedro Falcão - Greenwing Wake
    Arinyl - B-612
    TheFloranChef - The Pegasi Frontier
    Ravoik - United Void Angels
    The Squid - Mebsuda Tide
    Ralij - Minkar Threshold

    News feed -

    Launched Sector game - Claim your spots and get a jump on your civilizations!

    Blocks and building items -

    greeebles mod. Adds additional blocks for the additional ore tiers.
    Castlevania Furniture - furniture, from Castlevania

    Mega Mods -
    Frakin Universe. Planets, power, bees, drinks, all kinds of stuff in this one. A must for diverse planets, seeds, crafting and science.

    Automation -
    Automatic Irrigator. Water your crops automatically with this tank and pipe system.
    gardenbot mod. Use farming mechs instead of citizens.
    steambound mod. Fuel based machines that mine, collect and transport liquid, and organizes all your stuff.
    Item Broadcastor system. Another organization system that moves items from a central chest to other chests in your system.

    Additionals -
    xsmech mod. Mech vehicles to purchase from the outpost. Some are quite deadly!
    Extra Zoom Levels - to get larger screenshots.

    Race mods -
    ODB2 Character Creation Mod - An updated GUI needed to play additional races.
    Avali. "Nomadic Space Raptors" originating from cold worlds with a focus on sound. Unique anatomy, not compatible with standard gear.
    Avikan. "Nomadic Desert Reptilians" originating from the desert planet of Kadavan, now roam in massive fleets. Unique anatomy, not compatible with standard gear.
    Peglaci. "Advanced Apex Peacekeepers" originating on cold worlds, enlightened by the ancients.
    Ningen Race Mod - Edited Humans, new hairstyles

    Remember to include the following stats for your kingdoms:

    Population = # current population

    Food = # crops / 3 (+) # recipes/2 (+) # drink (in storage) / 3 (-) # population

    Health = # food groups (Grains,fruit,veg,ect) (+) # liquid sources (Rainwater, coconuts, wells, ect) (+) medicine lvl x population
    Medicine lvl = -0.5 if none, 1 if basic, more with better tech

    Housing = (# Rooms / population ) x (total # of beds - population)
    Bed lvls = .5 tents, 1 standard beds, 1.5 luxury beds

    = # of clothing - population (+) # of recreation - population/10 (+) sanitation lvl * population
    Sanitation lvl = -1 if non existent, -0.5 if improvised, 0 if basic (outhouse), 1 if indoor plumbing

    Economics = # of jobs - population + aesthetics lvl + other
    Aesthetics lvl = # of landmarks - population/10

    Total = Food+Health+Housing+Morale+Economics

    Tech Level = Building materials, Forging materials, Fuel materials, Others
    Fleet Level = # of ships and types

    Here is a Sample stat spoiler to copy/paste into your kingdom posts:
    [spoiler=Kingdom Stats]
    Population = 2
    Food = ( Crops 8 /3 )+( Recipies 2 /2 )+( Drinks 6 / 3 )-( Pop 2 )
    >> 3.6 = 2.6 + 1 + 2 - 2
    Health = ( Food groups 2 )+( Liquid sources 1 )+( Med -0.5 x Pop 2 )
    >>  2 = 2 + 1 + -1 = 2
    Housing = ( Rooms 1 / Pop 2)x( Beds 1.5 - Pop 2)
    >>  -0.25 = 0.5 * -0.5
                      Bed lvl = 1 tent (.5), 1 bed (1)
    Morale = (Clothing 2 - Pop 2 )+( Recreation 0 - Pop 2 /10 )+( Sanitation -1 * Pop 2)
    >>  -2.2 = 0 + -0.2 + -2
    Economics =  ( Jobs 2 - Pop 2 )+( Landmarks 0 - Pop 2 /10) + Other 0
    >>  -0.2 = 0 + -0.2 + 0
    Kingdom rating 2.95 = 3.6+2+-0.25+-2.2+-0.2
    Tech Level = wood/stone, copper/iron, coal
    Fleet Level = 1 transport
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  2. LuckyRare

    LuckyRare Phantasmal Quasar

    Sign me up, I'll be starting a new character just for this, when I get back on the 23rd.

    I wanted to ask about the /admin command and your character progression, do we have to try to level up as we build or can we acquire the top mining power, dye, water manipulation to make the building part easier. Or are we a citizen just like the others until we advance to a higher job position?

