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The Giant List of RoR Stats (Work in progress) (Updated for 1.0.2)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by TheGamaniac, Nov 24, 2013.

  1. TheGamaniac

    TheGamaniac Master Chief

    I've noticed a number of threads recently in regards to discussion of items/characters, and some comments have got me thinking about the finer numbers of the game... Is Lights Out really that bad? How much does a Sniper's perfect reloading actually benefit his damage compared to the time it takes versus a quickdraw reload? How much healing does Han-D get when spamming his drones? Which items are based off a character's baseline damage, which are based off the damage multipliers of the skill they proc from, and which are based on the actual damage dealt? Stuff like that. The game isn't exactly transparent with it's information and tooltips have been wrong before, so I've decided to start seriously datamining the game's numbers.

    I plan to keep poking away at the game through a combination of recording animations, comparing numbers, and occasionally even asking a dev. I'm only one guy though, and I figure this should be out there for others to contribute with any info of their own, or correct any info i've managed to botch. It's currently only information on the playable characters, not any sort of items (yet), but once I finish gathering some of the missing information i plan on expanding this further with things like item stats and attack ranges. Maybe there'll even be some more inaccurate tooltips to root out.

    This is admittedly a bit of a mess to read, but hopefully it's understandable enough for those who are willing to learn (or help).

    Update: Found the scepter with a Bandit. Increases Lights Out animation by 7 frames, DPA added accordingly.
    Update 2: Fixed the Sniper's base damage being 16 instead of 15, updated his numbers to reflect new animation/charge speeds, and updated the Enforcer's Protect & Serve description with it's new functionality.

    Acronym Legend:
    • CD = Cooldown
    • AoE = Area of Effect
    • DPA = Damage Per Animation (You do this much damage% within the timeframe of the attack, using 60 frames per second as a reference point)
    • DPC = Damage Per Cooldown (You do this much damage with the move when you use it as soon as the cooldown ends, and do not have an Alien Head or Wicked Ring reducing the cooldown. If a move cools down before it finishes animating, this number becomes equal to DPA)
    • IAS = Increased Attack Speed (This is, of course, what speeds up the animation of your attacks, allowing you to finish them quicker.)
    • ##f = Number of frames per second a move takes. I recorded moves at 60 frames a second, so a move that takes 60 frames takes 1 second to activate while a move that takes 15 is 0.25s.

    • Most damaging on-hit proc items are based not on your base damage, but of the damage dealt by the attack that sets it off. A Bandit that hits with Blast and sets off an Air-To-Ground Missile will do 300% of 150% damage, or 450% damage with the missile. If it instead procs off of Lights Out, it will do 300% of 600%, or 1800% damage. However, when you have enough items stacked together that procs (or drones) are the vast majority of your damage, heavy-impact shots can "waste" damage from single-target procs like AtG missiles through severe overkill.
    • The health and damage of drones are based off of their current owner's health and damage, but their regeneration is a constant 1% of their HP per second.
    • All characters start with 0 armor. Melee characterss (HanD, Miner, Acrid, Merc) gain 3 armor per level, while Ranged chars (Commando, Enforcer, Bandit, Huntress, Engineer, Sniper) gain 2 armor per level.
    • Similarly, Melees move approximately 4 pixels farther per second than ranged characters during normal movement. The only exception is the Sniper, who has melee movement speed.
    • The actual damage dealt by most skills will often be different from the base numbers listed for each skill, due to random damage variance and enemy armor values. On top of this, the damage shown by any hit from any damage seems to always round up, no matter what.
    • Some moves seem to force a 1-frame delay before you allowed to use any other move. I have included these into the frame length of the corresponding move.

    Character information:

    Health: 110 +32/level
    Regen: 0.6 +0.2/level
    Armor: 0 +2/level
    Damage: 12 +3/level

    To be determined:
    Find and record Scepter while not having +IAS items get DPA of Suppressive Barrage
    Figure out which movespeed effects do not apply to Tactical Dive. I know a Filial speed gel doesn't, but what else?
    Does attackspeed decrease the duration (and thus the invincibility) of Tactical Dive? Doesn't seem like it does, but i should make sure.​

    • Double Tap: 18f (6f CD)
    2 shots of 60% damage each (120% total)
    Damage: 7.2 +1.8/level x2 (14.4 +3.6/level)​
    400% (48 +12) DPA
    (300% (36 +9) DPA spammed)​
    • Full Metal Jacket: 18f
    1 shot for 230% damage. Has mild knockback and does full damage to all targets in that direction.
    3s CD
    Damage: 27.6 +6.9/level
    766.66% (92 +23) DPA
    76.6% DPC​

    • Tactical Dive: 33f
    A forwards roll that moves 140 pixels, and is invincible for all but the last frame. The distance rolled is modified by most movespeed buffs.
    5s CD​

    • Suppressive Fire: 52f
    6 shots for 60% damage each (360% total), and stuns with each bullet. If there are enemies to both sides of you, the skill will alternate firing forwards and backwards instead of attacking in a single direction. Not all bullets travel exactly horizontal; some will angle slighhtly up or down, potentially missing the target or hitting the floor if used at great distances.
    5s CD
    Damage: 7.2 +1.8/level x6 (43.2 +10.8/level)
    415.384% (49.85 +12.46) DPA
    72% DPC​

    • Scepter upgrade: Suppressive Barrage - Suppressive Fire is 10 shots instead of 6 (600% total). Must find out if this increases animation time...
    Damage: 7.2 +1.8/level x10 (72 +18/level)
    Barrage DPA unknown
    120% DPC w/ Scepter​

    Health: 119 +34/level
    Regen: 1.1 +0.2/level
    Armor: 0 +2/level
    Damage: 12 +3/level

    To be determined:
    Confirm (and re-confirm) other enemy attacks that ignore (not sneak past) Protect & Serve.
    Get the range of Shield Slam and Riot Shotgun.​

    • Riot Shotgun: 25f (23f cooldown)
    1 midrange shot for 160% damage, hits everything in the area.
    Damage: 19.2 +4.8/level​
    384% (46.08 +11.52) DPA
    (200% (24 +6) DPA spammed)​

