Race The Didalian (Playable Race Idea)

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  1. PhantomFury

    PhantomFury Space Hobo

    Hello World
    I'm new here, so please bear with me as I explain this!

    History and Lore:
    Didalian (derived from Diadalos, which in turn is derived from Diadallo meaning to work cunningly) are a humanoid tribe banished from their home world for war crimes. They were once flesh and blood peoples which closely represented humans, but due to the nature of their crimes, their minds were placed onto a computer which was sent to drift in deep space. After an exploration ship collected the pod thinking it was survivors of a ship wreck, they quickly accessed the computer systems and from their pod and killed their rescuers. They then transferred their conscious into automatons on the ship and set out to repeat this on others and then exact revenge upon those who banished them. Since the robotic bodies they used were often limited to few functions, they eventually began capturing the crew of other ships and placing cybernetic implants into them in order to control them. Now that they were merging with other living minds the two consciousnesses would collide. Some Didalian would wish to repent for what they did and travel the universe helping other in hope of redeeming themselves. Other retain their treacherous nature and capture more and more people in an effort to gather a force large enough for revenge on their rivals. Occasionally the mind of people they posses will break through and try to get help. The Didalian also posses the ability to jump between machines and organisms they have placed implants in and can project themselves as holographic apparitions for short periods of time.

    While they chiefly look like whatever race they are possessing, they often have cybernetic implants they prefer for efficiency (ie. robotic eyes, enhanced limbs, etc). They have a strange attraction to trench coats for clothing (maybe it's all those pockets?) and pitchforks for weapons. When they project themselves they take on a pixel like purple look, and look like regular humans otherwise.

    Architecture and Culture:
    All of Didalian culture halts with the 'upload' when they were stripped of their humanity and banished to a digital life. Prior to the upload their architecture was mainly comprised of marble buildings and town centers resembling what earthlings would recognize as 'Hellenistic'. They held democratic elections of leaders, and had a stable government established. After the 'upload' there was no need for a central leader, as they essentially held a hive mind. Now they have no home to build upon, so they are chiefly limited to space stations and armadas of ships to call home. In fear of being banished again, they never colonized another world.

    The Player:
    The Didalian are chiefly divided into two sects, known as 'The Order of the Upload' and 'The Merciful Defect'. The Merciful Defect is a group of Didalian who wish to atone for their sins of the past by assisting other civilizations with their advanced knowledge of the sciences. They run research stations across the universe and will sometimes do battle for hire by oppressed races. The Order of the Upload is a group of Didalian with two goals in mind: "Expand" and "Execute Revenge". They share a hive mind all centered at the pod they were originally banished on, and explore the universe in search of life forms to convert and possess. They aim to one day conquer their former home world and make the people who banished them bow before the Didalian. The player would play as a member of The Merciful Defect, and be able to meet other members of The Merciful Defect running research stations and trading posts across the universe. The player can also encounter The Order of the Upload, which are hostile to everyone other than other members of the order. Neither parties can ever be found on a planet.

    The Mechanics of it all:
    As a member of The Merciful Defect, the player is unable to jump between machines and other Didalians. The Order of the Upload are able to do this, by way of appearing as a purple humanoid which leaves one body to travel to another. Only three Didalian can do this at a time, and cannot do this if they have done it before. This makes them difficult to deal with, but not immortal (sort of... They never really die, they just return to the pod and await a new vassal). The re-spawn animation shows a purple humanoid merging into the player's character.

    Final Notes:
    Thank you a tremendous amount for reading through this, and I hope you like my new character idea! I hope to improve upon this as time continues, a thank you a ton for your support.
    *Note* Im a horrible artist, so I sadly can't make much of any concept art for this >.<
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    i want

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