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RELEASED The Empress' New Clothes - invisible cosmetic items

Discussion in 'Weapons, Armor and Clothes' started by slime_monster, Dec 7, 2013.

  1. slime_monster

    slime_monster Space Spelunker

    Thanks for all the awesome feedback so far, I've just added a new version that can be placed in any cosmetic slot -


    Direct - http://greenslimegames.com/mods/starbound/empressnewclothes.zip
    NexusMods - http://www.nexusmods.com/starbound/mods/68/?

    This mod simply allows you to hide any bit of armor/cape/backpack you have by equipping an item to the cosmetic slot

    Empress' New Clothes for Starbound -
    version 0.4 - 28/01/2014


    1. Simply copy this into your starbound mods directory
    2. Restart starbound
    3. Let the magic that is starbound work its magic :)

    TO USE -

    To create this fine set of garments for your avatar, you need a spinning wheel and 10 plant fiber for each one. On equiping these on the cosmetic slot any item you have equiped will vanish magically, enjoy Empress Zhazuma's stunning contribution to the world of fashion.


    This is a beta mod for a beta game, please don't expect it to work :) This has been tested under windows only
    but really should work fine with all current builds of the game


    Feel free to drop me a tweet : @beebug_nic

    version 0.1 - 7/12/2013
    • initial mod created, called Invisihat
    version 0.2 - 8/12/2013 -
    • mod renamed to Empress' New Clothes
    • added all four slot items
    • added some better graphics
    • added better descriptions
    • you require the spinning wheel to make them ( so mods don't start cluttering up the (C)raft menu
    • cost changed from 2 copper bars to 10 plant fibers, as makes a little more sense
    • created the VERSION HISTORY section of this README.txt
    version 0.3 - 17/01/2013
    • Added mod support ( thanks for all the heads up folks, been away a while :) much thanks to kidokan , kree and DaWreka on the starbound forums )
    version 0.4 - 28/01/2013
    • Added support for v. Furious :)
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2014
  2. lexietanium

    lexietanium Subatomic Cosmonaut

    =D yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay...I don't want my florans hair to be covered since it's what really showed she's her species xD =) will try this mod!
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  3. Veav

    Veav Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    In case the devs spot this, can we please have an invisible hat checkbox in the inventory to automatically make your headgear invisible? It's a "standard" feature of loot-driven RPGs because everyone likes it. :3
  4. Med

    Med Phantasmal Quasar

    Very cool, I had been wanting a mod to do this, and for the other armor slots I can extend this mod myself! :giggle:
  5. tackeart

    tackeart Void-Bound Voyager

    I really think we should get the Familiar Wig and such for our vanity slots, or just an "invisible" checkbox for head items, as Veav said.
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  6. Med

    Med Phantasmal Quasar

    I'm digging this "invisible" checkbox, but good game design would behoove you not to put too many checkboxes and options on the player's primary information screens!

    Maybe an "advanced" checkbox on the inventory that leads to a bunch of options like this? ;)
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  7. Veav

    Veav Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Hey, either way. :) I can see benefits to having easy access, especially for RP servers.
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  8. Hexerin

    Hexerin Existential Complex

    if only this was vanilla, how nice that would be. especially if you started the game with this item like you do with the starter clothes.
  9. slime_monster

    slime_monster Space Spelunker

    Thanks for the feedback folks :) I think I'll definitely work on a full Invisi-Set :) Or something similar :)
  10. slime_monster

    slime_monster Space Spelunker

    New version and link is up :)
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  11. Med

    Med Phantasmal Quasar

    Gasp, version 2.0! Such risque, much download! :love:
  12. Mushie

    Mushie Phantasmal Quasar

    Is there possible you could make it as a random loot, such as some cloths allready?
    (like from chests)
  13. Svarr Chanston

    Svarr Chanston Cosmic Narwhal

    Doge small.PNG
  14. slime_monster

    slime_monster Space Spelunker

    I don't think that would fit this mod, but I really like the idea of a clothes crafting table that will randomly produce clothes rather than having to hunt down clothes merchants, I'll take a look into it :)
  15. Med

    Med Phantasmal Quasar

    This mod was causing a hang at the loading screen, but I figured out what it was. I am now using the /mods folder with a ModLoader, but still had the old "invishat" folder in my /assets, and I didn't realize I had left it there! Cheers!
  16. slime_monster

    slime_monster Space Spelunker

    I've just made that bit of text in the opening post a bit bigger and bolder :)
  17. Tara505

    Tara505 Lucky Number 13

    Originally I wasn't going to use any mods, but I REALLY hate having to wear a helmet. Thank you!

    I hope it works next update, because I'm not really playing much until then due to the character wipe.
  18. Mushie

    Mushie Phantasmal Quasar

    Yeah, i know but i really like to find vanity cloths as rare stuff on merchants or chests.
  19. Deon

    Deon Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    "But she isn't wearing anything at all!"
  20. slime_monster

    slime_monster Space Spelunker

    CONFIRMED : This does work with the next update - the player.config file is overwritten, so you will need to re-add the following lines to it :

    { "item" : "invishat" },
    { "item" : "invischest" },
    { "item" : "invispants" },
    { "item" : "invisback" },

    once you have re-added those, re-load Starbound and you can craft the Empress' clothes :)

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