    • Shield Slam: 60f
    1 shortranged hit for 210% damage. Has heavy knockback.
    5s CD
    Damage: 25.2 +6.3/level
    210% (25.2 +6.3) DPA
    42% DPC​

    • Protect And Serve: 29f to enter, 23f to exit
    Take a stance that prevents damage from attacks from in front of you, and reduces the cooldown period between shots from Riot Shotgun. While the shield is up, your movement speed is halved, you cannot jump, and you will always face the same direction.
    1s CD when entering, 5s CD when exiting​

    Riot Shotgun (P&S): 25f (10f cooldown)
    Damage: 19.2 +4.8/level​
    384% (46.08 +11.52) DPA
    (274.286% (32.91 +8.23) DPA spammed)​

    • Crowd Control: 22f
    1 grenade for 250% damage in a large area. Stuns on hit, and will bounce up to 2 times if it hits ground at a shallow angle.
    5s CD
    Damage: 30 +7.5/level
    681.81% (81.81 +20.45) DPA
    50% DPC​

    • Scepter upgrade: Tear Gas - Replaces the stun on Crowd Control with a fear and knockback effect.

    • Protect & Serve does not protect against fall damage, Mushrum spores, jellyfish, or fire trails.
    • Protect & Serve only cares that the attack hits your front, not that the attack was started from in front of you. For example, a Parent standing in front of you will still slam the ground behind you, causing it to bypass your shield. Similarly, an Elite's missiles will often curve around you and hit you from behind.

    Health: 115 +34/level
    Regen: 1.3 +0.25/level
    Armor: 0 +2/level
    Damage: 12 +3.5/level
    Extra: +1.5% Critrate/level

    To be determined:
    Find and record scepter without any IAS items to get DPA of Assassinate
    • Blast: 16f
    1 shot for 150% damage. Fires 46% slower between shots if the attack button is held down instead of consecutively pressed.
    Damage: 18 +5.25/level​
    562.5% (67.5 +19.69) DPA
    303.75% (36.45 +2.84) DPA if holding button​

    • Dynamite Toss: 25f
    1 lobbed grenade for 230% damage to all in a thin horizontal AoE where it hits.
    3s CD
    Damage: 27.6 +8.05/level
    552% (66.24 +19.32) DPA
    76.6% DPC​

    • Smokebomb: No animation
    Provides 3 seconds of 100% dodge and +30% movespeed, while no longer being targeted by enemies. When the skill ends through firing or duration, deal 140% damage to and stun nearby targets. Unlike other more standard forms of invulnerability, Like Protect & Serve, Smokebomb does not protect against fall damage, fire trails, spore clouds, or jellyfish.
    Damage: 16.8 +4.9/level
    10.769% DPC​

    • Lights Out: 40f
    1 shot for 600% damage. Resets all skill (not item) CDs if it kills something.
    7s CD
    Damage: 72 +21/level
    900% (108 +31.5) DPA
    85.714% DPC​

    • Scepter upgrade: Assassinate - Lights Out fires twice. Animation time increases from 40f to 47f.
    Damage: 72 +21/level x2 (144 +42/level)
    1531.915% (183.83 +53.62) DPA
    171.428 DPC w/ Scepter​

    • Enemies do not actively attack Drones, even if there is no other target to attack. As such, Smokebomb can allow 3 seconds of uninterrupted fire from whatever Drones you have bought if you decide to stay near the enemies, though they can still be damaged by attacks that were started before you went invisible or by the passive damage effect of some monsters.

    Health: 90 +34/level
    Regen: 0.6 +0.2/level
    Armor: 0 +2/level
    Damage: 12 +3/level
    Extra: +2.5% IAS/level

    To be determined:
    Confirm scepter effect firsthand​

    • Strafe: 28f
    1 basic shot for 140% damage.
    Damage: 16.8 +4.2/level
    300% (36 +9) DPA​

    • Laser Glaive: 37f
    1 thrown projectile that chains to 4 targets, dealing 300%, 330%, 360%, and 390% damage on each successive target.
    3s CD
    Damage: 36 +9 / 39.6 +9.9 / 43.2 +10.8 / 46.8 +11.7

    486.486% (58.38 +14.59) DPA 1st hit
    535.135% (64.22 +16.05) DPA 2nd hit
    583.783% (70.05 +17.51) DPA 3rd hit
    632.432% (75.89 +18.97) DPA 4th hit

    100% DPC 1st
    110% DPC 2nd
    120% DPC 3rd
    130% DPC 4th​

    • Blink: Instant
    Immediately teleports 65 pixels in the direction you are moving, or forwards if you are standing still. This can be used while in the middle of an attack's animation.
    3s CD​

    • Cluster Bomb: 41f
    1 grenade for 320% damage, fired straight forwards. On hit, drops 6 more grenades in a random nearby spread that deal 80% damage each (up to 480% more on a large target). The bomblets do not trigger proc damage.
    7s CD​
    Damage: 38.4 +9.6, 9.6 +2.4 x6 (57.6 +14.4)
    (96 +24) total​

    468.293% (56.2 +14.05) DPA
    +702.439% DPA w/ bomblets
    1170.732% (140.84 +35.12) DPA total​

    45.714% DPC
    +68.571% DPC w/ Bomblets
    114.285% DPC total​

    • Scepter upgrade: MK7 Rockeye - Cluster Bomb drops 12 bomblets instead of 6 (up to 960% more damage)
    Damage: 38.4 +9.6, 9.6 +2.4 x12 (115.2 +28.8)
    (153.6 +38.4) total​
    468.293% (56.2 +14.05) DPA
    +1404.878% (168.59 +42.15) DPA w/ Scepter Bomblets
    1873.171% (224.78 +79.24) DPA total​
    45.714% DPC
    +137.142 DPC w/ Scepter Bomblets
    182.856% DPC Total​

    • Though the Huntress automatically turns to fire in the direction of the closest enemy, she does not actually track them. If an enemy is on one side of you when you start your attack, but moves to the other side before she fires her arrow/throws her glaive, the attack continues to be fired in it's original direction and will usually hit nothing but air.

