The first stage is too short...

Discussion in 'Mechanics' started by Dante98dzc, Jan 10, 2020.


The first stage of survival should have more duration and complexity?

  1. Yes, actually is too easy and poor.

  2. No, it is fine.

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  3. Just some adjustments in the complexity.

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  4. Just more content.

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  1. Dante98dzc

    Dante98dzc Void-Bound Voyager

    I'd like that the first stage (before open the portal to the Outpost).. be more rich... I'm talking about more survival features. Should be more difficult open the outpost portal (I made it in 15 minutes and others in less) ... the thing is give the player the opportunity of feel the environment of survival... Make corps, and rustic weapons...

    (The weapons: this stage the first planet the drop of good weapons must be lower I think.)

    (And will be nice make more crafteable weapons, not only of one kind of metal, if not Alloys of them)

    Survival features that I mean are things like traps (like wood spikes) that kill mobs and drop meat.. and that kind of thing. (They not belong to this post)..

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