The Immortal Legion

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  1. A group of friends who are united for no good reason at all. Anyone's welcome, as long as you bring snacks and a good attitude.

    Me - Mercer: Kinglord of the Legion
    Draken - Sci-General/R&D Supervisor
    vonbenja - Technic Assassin
    Nababoo - Stealth-Bacon Division Commander

    Bob Cheesy - Newbie Grump
    Gandalf - Lead Wizard
    Exodus -Mistress of Pure Evil (Honorary Member)
    SPARTEN1337 X13 - Illiterate Bioengineer
    Spire - Explosive Munitions Artist
    Finn Learson - Legion Healthmaster
    Galactic Mindswipe - Technicaninja
    AstroBlast - Lord-General/Minister of Foreign Affairs
    Lucama221 - War-General/Militant Advisor - Anime Conniseur
    trabnas - MORA
    Shooshy162 - Lead Sarcastic/Head Infiltrator
    Ikbenbeter - Headless Chef
    Torang12 - The Fence
    Alaizia Darkstar - Refreshments Provider
    Archmage-Zandor - ?
    King Toad - Knight Incinerator, Ninth Generation
    Sarbinger - Cultural Minister
    Noc - Captain of the Hell-Squadron
    harnackam - ?
    Vortex594 - ?
    Jedesis - ?
    Crazyon - ?
    Legion Trackers
    *A Vagrant - Head Legion Tracker
    Phyrewall - Legion Ape

    The Server's IP Address is subject to change with my computer's IP.

    Some Real Talk - Read so you don't get the wrong idea.
    This whole clan started because people kept saying to me "Heil Mercler" (long story), and so I decided to make the clan, and see how many people would answer the call. A lot of them did, more than I was expecting. After some misunderstandings/unintentional offense causing, the call was changed to "Hail Mercer". The clan isn't meant to actually force anyone into it, but the idea behind it is like...the members of the clan believe that everyone is already a part of the clan, it's just a matter of time before they convert. But understand that I, myself, won't try to force anyone to do things.

    The clan's all in good fun. Not trying to be truly offensive to anyone.

    More: It's come to my attention that people are taking this seriously. This is a clan of friends, being normal people, with a small twist. The twist being the 'cult mentality' joke, in that I am the dictator and everyone else follows me. This really isn't the case. I respect everyone as much as I hope they respect me. I won't force anyone to do anything: that's just the role I play in this clan.

    5/9/2013: Because we have enough a healthy member base, I am hereby placing the Infiltrators on hold, until a time comes when we require their services again. The Legion thanks you for your work.

    What is the Mercenary Legion?
    Think of us as a modernized Spartan warrior soldier-of-fortune half-black-ops team with science and spies and a cult mentality. We have a glorious leader, far-reaching stealth operatives, a mad scientist who creates weapons of war for fun and with somewhat illegal tests. And a Wizard. We have mechanical dragon warships. We are Legion.
    Why do you want to join?
    Because we have warships. Also, you're probably already a member. You just don't know it yet. Remember, cult mentality.

    How do you join officially?
    1 - You express interest.
    2 - ?????
    3 - Profit.
    Who is Mercer?
    Mercenary Lord, the clan creator. Apparently he is far more popular than he wants to admit. Even though he knows it. By his more fanatical followers, his is referred to by his alternate name: Mercer N. A. Lorde.

    Walk into clan.
    Slap political leader.
    Plant flag.
    Shout 'HAIL MERCER'
    Go to another clan.
    Or not.
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    Add me to your fantastic clan that is currently empty, mein lord!
    I shall be your Minister of Foreign Affairs, as I stated in that other thread that we moved way off topic!

    My political plans:
    1. Walk into country.
    2. Slap political leader.
    3. Plant flag.
    4. Shout 'HEIL MERCLER'
    5. Leave.
    6. Go to another country.
    7. Repeat.
  3. It is done.
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  4. Now looking for members and potential leadership roles.

    Make suggestions and tell your friends.
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  5. This man appears to want the job of Cultural Advisor.
    Although I'm not sure if he's trustworthy, sir. He seems very opposed to our ways.
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  6. We shall see. Bring him to me. Alive, if practically reasonable. If not, just kill him. We won't fall victim to the foolish pastimes of unworthy armies of terror.
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  7. A Vagrant

    A Vagrant Cosmic Narwhal

    I'll lead the secret police, I guess.
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  8. So I have our method of official induction.

    Step one: You express interest.
    Step two: I send my RT (ReichP Trackers) to your history, where they stalk your posts and ascertain whether or not you're a wise inductee ( I will do this too)
    Step three: If you pass, you're in. Rest assured we will be a fair as possible.
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  9. Merc, you scary.
  10. Consider my interest expressed.
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  11. I know isn't it great im so high on power

    r u applying
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  12. I dunno, not quite sur-
    Yeah, I think I'm applying.
  13. Excellent. You are Likemaster. That is, similar to the quartermaster, except handling likes.

    Shooshy, you look clean. Hello.
  14. Why is my title of 'Minister of Foreign Affairs' not up there?!
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  15. I fixed it.

    Shooshy, you can either be a member of the RT or work with Astroblast as one of the Foreign Affair grunts. Unless you can thing of something else to do.
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  16. pssst ... Shooshy ... psssst ... think of something else to do
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  17. Can I be minister of sarcasm? I'd REALLY appreciate it.
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  18. Wait I got an idea: We need a few people to stealthily infiltrate other clans and bring new members to the ReichP.

    Possibly people already assimilated into said other clans.
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  19. Ah, I could do that. Simple enough.
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  20. You also can be Head Sarcastic, though.
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