    Health: 120 +44/level
    Regen: 1.9 +0.3/level
    Armor: 0 +3/level
    Damage: 13 +3/level
    (No, that is not a typo. 13 base damage, not 12.)

    To be determined:
    Figure out if cooldown reduction items allow faster use of Drones
    What *is* that Shock effect on the scepter hammer? Guaranteed hitstun?
    Confirm if scepter hammer really does have a larger AoE.​

    • HURT: 57f
    1 short-ranged punch for 180% damage. Hits and lightly knocks back everything it touches.
    Damage: 23.4 +5.4/level
    189.474% (24.63) DPA​

    • DRONE: 14f between drone launches
    1 drone launched for 190% damage, then returns to heal HanD for 8% of his maximum health. You cannot launch drones faster through IAS, as there is no animation to speed up. You gain 1 drone for any enemy that dies within a full screen's width from you. HanD is allowed to fire drones while in the middle of another attack's animation.
    Damage: 24.7 +5.7/level
    Healing: 9.6 +3.52/level

    814.286% (105.86 +24.43) DPA
    34.286% (41.14 +15.09) HP/S​

    1 short-ranged hammerslam for 400% damage. Hits and launches everything slightly behind and a ways in front of HanD.
    7s CD
    Damage: 52 +12/level
    266.66% DPA
    80% DPC​

    • Scepter effect: UNETHICAL_REASSEMBLY - The hammer now stuns and shocks(?) victims, as well as having a larger area of effect.

    • OVERCLOCK: 200f duration
    Activation gives 40 frames (0.6s) of +100% movespeed, and +30% to both IAS and stun chance for 200 frames (2.3s). The duration is partially restored whenever you hit an enemy with an attack.
    HURT (OC): 44f, restores 10f of Overclock​

    245.45% (31.90 +7.36) DPA without other IAS boosts​
    FORCE (OC): 67f, restores 50f of Overclock
    358.209% (46.57 +10.75) DPA without other IAS boosts
    80% DPC​

    • Because he has the most natural health of all characters, HanD also has the most durable purchasable Drones of all characters in both health and regeneration (until everyone rams into the 9999 health cap).

    Health: 120 +34/level
    Regen: 0.9 +0.3/level
    Armor: 0 +2/level
    Damage: 12 +3/level

    To be determined: :
    Figure out if cooldown reduction allows faster use of mines beyond reducing their between-stock cooldown.
    Record mines in more detail to learn how long it takes for them to set, and how long after being triggered before they explode.
    Record turrets again to determine how long before they become active. and how long it takes for them to turn around.​

    • Tri-Nade: 17f (39f CD)
    3 grenades for 80% damage each. Each grenade is launched at a different speed, and will explode either upon contact with an enemy or upon bouncing on the terrain 4 times. Does not have any AoE, despite having explosion effects.
    Damage: 9.6 +2.4/level X3 (28.8 +7.2/level)​
    847.059% (101.65 +25.41) DPA
    (257.143% (30.86 +7.71) spammed)​

    • Bounding Mine: 22f between mine placement
    A mine is dropped at your feet which arms itself in ?? frames, and will explode for 300% damage ??f after an enemy goes near it. As there is no character animation for dropping mines, IAS does not affect this skill,
    6s CD
    Damage: 36 +9/level
    818.18% (98.18 +24.54) DPA if spammed alone
    50% DPC​

    • Thermal Harpoons: 84f
    Sequentially launches 4 missiles for 250% damage each (1000% total). The missiles will become active after ??f, at which point they will home in on the nearest enemy to them.
    5s CD
    Damage: 30 +7.5/level x4 (120 +30/level)
    714.286% (85.71 +21.43) DPA
    200% DPC​

    • Auto-Turret: Placable for 30 seconds
    Drops a turret that fires in relatively short 3-shot bursts and lasts 30 seconds. The turret takes time to turn around, and can be both targeted and destroyed by enemy fire. The turret's health and armor are currently unknown. Does it regenerate like Drones do?
    40s CD
    Damage: 12 +3/level X3 (36 +9/level) per burst
    Up to 7500% (900 +225) potential DPA, often much less
    Up to 187.5% DPC, often much less​

    • Scepter upgrade: Auto-Turret Mk. 2 - Maximum turret capacity increases from 2 to 3.

    • Between the fast animation of Tri-Nade, the sheer total damage of Harpoons, the multi-hitting and fully-procable nature of both, and being able to drop mines and turrets inbetween each, with enough critrate and a Wicked Ring no other character has as much raw damage potential as the Engineer. The Bandit with a Scepter may come close through sheer stopping power on Assassinate, and Acrid's damage is weighted towards non-proc damage despite his proficiency at slaughtering mobs wholesale.

    Health: 118 +36/level
    Regen: 1.25 +0.25/level
    Armor: 0 +3/level
    Damage: 12 +3.2/level
    Extra: +2.5% IAS/level

    -IAS bonuses decrease the charge time of Drill Charge, indirectly increasing the DPC as it only cools down after you release the charge.

    To be determined: :
    Drill Charge's damage gain per time spent charging seems uneven. Must find the real damage breakpoints.
    Does IAS decrease the invincibility of both Drill Charge and Backblast with the faster animations? Does it apply to the post-move invinc of Charge as well|
    Confirm the Scepter upgrade firsthand. Are the blasts added to each side? Inbetween the 3 original blasts? Differently timed? Does it increase animation time?​

    • Crush: 30f
    1 short-ranged melee swipe for 140% damage. Hits everything in the area.
    Damage: 16.8 +4.48
    280% (33.6 +8.96) DPA​

    • Drill Charge: 19f - 109f
    1 chargable dash attack for 150-600%(?) damage. You are invincible
    during the attack, and the invincibility lingers 1s afterwards.
    8s CD​

    No Charge: 19f
    Damage: 18 +4.8/level
    473.684% (56.84 +15.16) DPA
    18.75% DPC​

    0.5s Charge: 49f
    Damage: 36 +9.6/level
    367.347% (44.08 +11.76) DPA
    35.294% DPC​

    1s Charge: 79f
    Damage: 54 +14.4/level
    341.772% (41.01 +10.94) DPA
    50% DPC​

