The Jesarie (a starting mini project)

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    The Jesarie are a race of circus themed humanoids that evolved on a planet covered in colorful forests and tame creatures. The Jesarie evolved to jump higher, a product of their enviroment being filled with large gaps in the trees and predators. Modern Jesarie evolved around the time humans evolved on earth, about 1.5 million years ago, but haven't developed civilization until 7,000 years ago. but because of their high intelligence and teamwork skills, Jesarie were able to develop space travel a lot earlier than humans (about 200 years earlier to be exact). Modern day Jesarie travel the universe in their giant space fairing carnival tents, spreading joy to all the races of the universe. their weapons are actually more like performance props, mainly used for circus acts, but can be deadly if needed to.

    The Jesarie have fairly good relations to all races. Humans enjoy the Jesarie's performances, seeing them as uplifting and fun to watch. The Apex think the Jesarie are annoying and impractical, but don't have very strong feelings towards them in one way or another. the Avian see the Jesarie as foolish idiots, but like to laugh at their antics. The Glitch like their circuses quite a lot, and make up over half of the audience at most of their shows. the floran absolutely love the Jesarie, seeing them as silly and foolish creatures that are fun to poke at and bother, but however the Jesarie don't always like them back, for most Jesarie are scared and/or puzzled by the floran, because they don't quite understand the concept violence, or the hunting of other intelligent beings. Hylotle don't really enjoy the Jesarie as much as other races, but don't see them as a threat or as lower beings, but if a Jesarie and a Hylotle meet in a bar, it gets kinda awkward for the Hylotle. Out of all the races, The Jesarie have the best relations with the novakid, seeing as how their cultures and personalities are so similar, they couldn't hate each other even if they tried.

    Jesarie are mainly vegetarian, but occasionally eat meat for extra protein. Jesarie have male and female genders like many other races, but the females are always the ones that are the most dominant and outgoing. appearance wise, the Jesarie resemble humans with larger eyes and have skin colors that range from white, black, red, salmon, or bright green. Jesarie also have a wide range of hair styles ( even though their hair are actually made of flesh) like a jester cap, crown, tiara, triangle, spikey, birthday hat, smooth, cake head, or even another smaller head!

    *that's all for now. I haven't really done that much on the forum until now, but i'll probably be posting stuff about my races that I've created, so expect more stuff like this later*

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