    Are we allowed to "leave" the planet until we build the port to gather stuff or are we bound to our initial one until we "unlock" space travel and get around to trading with others.

    Trading with others, is it NPCs or other players do we set up a custom marketplace for it?
    What about building an embassy for each race with their own specific landing location, create hotels for any other RPers visiting while they're in town, to rest at?

    Question regarding the mod compatibility. Would we need to have a separate copy of Starbound folder somewhere to have specific mods, since I have quite a few or as long as we don't really interact in-game and can "trade" via RPing on the forums, while /admin spawning stuff or something whichever other mods we have make no difference as long as they're not "cheating" ones?
    Is there a list of mods that are disallowed for example??
  3. TheFloranChef

    TheFloranChef Giant Laser Beams

    Is this line correct? If meals count as double, then they would be equivalent to 10 crops, like in the previous Kingdoms. But you said you'd revise that, so I assume it's not 5 meals. And 10 crops for each citizen is a lot. It turns the colony into more of a farm than a settlement.

    I'd like to suggest these mods too:

    - Create-A-Friend
    - Job Offers: Hire anyone

    If you use both you'll need a Compatibility Patch. They'll allow you to choose your crewmembers/colonists' clothes.

    And speaking of clothes, can I use the vanity sets from my other character?

    There is also the Unlimited Active Crewmembers for when you want to show more of your crew on a planet/colony.

    Now that there will be no more wipes, we can patiently and slowly build huge empires. :)
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  4. SivCorp

    SivCorp Parsec Taste Tester

    You can start how you see fit. I generally /spawnitem manipulatormodule 100 off the start, cause the mining speed is stupid.

    I also have found myself just / admin through the first moon mission, cause I want my ship working again.

    Just RP your start to whatever point you want, access wise. But the workbenches, tiers and progression level should be started at the same level (no starting with durasteel or the like).

    As for the mods, we will be continually adding to the list, I'm sure. Just link them here, as you did Floranchef. I'll add them to the list.

    For the food stuff, yeah I shrunk the crop rate but forgot the meals... Will change that too.
  5. LuckyRare

    LuckyRare Phantasmal Quasar

    Let's see. All of these are on Steam Workshop
    Weapon Stats
    Overwatch Mod
    Super Song Pack
    Extended Songbook
    Warcraft Music Pack
    Faster Farming
    Craftable Seeds
    Energy Dash Restoration
    Ceiling Mounted Sprinkler
    Formidible Crewmembers
    Compact Crops
    Themed Colony Deeds
    Perennial Crops
    Frackin' Music
    Frackin' Universe
    Frackin' Races
    Purchasable Pets
    Instant Crafting
    Base In A Box
    Modules in a box (Dependency)
    Xbawks Character Extender
    Item Frame
    Food Stack
    Felins Fur+
    Felins Costumes+
    Gardenbot2: Reboot Edition
  6. SivCorp

    SivCorp Parsec Taste Tester

    The only ones I would object to are the farming ones. Though gardenbot is fine, and solves most the problems with the farming system. and the food stack is almost mandatory, IMO.

    The instant crafting is also not necessary. The only "slow" crafting is one one off stuff that isn't too bad.

    I've got no problem with the rest.
  7. LuckyRare

    LuckyRare Phantasmal Quasar

    Which farming ones, specifically?
  8. TheFloranChef

    TheFloranChef Giant Laser Beams

    I think I'll have my first 1.0 character pay a visit and leave some manipulator modules, a 3d printer, some fuel and the ore/cave detectors (that should come much earlier).

    Here are more mods that I'm using. I don't think you need to link all of them on the first post, though. Almost all of them from Steam Workshop:

    NOTE: the More Starbound Critters mod needs to be correct for 1.1 and for 1.1.1. It seems the creator stopped playing Starbound, so it might be better to avoid these mods. There is a fix on Steam but the mod could cause problems again on future updates.

    More Starbound Critters
    (Addon) Frackinguniverse Critters
    AnTi Monster
    Monster Parts from games you know!
    Obe Monster Parts
    Monster Part Mod Pack

    There is probably some redundancy in all these monster part mods. And some are immersion breaking (like Mario's head).

    Playable Fenerox
    The Orcana
    Vespoids. A wasp/beelike race
    The Viera of Ivalice
    Hylotl Extra Colors
    Anime eyes for humans
    Better Eyes - Felin
    Alt Heads & Hair (Floran)

    These will be for npcs created with the create a friend mod. And if the ningen have anime eyes, better give them to humans and felins too.
    The Alt Heads for Floran I'm using is the one that doesn't change their hair.