    Full Charge: 109f
    Damage: 72 +19.2/level
    324.324% (39.63 +10.57) DPA
    63.158% DPC​

    • Backblast: 42f
    1 backwards dash for 200% damage. Is invincible during attack, and stuns enemies on hit.
    5s CD
    Damage: 24 +6.4/level
    285.714% (34.29 +9.14) DPA
    40% DPC​

    • To The Stars: 27f from peak of jump
    3 simultanious jumping blasts for 180% damage each (540%) straight down. Only fires when you reach the peak of a jump, which can be delayed by adding to pre-existing jump momentum (including use of rusty or photon jetpacks) or set off early by hitting a ceiling. Each blast hits its own area, but can hit multiple targets.
    5s CD
    Damage: 21.6 +5.76/level X3 (64.8 +17.28/level)
    704.348% (84.52 +22.54) DPA after standard 19f pre-jump
    Up to 108% DPC after minimum of 19f pre-jump​

    • Scepter upgrade: Starbound - Adds another 2 blasts (900%) to TTS and causes the skill to stun.
    Damage: 21.6 +5.76/level x5 (108 +28.8/level)
    1173.913% (140.87 +37.57) DPA after standard 19f pre-jump
    180% DPC w/ Scepter after standard 19f pre-jump​

    Health: 119 +33/lvl
    Regen: 1.25 +0.4/level
    Armor: 0 +2/level
    Damage: 15 +4/level

    -IAS bonuses do not apply to the speed at which the reload bar moves, but does apply to the reload animation itself. As such, IAS benefits quickdraws more than perfect reloads.
    -IAS bonuses speed up the charge time of Steady Aim, which indirectly increases it's charged DPC as it only cools down after you take the shot.​

    To be determined:
    *SO* many numbers... i probably messed some up that weren't due to rounding. Must quadruple-check to make sure i didn't get wrong baseline numbers yet again.​

    • Reload: 25f
    A reload animation inserted after each use of Snipe and Steady Aim. Waiting a slight bit before firing will give the next shot extra damage is not randomized, and does not count towards damaging item procs.
    +1-7f: No bonus
    +8-12f: +60% damage
    +13-19f: +30% damage

    • Snipe: 21f (46f with Quick Reload)
    1 simple high-power shot for 250% damage.
    Damage: 37.5 +10, 22.5/11.25 +6/3 (60/48.75 +16/13)​

    326.087% - 283.019% DPA with Early Reload
    (48.91 +13.04) - (42.45 +11.32)​

    277.778% +166.667% - 258.621% +155.172% DPA Perfect
    (41.66 +11.11) +(25 +6.67) - (38.79 +10.34) +(23.28 +6.21)
    444.445% - 413.793% DPA Total
    (66.66 +17.78) - (62.07 +16.55)​

    254.237% +76.271% - 230.769% +69.231% DPA Late
    (38.14 +10.17) +(11.44 +3.05) - (34.62 +9.23) +(10.38 +2.77)
    330.508% - 300% DPA Total
    (49.58 +13.22) - (45 +12)​

    • Steady Aim: 21f at base, +180f charge time
    1 chargable shot for 100%-2000% damage. Partially pierces enemies, doing half the damage of the initial hit to the target behind it, and half again to the target behind that one, continuing until it hits a wall. If Steady Aim crits any target, all targets behind that one will also be crit.
    4s CD​

    No charge: 21f (46f w/ Quick Reload)
    Damage: 15 +4, 9/4.5 +2.4/1.2 (24/19.5 +6.4/5.2)​

    130.435% - 113.208% DPA Early Reload
    (19.57 +5.22) - (16.98 +4.53)​

    111.111% +66.667% - 103.448% +62.069% DPA Perfect
    (16.67 +4.44) +(10 +2.67) - (15.52 +4.14) +(9.31 +2.48)
    177.778% - 165.517% DPA Total
    (26.67 +7.11) - (24.83 +6.62)​

    101.695% +30.508% - 92.308% +24.324% DPA Late
    (14.12 +3.53) +(4.24 +1.06) - (12.97 +3.24) +(3.89 +0.97)
    114.706% - 105.405% DPA Total
    (18.36 +4.59) - (16.86 +4.22)​

    0.5s Charge 51f (76f w/ Quick Reload)
    Dmg: 72 +19.2, 43.2/21.6 +11.52/5.76 (115.2/93.6 +30.72/24.96)​

    378.947% - 346.988% DPA Early Reload
    (56.84 +15.16) - (52.05 +13.88)​

    342.857% +205.714% - +327.273% +196.394% DPA Perfect
    (51.43 +13.71) +(30.86 +8.23) - (49.09 +13.09) +(29.45 +7.85)
    548.571% - 523.667% DPA Total
    (82.29 +21.94) - (78.54 +20.94)​

    323.596% +97.079% - 303.158% +90.947% DPA Late
    (48.54 +12.97) +(14.56 +3.88) - (45.47 +12.13) +(13.64 +3.64)
    420.675% - 394.105% DPA Total
    (63.1 +16.85) - (59.11 +15.77)​

    1s Charge 81f (106f w/ Quick Reload)
    Dmg: 129 +34.4, 77.4/38.7 +20.64/10.32 (206.4/167.7 +55.04/44.72)​

    434.483% - 414.474% DPA Early Reload
    (73.02 +19.47) - (68.5 +18.27)​

    452.632% +271.579% - 437.288% +262.373% DPA Perfect
    (67.89 +18.11) +(40.74 +10.86) - (65.59 +17.49) +(39.36 +10.5)
    724.211% - 699.661% DPA Total
    (108.63 +28.97) - (104.95 +27.99)​

    433.613% +130.084% - 412.8% +123.84% DPA Late
    (65.04 +17.34) +(19.51 +5.2) - (61.92 +16.51) +(18.58 +4.95)
    563.697% - 536.64% DPA Total
    (84.55 +22.54) - (80.5 +21.46)​

    1.5s Charge 111f (136f w/ Quick Reload)
    Dmg: 186 +49.6, 111.6/55.8 +29.76/14.88 (297.6/241.8 +79.36/64.48)​

