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    There was 9 billion races in Starbound living happily. Even planets, universes and galaxys till the end of the world. Some we're deadly, some we're cute, some have incredible powers. Some... Don't just stay and lay around. Some of them try to destroy the galaxy.
    Including the dangerous races of all time, the Kradox. Deadly, fierce and a threat to the world. Also... The so called " Tentacomet ". The Beast Of The World, sented by Kradox to destroy Earth. Many died, little survived. That was the history of the past... But, one day, a group called " Reapers " take actions and killed many races. The one that survive is Human, Hylotl, Apex, Novakid, Floran, Glitch and Avian. but little did they know that there was more species that survived.

    The End Of Codex

    Now the future story begins...
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    This seems to be an interesting RP, but you should probably move this to the OOC tab. I also recommend that you add a character apps, for example:








    After that, you should also set up some rules for your RP, but after that I can see this as a decent RP. :)
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    sneaky.... what does cons and pros mean for the OOC?
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    It means what are the character's talents and flaws

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