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Community The Coordinates Megathread - Enraged Koala

Discussion in 'Starbound Discussion' started by BRAWW, Jan 31, 2014.

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  1. Kick_04

    Kick_04 Tentacle Wrangler

    Sector: X
    Coordinates: X: -10931605 Y: 55105923
    Name: X R Leo 497 Va
    Biome: Arid
    Level 10

    Just to the left of the LZ found a tech chest in a surface cave (no digging) and it contained morph ball tech. Further left there is a large glitch castle with a lot of codex books and gilded items if need to 3d printer. In the top of the castle there is wizard top, bottom, 2x magic scroll. The king of the castle wears a crown and it dropped for me, also one of the glitch inside the throne room dropped a crossbow for me that shoots arrows that glitter as they fly through the air lol.

    The planet also has falling stars.
  2. MasterofKittens

    MasterofKittens Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Oh yeah. X: -13724471 Y: -24668630
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  3. Kevbot

    Kevbot Poptop Tamer

    Thanks! And one last thing. Where is the chest hidden? (The one with Hero's Cap).
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  4. Overly-Cliche Zealot

    Overly-Cliche Zealot Void-Bound Voyager

    ===============================================Looking for:============================================

    - Legendary LV10 2H or 1H SWORD (no axes please)
    Anything that's not a gun.


    I've found some interesting things, I'll post coords as soon as I can pull them up.
  5. MasterofKittens

    MasterofKittens Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Just head left from spawn for a while. There's a hole just to the left of a large hill.
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  6. Kick_04

    Kick_04 Tentacle Wrangler

    Sector: X
    Coordinates: X: -10931605 Y: 55105923
    Name: X R Leo 497 V
    Biome: Arid
    Level 10

    From the LZ I headed left, a short distance I found a Dark Matter Generator and inside the complex there was a chest that had "pilot googles".... If you head further left you will find a chest on the surface that has a legendary pistol in it, the bullets are the ones that after a short duration will explode if they dont hit a monster.... continue going left and you will find a tech chest with "morphball" in it, directly below the tech chest inside the cave there is a small wooden chest where I found a riot shield called "Ape Cover" .... a little further you will go up a hill and at the top of the hill is a shallow cave with water in the bottom, inside the water is a tech chest with "gravity bubble" ... if you continue you'll find a chest inside a cave (but can see the chest from the surface, unless its dark) inside the chest I found "Model M"

    The model M is close to the LZ if you go right
  7. Kick_04

    Kick_04 Tentacle Wrangler

    Sector: X
    Coordinates: X: -10931605 Y: 55105923
    Name: X R Leo 497 IVa
    Biome: Forest
    Level 10

    If you go right from the LZ you will go over 3 hills, the 4th hill you get to will have a cave network inside the network is a chest with a Chef Jacket and Piano. Continue right and you will find a dark matter generator. If you go past the dark matter generator you will see a small Florian Hut, shortly to the right after that there will be a chest on the surface near a cave, inside the cave hidden in the water is a 2nd chest, the chest in the water contained a Tesla Staff.
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  8. RickyTheFish

    RickyTheFish Space Penguin Leader

    Could you be any more specific? Is it visible from the surface, do we have to dig, how long do we have to travel to the left, are there any other nearby landmarks more notable than "a large hill," etc. Also, please in the future try to keep planetary information all in one post so we don't have to go searching for each snippet. For anyone else looking for the Hero's Cap, I'll put together what we've learned so far:

    Sector Beta (Windows 7)
    Beta Zeta Tau Majoris IV a
    Forest/Level 2
    X: -13724471
    Y: -24668630
  9. DukeOfRiven

    DukeOfRiven Giant Laser Beams

    Co-ordinates: X 66813758 Y -89037911

    Sector: X

    Planet: X Fribbilus Xax Majoris V a (Grasslands: threat 10)

    Content: Super tiny world with blue dirt and bit of snow. Walking to your left will bring you first to an uninhabited Ape Lab, then a very large UMSC Prison Colony, and finally an empty igloo with a firepit. Going in the other direction brings you the exact same thing, albeit in the opposite order.