    547.059% - 520.28% DPA Early Reload
    (82.06 +21.88) - (78.04 +20.81)​

    516.667% +310% - 502.703% +301.622% DPA Perfect
    (77.5 +20.67) +(46.5 +12.4) - (75.41 +20.11) +(45.24 +12.06)
    826.667% - 804.325% Total DPA
    (124 +33.07) - (120.65 +32.17)​

    499.329% +149.799% - 480% +144% DPA Late
    (74.9 +19.97) +(22.47 +5.99) - (72 +19.2) +(21.6 +5.76)
    649.128% - 624% DPA Total
    (97.37 +25.96) - (93.6 +24.96)​

    2s Charge 141f (166f w/ Quick Reload)
    Dmg: 243 +64.8, 145.8/72.9 +38.88/19.44 (388.8/315.9 +103.68/84.24)​

    585.542% - 561.85% DPA Early Reload
    (87.83 +23.42) - (84.28 +22.47)​

    558.621% +335.172% - 546.067% +327.64% DPA Perfect
    (83.79 +22.34) +(50.28 +13.41) - (81.91 +21.84) +(49.15 +13.11)
    894.093% - 873.707% Total DPA
    (134.07 +35.75) - (131.06 +34.95)​

    543.017% +162.905% - 525.405% +157.622% DPA Late
    (81.45 +21.72) +(24.44 +6.52) - (78.81 +21.02) +(23.64 +6.3)
    705.922% - 683.027% DPA Total
    (105.89 +28.24) - (102.45 +27.32)​

    Full Charge: 171f (196f w/ Quick Reload)
    Dmg: 300 +80, 180/90 +48/24 (480/390 +128/104)​

    612.245 - 591.133% DPA Early Reload
    (91.84 +24.49) - (88.67 +23.65)​

    588.235% +352.941% - 576.923% +346.154% DPA Perfect
    (88.24 +23.53) +(52.94 +14.12) - (86.54 +23.08) +(51.92 +13.85)
    941.176% - 923.077% DPA Total
    (141.18 +37.65) - (138.46 +36.93)​

    574.163% +172.249% - 558.14% +167.442% DPA Late
    (86.12 +22.97) +(25.84 +6.89) (83.72 +22.33) +(25.12 +6.7)
    746.412% - 725.582% DPA Total
    (111.96 +29.86) - (108.84 +29.03)​

    • Military Training: 39f
    A backwards flip that moves 191 pixels, and is invulnerable for the entire backflip. The distance traveled scales with most movespeed items.
    6s CD​

    • Spotter: SCAN: No animation
    Marks the highest-health enemy within the width of a screen (which can include parts slightly offscreen). All attacks by the Sniper will be critical hits against that target.
    10s CD​

    • Scepter effect: Spotter: ISOLATE - The spotter drone now slows the target as well.

    • Because the Sniper has the most base damage of all classes, he also has the highest-damage drones, passive damage items, and usable direct-damage items in the game. This is rather helpful considdering the immobile nature of Steady Aim.
    • Though a large portion of the Sniper's damage comes from perfect reloading which does not benefit proc damage items, his innate base damage keeps his procs at least average in terms of damage dealt to time spent. Unfortunately, the amount of damage focused on single targets can cause problems with proc items aiming at and overkilling targets that aren't actual threats.
    • Outside of Steady Aim, the Mercenary is actually rather mobile. The long-distance backflip of Training combines with melee-tier base movespeed and having an animation on Snipe that almost perfectly matches with jump duration, allowing efficient damage while staying on the move.

    Health: 114 +36/level
    Regen: 0.6 +0.4/level
    Armor: 0 +3/level
    Damage: 12 +3/level

    -Poison damage cannot trigger any procs, but each instance from a different attack stacks fully with other instances and seems to partially (but not completely) ignore enemy armor.​

    To determine:
    Keep datamining poison damage vs enemy armor, does it really partially ignore instead of either ignoring or not? Maybe some poison does, but other moves don't? Noticable against Providence when he has his shield up.
    Obtain scepter effect to figure out how much healing it gives.​

    • Festering Wounds: 28f
    1 singletarget slash for 120% damage, and 24% extra Poison damage is dealt every half second over the next 2.5 seconds (6 instances, 144% total damage). Acrid moves forwards 3 pixels when he bites/swings.
    Damage: 14.4 +3.6, 2.88 +0.72 x6 (17.28 +4.32)
    (31.68 +7.92)​

    257.143% (30.86 +7.71) DPA
    +308.571% (37.03 +9.26) DPA in Poison over 2.5s
    565.714% (67.89 +16.97) Total DPA​

    • Neurotoxin: 36f
    1 mid-ranged line attack for 220%. Hits and stuns everything in it's way.
    2s CD
    Damage: 26.4 +6.6/level
    366.66% (44 +11) DPA
    110% DPC​

    • Caustic Sludge: 15s Linger, 2s Laytime
    A slime trail is left behind you for 2 seconds. Acrid and allies onthe slime receive a 25%(?) movespeed boost, and enemies are slowedwhile taking 90% damage every 0.5s (180% DPS).
    17s CD
    Damage: 10.8 +2.7/level x1-30 (up to 324 +81/level)
    90% - 3060% Poison DPA
    5.2% - 180% DPC​

    • Epidemic: 32f
    1 spit projectile for 100% impact damage and 500% poison damage over the next 2.5s. The projectile will propigate to 2 more targets 1.5s after impact, and this will continue from each target until no enemies are left that have been infected by that cast of Epidemic.
    11s CD
    Damage: 12 +3/lvl, 12 +3/lvl x5 (60 +15) (72 +18/lvl)​

    187.5% (22.5 +5.63) DPA
    +937.5% (112.5 +28.13) DPA in Poison over 2.5s
    1125% Total DPA​

    9.09% DPC
    +45.45% Poison DPC
    54.54% DPC Total​

    Scepter effect: Pandemic - Kills made with Epidemic will heal Acrid.
    Healing: ????

    • Though Acrid's damaging proc items won't be especially painful, Epidemic's ability to spread like wildfire through an entire mass of enemies with multiple non-simultanious hits gives him the ability to proc an absurd number of times from one attack against large groups.

