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  1. 1nk-kp0

    1nk-kp0 Sandwich Man

    Should warn at once - strictly not to judge my spelling and a letter manner. I from Russia, therefore my English am imperfect. To me helped google translator. =)
    For a bright example I took already ready screenshot. More precisely its part.
    The character easy walks on wood and notices fine rare scarlet violets!
    Why not to approach and to look? Certainly, he does it. But it not simply rare flower...
    This extremely rare being - the flower monster. (It is made on type a mimic from the Terraria) it starts to move slowly by means of the grassy feelers towards the player. Also during movement it changes the form and the size.
    Yes, here we see, how the monster devours florets ^_^. Yes, white camomiles to it to the person. All vegetation which it will gobble up on the way will grow on it! Same happens with those mushrooms:
    The monster pulls the feelers to mushrooms, but here the player has already lifted the sword on this monster, but the flower monster simply so doesn't surrender:
    It throws in the player everything that on it has had time to grow! If on it remains nothing, it will be absolutely safe. But the fate of the monster was known in advance... He has died. But it also it was possible to catch and cage, make on it experiments and to feed with various vegetation! Yes, it is possible to make of it ideal pet which will soon protect you at any moment!;)

    The information on the monster:
    - Masks under any rare plants which the player will want to collect.
    - At a meeting with the player or a hostile being starts to throw in it all that on it grows.
    - Near to a place of its destruction all grows that on it grew.
    - If the monster descends from a grass that it will die.
  2. SierraKhaar

    SierraKhaar Orbital Explorer

    Cool :D
    I like how to you designed the flower in the first picture so people might miss it.

    You have few more days til they close the threads, you should draw more variations.

    Hope you make a mod of that if you don't win :)
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  3. bargundabal

    bargundabal Master Chief

    It looks impressive!
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  4. deeminllama

    deeminllama Void-Bound Voyager

    yes please
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  5. MrFallen

    MrFallen Master Chief

    Это прекрасно! Я друг 1nk-kp0. (Росский) (Russian)
    That's wonderful! I 1nk-kp0's friend. (Английский) (English)
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  6. Fishbertus

    Fishbertus Zeromus

    Definately going in my favourites.
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  7. Nozii

    Nozii Void-Bound Voyager

    I think you should make it bigger, and the plant bigger so people notice it more. Nice job though! :D
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  8. death-fish

    death-fish Master Chief

    It is really nice job, but you must really make it bigger!!! I wish you win
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  9. thefluvirus

    thefluvirus Contributor

    Looks cool! :) It reminds me of an enemy from Pikmin 2. Does it have any drops?
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  10. 1nk-kp0

    1nk-kp0 Sandwich Man

    Yes, it is drop those rare florets =) And the rest is already as developers will solve, if I win=З
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  11. Pandora

    Pandora Existential Complex

    Wow, this is actually really nice. Mimics are always fun, coming out of nowhere and grabbing you from behind, or one-hit KO-ing you, or scaring the bejeebus out of you... I'm not a big fan of surprises, hence why I try not to play horror games, but great idea!
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  12. 1nk-kp0

    1nk-kp0 Sandwich Man

    I have solved that I will correct work before the termination contest. I will add one more similar situation, and also I will increase the sizes of the monster. =)
  13. firefoxjtc

    firefoxjtc Void-Bound Voyager

    pretty cool :p
    i wish i could sprite then my entry might have a chance
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  14. jacksnight

    jacksnight Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    HAHA, Really nice!
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  15. 1nk-kp0

    1nk-kp0 Sandwich Man

    I added my work art proficiency (google translate helped me)

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