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    Welcome to 'The Investigation'(I know, I'm meh with names). This is a sci-fi RP, and it's designed with player choice in mind- my actions will serve to push the plot along, rather than to tell the participants what to do, so the way the story plays out is largely up to you. All players are part of a team, which means that the actions of each of your characters could significantly help or hinder the others. Some elements of this thread, combat especially, will involve risk and difficulty, as enemies will often be as powerful as player characters. That means that you shouldn't do anything too stupid in a fight.
    Now, on to the other things...

    -Don't godmod, be meta, or any of that.
    -Don't be a jerk.
    -In combat, don't specify that you kill an enemy, say that it's an attack instead. One-shot kills are just overpowered.
    -Don't go overboard with language or violence.
    -Don't intentionally have your character screw other players over.
    -No betrayals unless you post it in OOC first and the other participants are okay with it.

    The human central government includes representatives from all its colonies and social classes, although most of the population does not directly participate in politics. Most human politicians are willing to work with other species, and the humans are a member race of the Confederation.

    Humanity controls numerous colonies, and their military is fairly strong. They currently own 24 battlecruisers, with another in construction. Their ground forces and navy are equipped with advanced weaponry.

    Humans are proud of their society, loyal to their kind above all. Their culture values individualism and ingenuity, and for this reason, humans have made several important advancements in galactic civilization.

    The Legacy are a machine race, left behind by their long-dead creators. They are capable of speech and are fully self-aware. Physically, they stand at around one meter tall and are about the same in length, walking on three legs that end in pointed tips. They have two arms with four small opposable fingers on the end of each. Their heads are trapezoidal, mounted directly on their frames. Many individuals equip themselves with modifications to give a sense of identity.

    They are a completely unified race, loyal to their own kind and the Confederation. The Legacy gladly formed an alliance with other spacefaring races, even though many organic lifeforms distrusted them at first.

    The Legacy's conventional military is lacking in strength- they have seven battlecruisers, although they could certainly produce many more very quickly if needed. All their vessels and infantry are equipped with weapons suited for electronic warfare- EMPs, specifically.

    The Legacy do not have the same aesthetic tastes as other civilizations. They consider efficiency to be the greatest form of beauty, as is apparent from the design of their technology and infrastructure. Many individual Legacy choose to serve with the Confederation rather than their own military. Their colonies are covered in mining and construction facilities.

    -In 'appearance', say what sort of modifications your character has(if any).
    -The name shouldn't sound like something a human/organic lifeform would have.

    The Calcabis evolved on a low-gravity world as omnivores. They are slender, and stand at 3 meters tall, with two legs. They have four arm-like structures, although only two of these actually serve as arms, the upper ones. The lower appendages serve to catch prey, able to launch thin tentacle-like stingers towards their intended target. Their venom cannot do much to most creatures, however. Their skin is usually light grey or tan in color, and they have eight eyes on their heads- four on the top and four on the front.

    Their central government is very limited, serving mainly to protect their homeworld and some important colonies. Officially, they are a member race of the Confederation.

    Their military is very small, with only four battlecruisers. Most of their soldiers serve with the Confederation instead of the Calcabis government.

    The Calcabis society is focused on individualism. When one of them reaches adulthood, a celebration is held, and the government gives them their own ship- they are permitted to travel freely and take up any profession they choose. Calcabis soldiers and scientists have greatly assisted the Confederation.

    A Calcabis character's name should be something alien sounding.

    The Lamina are from a hostile, high-gravity world. They are a meter long on average with thick skin, plated with strong scales. Their skin and scales are usually a shade of brown. They have four thick legs ending in three claws, and have a head with four eyes and a beak-like structure. They have two small arms on their underside, with 4 fingers and 2 thumbs each. The front section of their body can rise to a meter and a half in height.

    Their government is made up of several, mostly unified political entities. The central government, made up of representatives, has reluctantly allied itself with the Confederation. The government remains mostly secretive on its actions.

    Their full strength of their military is uncertain, although sixteen different battlecruisers have been confirmed to be in their possession. They are plated with armor and equipped with powerful engines and advanced stealth systems, but their weaponry is currently unknown. Lamina soldiers make up a large portion of the Confederation's ground forces.

    They are a proud, independent race, and are rather militaristic. They are very loyal to their respective nations and to their central government.

    Something short, preferably.

    -Chief Engineer
    -Marine Officer

    -Physical appearance
    -Crew Role

    You have been assigned to the Lancer R-17, a destroyer-class vessel.
    Confederation command has sent you to investigate one of their research stations. Recently, contact was lost with this station. Your mission is to find out just what happened there. Don't screw this up.
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    I might be interested in joining this... I've been kinda wanting to join one of the forum RPs, but going into one that has a few hundred or thousand posts in it already is a little daunting. I like the idea of starting out in a new one. I'll start tossing character ideas around in my head.

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