    Health: 122 +36/level
    Regen: 2.5 +0.25/level
    Armor: 0 +2/level
    Damage: 12 +3/level
    Extra: +2.5% IAS per level

    • Laser Sword: 33f
    1 slash for 130% damage to up to 3 targets. The Merc moves forwards 3 pixels when he swings the sword.
    Damage: 15.6 +3.9/level
    236.36% (28.36 +7.09) DPA

    • Whirlwind: 24f
    2 large-area slashes for 80% damage each (160% total). The mercenary jumps as he spins, allowing you to prevent fall damage by using it as a doublejump or increase jump height when jumping from the ground.
    Damage: 9.6 +2.4/level x2 (19.2 +4.8/level)
    400% (48 +12) DPA
    80% DPC​

    • Blinding Assault: 29f
    1 dash attack for 120% damage. You are invincible during the attack, it will stun victims. Hitting an enemy allows you to cast this skill again within 3 seconds, up to 2 extra times.
    6s CD
    Damage: 14.4 +3.6/level
    248.276% (29.29 +7.45) DPA
    51.576% DPC w/ Triple Casting​

    • Eviscerate: 57f
    Disappear for a time, becoming invulnerable and doing 110% damage 6 times (660% total) to a single nearby target.
    6s CD
    Damage: 13.2 +3.3 x6 (79.2 +19.8)
    694.737% (83.37 +20.84) DPA
    110% DPC​

    Scepter upgrade: Massacre - If Eviscerate kills a target, it will restart all 6 slashes on another nearby enemy.

    -If the Mercenary jumps and immediately uses Whirlwind, he will miss smaller standing targets such as Lemurians, Wisps, or Clay Men. However, after a few IAS items or a number of levels, using Laser Sword right after jumping will have it recover fast enough to Whirlwind before hitting the ground. This keeps it low enough that it will catch both hits on small targets, while still allowing movement.

    Item information:
    Hasn't been started yet... will start filling in eventually.
    Enemy information:
    This will probably be started much later than items, due to the difficulty of determining enemy stats without knowing how to crack open the game internally.​

    Any help would be appreciated, especially in terms of things i can/should double-check or (hopefully easy) ways to reproduce specific numbers (such as how I used the consistent and armor-piercing Barbed Wire to get base damage stats). Even something as simple as a typo I managed to overlook.
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    • Dennis

      Dennis Subatomic Cosmonaut

      You're doing God's work, son. I'll see if I can help with anything.

      By the way, is there a wiki made by people from here? This is something that should go there asap.

      edit: In Miner's description you wrote this:

      -IAS bonuses increase the charge time of Drill Charge

      It should be decreases the charge time

      another edit: IAS does increase the speed of Sniper's reload bar, you can see this quite easily by having Predatory Instincts, Warbanner, Prescriptions or some other way of controlled attack speed increase

      yet another edit: Eviscerate does not hit a single target if it's not alone, the slashes are spread between targets, though I have no idea if randomly or following some kind of pattern.
        Last edited: Nov 24, 2013
      • needsomemiracle

        needsomemiracle Scruffy Nerf-Herder

        Oh man, I've been wondering the same things. We should totally cooperate :love:

        I do wonder though, where did you get numbers like armor/level, damage/level, drone regen rate, rounding method, etc.?
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        • TheGamaniac

          TheGamaniac Master Chief

          I will freely admit that stats gained per level, (lack of) base armor, and drone information I got simply by asking Hopoo, and were the baseline from which i was able to obtain most other numbers. Rounding method was an extension of that, when I noticed that a Level 3 Miner's Barbed Wire was showing up as 10 damage when the Miner's damage would be 18.4, and 18.4 / 2 is 9.2. (Admittedly, it's entirely possible his base damage could be between 11.7 and 12 since both would give the same numerical results).

          Through multiple tests, the only way i have gotten Eviscerate to stop attacking one target and move onto another before it dies (even when they're on top of one another) is if the victim moves out of range, which is a medium-sized area around the Mercenary. I'll keep checking this and Sniper IAS reloading, though.
          • needsomemiracle

            needsomemiracle Scruffy Nerf-Herder

            Well that complicates things.
            I've been doing a lot of data gathering and graphing on this ability lately, and that's simply not what happens.
            There is an old post by Hopoo where he says every damage value is scattered between 80% and 100% of what it's supposed to be doing (and that's where the variance comes from). If this is still relevant, the average damage should be 0.9 x 14.4 = 12.96, whereas in my observation average DPA vs a lemurian is 12.46, so either they have 0.5 armor, which is very unlikely, or there's some other factor.
            All data points were taken in exactly identical conditions: Rainstorm difficulty, no items, regular lemurians for targets, first 90 seconds of the game only, before they get a boost.
            • TheGamaniac

              TheGamaniac Master Chief

              Right, this list doesn't yet have any information on damage variance. The listed number is intended to be the base number before any armor reductions or damage variance happens. However, after some testing of my own and considering the round-up rule, i think those variance numbers are slightly outdated. Unless i got the base damage wrong because it starts as a decimal (which I think i did with Sniper, if a Ceremonial Knife is 100% base armor-piercing then it's 15 not 16... hate having to redo his complex numbers so often) Double Tap should never be showing up as doing 5 damage if it can also show up as 8 damage unless damage also varies *up*.

              If 12 is indeed correct, at worst each individual hit of Double Tap does 5.76. and would need at least 14% armor mitigation to go below 5, yet that same 14% mitigation would cause the best-case 7.2 to become 6.192, a far cry from 8. Upwards variance would allow that to instead be 7.4304. Yet at the same time, a Sniper quick-firing Snipe has white damage ranging from 23 to 38, which would imply no armor at all when base damage is 15 (37.5), along with no upwards variance and an up-to-60% variance downwards... which means that damage variance is on a per-skill basis instead of a consistant thing.

              Of course, the tooltip could be wrong and Snipe is not actually 250% damage. This is going to be a tangled mess to clear up...
              • needsomemiracle

                needsomemiracle Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                Exactly! The same thing confounded me back on page 2 of that thread I linked. I suppose we can't assume the numbers to swing from 80% to 100% after all. Or that base damage is 12.
                Oh God, I sure hope it isn't.
                That's why I decided to approach statistically. There's always the option that the game isn't doing what it says it's doing.