    OS: Max OS 10.8
  10. MasterofKittens

    MasterofKittens Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Okay, if you go left far enough the green grass turns into red, and you'll find a crystal laboratory that contains a matter block generator in the center. Past this, you'll find a hill. Just a bit further left past this hill, you'll find another hill. go over this hill, and at the bass on the left side you'll find a hole. Go into the hole, and you find the chest containing the cap.
    Here's a picture of the entrance to the hole.
  11. RickyTheFish

    RickyTheFish Space Penguin Leader

    Oh cool, I want one of those crossbows... I know the drops are totally random, but my character is a sparkly wizard queen (as in, Rainbow Cape, glitch king's Crown, Wizard Top, Wizard Bottoms). If I could get a crossbow that was all sparkly, it would go well with her appearance.
  12. Solinias

    Solinias Void-Bound Voyager

    I just circled the planet and found no Matter Generator instance so I'm assuming you must be referring to Beta Zeta Tau Majoris IV c. I'm on my way to visiting that planet right now to search.
  13. Calyx

    Calyx Yeah, You!

    X Lambda Ari 5180 IIIb
    X: -79564387
    Y: -62540372

    IIIb, forest, lvl 8: pine trees, jungle plants (vines/petals), tool spawner to the right, pilot's jacket, normal rain, sparkle and/or glowing rain (i think both but not sure), glitch knight outposts, avian clothing dealer x 2, some bandits, good amount of surface ore, USCM Penal Colony

    Pros: items in surface chests (maybe in the crevices, forgot but probably no digging), pretty weather, sparkle/glowing rain and normal rain; no acid rain; same system as IIIa which has chef spawner, model M, crystal trees as posted somewhere else in this thread
    Cons: ugly avocado green dirt in the forest, poison pools above and underground
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2014
  14. Solinias

    Solinias Void-Bound Voyager

    Sadly I think it may be Mac since I'm running Windows and have not found the chest.
  15. MasterofKittens

    MasterofKittens Subatomic Cosmonaut

    I'm on windows 7.
  16. Necrobot

    Necrobot Space Hobo


    Has anyone got any lower sector (below delta) glitch village co-ords, relatively close to spawn?
  17. MidnightMarauder

    MidnightMarauder Space Spelunker

    Just explored this cause i needed some mushroom and i found a Trippy Buckler. pretty much a round shield with mushroom pattern
  18. RickyTheFish

    RickyTheFish Space Penguin Leader

    I appreciate the clarification, but it seems that either Windows 7 has different planets than Vista, or you have some mod that changed the planet. I have rerolled the planet four times now, and after circumnavigating the entire planet, I was unable to find a Matter Block facility. By the way, what wings are those? The Terrifying Wings are black and red, but yours are just black... at first I thought it might have been something you dyed, but to my knowledge dyes still don't work, and even if they did, the only colours are red/green/blue.
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  19. Shoheki

    Shoheki Void-Bound Voyager

    from the new patch furious koala
    I have found multiple items I've been searching for that other players have posted the coordinates for, for instance
    Posted by TPen
    Towards the bottom

    "X: 37 Y:-27"
    X Alpha Skl 6736 II (Grasslands lv 10)
    What to find here:
    Right from spawn:
    Legendary Greneade launcher (that shoots pigs with dynamite on their back ._.)
    If you go further to the right there is a wizard tower and behind that will be a chest with a bear hat.
    Left from spawn:
    There will be a chest with a captain's cap and a pink top (both in the same chest)
    A bit further there is an avian airship (A chest in there had the Eyesword for me but I guess the ships count as dungeons :/)
    and I have in fact found the captains hat and the legendary grenade launcher on the same planet

    maybe you should check the planet yourself before trying to prove me wrong
    and if you do in fact finally decide to actually check the coordinates that I've posted and take a screenshot of what you find in the apex tech chest
    that I will gladly remove my thumbnail and false remark of my discovery so that other players won't get duped
    captains hat.jpg

    ( captains hat is black from the dyeing bucket mod I installed you can check it out here http://community.playstarbound.com/index.php?resources/dyeing-bucket-multiplayer-friendly.970/ )
    plus you can clearly see the legendary grenade launcher in my hot bar from the player I quoted above, posted the coordinates for
  20. Define The Line

    Define The Line Poptop Tamer


    Gamma Sector
    Gamma Eps Sco 79 I C
    X: -36531456
    Y: -96817556 Untitled2.png Untitled.png
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