    Explorer Pod
    Skizot's Dozers
    Pixel Goods Store
    Flora Fluffalo
    Pressurized Liquid Supply
    Water Source
    Metroid's Varia Suit Armor Mod
    Plasma Gun Collection

    The liquid supply and source I'll use to create rivers, waterfalls and geysers. But this would make getting water too easy for the early colony, so I'll have these sources be contaminated and not appropriate for consumption until I reach a higher tech level. Before that I'll collect from rain.
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  9. SivCorp

    SivCorp Parsec Taste Tester

    Perennial crops and faster farming
  10. DangerBoy365

    DangerBoy365 Big Damn Hero

    I would do this, If I didn't already have a small colony with random things in it, along with tons of other mods.
  11. Plasmataz

    Plasmataz Subatomic Cosmonaut

    What's your say on the use of the Universal Uncrafter mod? Especially with Frackin' Universe, it would be nice to get materials back without letting obsolete technology go to waste.
  12. SivCorp

    SivCorp Parsec Taste Tester

    I've got no problem with the uncrafter mod. Really the only mods that shouldn't be used are outright cheating mods or mods that give access to way too fast progression. It's an RP, not a race ;)
  13. TheFloranChef

    TheFloranChef Giant Laser Beams

    Just explain how your character started that colony and move on from there. If you have anything too advanced, say that it was already there and it's not working. Then you fix it later.

    As for the mods, you don't really need to have any in particular. Just avoid the cheating ones.
  14. LuckyRare

    LuckyRare Phantasmal Quasar

    What's wrong with Perennial Crops? All it does is allow you to keep your crops remain in the ground like the others, it doesn't give any other benefits other than needing to replant stuff every single time.

    Faster Farming I don't mind getting rid of.
  15. SivCorp

    SivCorp Parsec Taste Tester

    Because some crops are not perennial. And if you have the robot planters, they replant for you, and solve that problem easily.
  16. LuckyRare

    LuckyRare Phantasmal Quasar

    Problem with those robots is they tend to tear things out and replant who knows where and it just looks really wonky with 3 wool growing between grapes, wheat growing next to chili with a space in between cause the bot decided that planting things in neat row is for suckers. If the robots would try to plant things next to others and try to keep things the same, as in if you have a space between 2 wheat it'd plant wheat, but it doesn't it might skip planting all together. >.<;

    But fine. If Perennial crops is such a problem. I'll go uninstall it...Or I could just not use the garden bots.
  17. SivCorp

    SivCorp Parsec Taste Tester

    Yeah, really the only reason for it is for large, money making farms... and at that point you should be using bots anyways. And sense the crops stack mod is allowed, it really shouldn't be a big deal. :)
  18. Pedro Falcão

    Pedro Falcão Pangalactic Porcupine

    I ended up abandoning my last project, before launch. I was even looking forward to finishing it, but didn't have proper time to sit and think about it all and the direction I wanted it to go with patience, so I thought it better to stop for a while until I could do that and ended up forgetting about it altogether. Anyway, I'm busy again but I won't make the same mistakes, I'll reserve the Sundays to do it. The good part of it is that the reduced food requirements will also reduce considerably the space used by crops and the burden on the farmer, which were my biggest problems back then.
  19. LuckyRare

    LuckyRare Phantasmal Quasar

    Money making? Is that all? I didn't even think of that aspect, I just didn't feel like having to run around replanting stuff until I have the bots set up, since I don't think they should be available until you advance in tech. xD

    Anywho, started a new character for a new thread, just clicking random for both name and looks and boy does she look like she just woke up. Say hello to Sinrae, the dorkiest, snarkiest, laziest feline this side of the galaxy!

    P.S. Did you know that if you press Arrow keys with WASD set up as movement your character can laugh and cry and stuff?

    Also, I think Themed Colony Deeds now has INVISIBLE colony Deeds. Even better, can build houses for people without the deeds breaking the room unless it's ready to be collected ^^
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  20. TheFloranChef

    TheFloranChef Giant Laser Beams

    I also started my character: Vincent Horizon, a "Black hole kid".


    I'm using the Black Core Novakid mod.

    His face doesn't normally look that black. He is smiling!

    Btw, he is supposed to look like the Black Hole from the movie Interstellar :)


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