                My findings are at your disposal.
                • Hapless

                  Hapless Void-Bound Voyager

                  My game's sound stopped again, and I don't feel like restarting so it's data mining time. Please note that some items do not work as their item describes!

                  Rarity: White/common
                  In-game Description: 8% chance to drop 2 meat nuggets that heals for 2x6 health.
                  Actual effect: 8% chance to drop 2 meat nuggets that heals for 2x6 health.
                  Scaling effect: Increases amount healed from each nugget by 6 health.
                  Notes: None

                  Rarity: White/common
                  In-game Description: After taking more than 10% of you health as damage, explode for 200% damage.
                  Actual effect: After taking more than 10% of you health as damage, explode for 400% damage that knocks back.
                  Scaling effect: Increases damage of explosion by 200% damage and knock back range.
                  Notes: Can proc on hit effects.

                  Rarity: White/common
                  In-game Description: After 2 seconds, heal for 4.5% of your health every second.
                  Actual effect: After 2 seconds, heal for 4.5% of your health every second.
                  Scaling effect: Increases the heal amount by 4.5% of your health every second.
                  Notes: Can not be moving, be hit, or use a skill for 2 seconds for this to go off.

                  Rarity: White/common
                  In-game Description: Your attacks have a 10% chance to critically strike, dealing double damage.
                  Actual effect: Increases critical chance. *see notes
                  Scaling effect: Increases critical chance by 7%
                  Notes: Every class starts with 1% critical chance. If you have increased your critical chance in ANY way then this item will only give the 7% increase.

                  Rarity: White/common
                  In-game Description: After not being hit for 7 seconds, increase health regen by 2.4 health per second.
                  Actual effect: After not being hit for 7 seconds, increase health regen by 2.4 health per second.
                  Scaling effect: Increases the healing effect by 2.4 health per second.
                  Notes: Taking any damage at all will end the effect and restart the cooldown even if it's self inflicted.

                  Rarity: White/common
                  In-game Description: Hurt enemies by falling for up to 507% damage.
                  Actual effect: Unknown. *see notes
                  Scaling effect: Increases the potential damage.
                  Notes: I do not understand how moving works yet, so I can not say if the damage in the description is correct. I can say that the damage increase per number of headstompers held.

                  Rarity: White/common
                  In-game Description: Generate $1 every 3 seconds.
                  Actual effect: Unknown. Generates $0.9 every 3 seconds.
                  Scaling effect: Increases the passive gold income by $0.9
                  Notes: Due to how gold is calculated this item actually generates 0.3 gold a second. These decimals aren't shown on the HUD, but are calculated. The game constantly rounds the actual gold amount down to the one shown on screen.

                  Rarity: White/common
                  In-game Description: Touching enemies deals 50% damage/sec.
                  Actual effect: Draws a circle with a radius of 16 pixels that damages any enemy inside for 50% damage.
                  Scaling effect: Increases the circle radius for 20% and the damage done by 10% damage.
                  Notes: None.

                  Rarity: White/common
                  In-game Description: 15% chance to bleed an enemy for 4x35% damage.
                  Actual effect: On hit 15% chance to bleed an enemy for 4x35% damage.
                  Scaling effect: Does not stack in anyway!
                  Notes: This item seems to be a slight goof by the devs. The damage has scaling in the equation, but due to how the bleed chance is calculated the increased damage is never taken into effect.

                  Rarity: White/common
                  In-game Description: Increase health regeneration by 1.2 per second.
                  Actual effect: Increase health regeneration by 0.84 per second.
                  Scaling effect: Increase health regeneration by 0.84 per second.
                  Notes: This item gives 0.014 hp regeneration per frame. There are 60 frames in a second, so this item gives 0.84 hp per second.

                  Rarity: White/common
                  In-game Description: 9% chance to fire a mortar for 170% damage.
                  Actual effect: 9% chance to fire a mortar for 170% damage.
                  Scaling effect: Increases the mortars damage by 170% damage.
                  Notes: The proc chance on this item does not scale. It will always be a 9% chance.

                  Rarity: White/common
                  In-game Description: On level up drop a banner. Raise attack/move speed by 30%, damage by 4 and heals 1%/s.
                  Actual effect: On level up drop a banner. Raise attack/move speed an unknown amount, damage by 4 and heals 1%/s. *see notes for more info
                  Scaling effect: Increases the size of the banner and the length of the buff after leaving the circle.
                  Notes: I don't exactly understand how moving works and as such I can not give an exact value for the attack and move speed buffs. I do know that the damage and heal values are accurate.

                  Rarity: White/common
                  In-game Description: Killing an enemy heals you for 10 health.
                  Actual effect: Killing an enemy heals you for 10 health.
                  Scaling effect: Increases the heal amount by 5 health.
                  Notes: None.

                  Rarity: White/common
                  In-game Description: Deal +50% damage to enemies above 80% health.
                  Actual effect: Deal +50% damage to enemies above 80% health.
                  Scaling effect: Increases the bonus damage by 30%.
                  Notes: None.

                  Rarity: White/common
                  In-game Description: Heal for 10 health after 1.1 seconds of getting hit.
                  Actual effect: Heal for 10 health after 1.1 seconds of getting hit.
                  Scaling effect: Increases the amount healed by 10.
                  Notes: The medkit heal can only happen twice a second.

                  Rarity: White/common
                  In-game Description: Run 20% faster.
                  Actual effect: Run faster...
                  Scaling effect: Run even faster to a cap. *see notes
                  Notes: I do not understand movement in this game, and as such I can not give actual values to the move speed bonus. I can say that there is a cap on how fast you can move. I just don't know what it is. :p

                  Rarity: White/common
                  In-game Description: Gain 8% max hp.
                  Actual effect: Gain 8% max hp.
                  Scaling effect: Gain 8% max hp up to 400%.
                  Notes: The maximum possible hp is 9999. After that is reached this item has no affect.

                  Rarity: White/common
                  In-game Description: 8% chance to attach a bomb to an enemy, detonating for 140% damage.
                  Actual effect: 8% chance to attach a bomb to an enemy, detonating for 140% damage.
                  Scaling effect: Increases the bombs damage by 140% damage.
                  Notes: The proc chance on this item does not scale. It will always be a 8% chance.

                  Rarity: White/common
                  In-game Description: Increases attack speed by 15%.
                  Actual effect: Increases attack speed up to a cap. *see notes
                  Scaling effect: Increases attack speed up to a cap of 15 of this item.
                  Notes: Attack speed is complicated, and is different for each class. I can not give an accurate amount of bonus attack speed. I do know there is a cap. I just don't know what it is.

                  Rarity: White/common
                  In-game Description: Failing a shrine increases critical chance by 6%.
                  Actual effect: Failing a shrine increases critical chance by 5% stacking up to 6 times for a 30% increase in critical chance.
                  Scaling effect: Increases the critical chance buff by 3% per dice stack.
                  Notes: This buff ends when a shrine is passed or if 20 minutes passes!

                  Rarity: White/common
                  In-game Description: 10% chance to evade an attack.
                  Actual effect: 10% chance to be invincible for the current frame.
                  Scaling effect: Increases the "evade" chance by 3% up to a cap of 25%.
                  Notes: This buff is not calculated on a per hit bases, but for the whole frame. That is why if you get hit multiple times in that frame you'll see multiple evades.

                  Rarity: White/common
                  In-game Description: Killing enemies burns the ground for 60% damage for 2 seconds.
                  Actual effect: Killing enemies burns the ground for 60% damage for 2 to 2.5 seconds.
                  Scaling effect: Increases the burn damage by 40% damage.
                  Notes: I can not yet figure out how this stacks with the fireboot and the eye. More later...

                  Rarity: White/common
                  In-game Description: When hit, drops spikestrips that slow enemies by 20%.
                  Actual effect: On any take damage, drops spikestrips that slow enemies by 20% that lasts for 2 seconds.
                  Scaling effect: Increases lifetime by 1 second.
                  Notes: None

                  That is all the white items for now. I'll do the green items next.
                  • TheGamaniac

                    TheGamaniac Master Chief

                    Thanks for that. One thing i've noted about the Bustling Fungus is that it does not stop at your character. The healing is applied to all other players who are standing on your spot. Makes the health shrines of the Temple a bit more sane when multiplayer.
                    • needsomemiracle

                      needsomemiracle Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                      I hate to be that guy, but again, can we see the data behind "actual effect"? It's particularly interesting for effects that take a long time to assess, like mortar tube proc chance or crit chance increase from lens-maker's glasses.

                      I am in no way trying to invalidate anyone's work, but you know - nothing is true until proven true.
                      • A1CZERO

                        A1CZERO Subatomic Cosmonaut

                        Really good stuff here. I can't wait to read more.
                        • needsomemiracle

                          needsomemiracle Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                          The first Goat Hoof gives a 10% speed boost. The distance that it takes the Enforcer 8.50 seconds to cross is crossed in 7.73 seconds with one Hoof (leftmost ledge on Dried Lake).
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                          • Ennbeard

                            Ennbeard Orbital Explorer

                            Is Leeching Seed per attack, or per thing hit? Is it based off damage? I've been trying to test this, buuuut I literally haven't found one <_>
                            • Such an awesome stats list I've been waiting for someone to post something like this for a long time :).
                              • needsomemiracle

                                needsomemiracle Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                                It'd be better if the stats were actually accurate. For example, Enforcer's shotgun seems to be getting +4 damage/level, as opposed to (listed) +3.
                                I might be getting just a huge, super-improbable fluke though.

                                Try it with a Huntress's bomb arrow or a Miner's basic attack, hit several enemies at once. If you get one heal, then it's per attack, if multiple, then it's per hit. The amount healed, on the other hand, (linearly?) depends on how much seeds you've got.
                                  Last edited: Nov 28, 2013
                                • TheGamaniac

                                  TheGamaniac Master Chief

                                  I think yer missing something there... that's +3 *base* damage per level, and the shotgun is (at least supposed to be) 160% damage, or +4.8 per level. I still wish there was a way to better determine enemy armor values, but if that 15% starting reduction on a Lemurian is actually true then that's 4.08 damage per level on the shotgun, which fits.
                                  • needsomemiracle

                                    needsomemiracle Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                                    I stand corrected :oops: Skill multipliers somehow slipped out of my head, thanks.

                                    It's kind of tricky to figure out enemy armor values until some time into the game. I checked and at least in the first 90 seconds lemurians, wisps, sandcrabs, jellyfishes, stone golems, Colossi, Magma Worms and Vagrants have the same amount of damage reduction. Line-of-fire skills like FMJ or Riot Shotgun dealt the same damage against all of them once damage was rolled (e.g. if a single RS shot caught a sandcrab, a jellyfish and a Worm, all three monsters would take the same amount of damage).

                                    What baffles me more is that monster logs state that a lemurian deals 29 damage, whereas even a level 1 character takes from 10 to 14 damage max from their bite (Commando/Enforcer).
                                      Last edited: Nov 29, 2013
                                    • Masterrulax

                                      Masterrulax Subatomic Cosmonaut

                                      Keep up the good work!! =D
                                      • TheGamaniac

                                        TheGamaniac Master Chief

                                        With a new patch came some tweaks to the Enforcer and Sniper. I've modified the engineer's Protect & Serve description now that it offers movement, and recalculated all of the Sniper's numbers. Steady Aim's damage is now listed in 0.5s increments like Drill Charge is, since putting it into 4 segments now would cause 0.625s segments which is is an awkward number to calculate with. I also fixed my calculating base damage from 16 instead of 15, so all of the numbers are changed.

                                        I still havn't found an ancient scepter as a Commando, so that bit of info is still to be determined. I'm also still not sold on the actual numbers of the sniper matching their tooltips, and am continuing to try and figure them out despite the wall of vague enemy damage reduction values from armor... but for now, i'll still have the numbers in this list as what the tooltips say they're supposed to for completion's sake, and to give an idea for what their baseline is supposed to be.
                                        • Shrooblord

                                          Shrooblord Void-Bound Voyager

                                          Oh, very cool. This would be incredibly useful for the Wiki page (see my sig).

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