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Community The Coordinates Megathread - Enraged Koala

Discussion in 'Starbound Discussion' started by BRAWW, Jan 31, 2014.

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  1. andiak

    andiak Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    did anyone know where i get an hamburger recept ?
  2. Kalte.Finger

    Kalte.Finger Space Hobo

    Got A Rly Nice Planet for u guys ;D

    Name :
    X Tau-5 Eri 309 VI a Grasslands LVL10

    u can find to like 30 secs to left A huge Village with LOTS of Sellers / Weapons / Food / Cloth .......

    if u go trought the Village u will find a chest ;)

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  3. ___MeRliN___

    ___MeRliN___ Guest

    Human Villages are not able to spawn yet, together with Hylotl villages as far as I know
  4. MidnightMarauder

    MidnightMarauder Space Spelunker

    damn i cant remember, i did so much exploring last night. sorry
    i think it was just on the ground. visible, not in some type of cave.
  5. ___MeRliN___

    ___MeRliN___ Guest

    Anyone got coordinates for a Floran Village? Need their needle guns and need to see if they dont have grenadelaunchers yet.

    Also looking for a Bubble Gun and a REAL flamethrower, a weapon with weapon type flamethrower. Checked the assets and apparently flamethrowers are already in the game <.<
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  6. Kevbot

    Kevbot Poptop Tamer

    I have found a bubble gun, here are the coords. :)

    1.) Bubble Gun
    2.) About 5 Rainbow Chests
    3.) Multiple Rainbow Bunny NPC Villages.
    4.) Multiple Rainbow Biomes

    Alpha 47 UMa 8245 II. (Big Desert planet in the middle)

    x: 8372844
    y: 77089110

    Keep going right. There should be a few of those rainbow bunny npc villages as you head right. After you get pass the second rainbow bunny village, there should be a rainbow chest containing the bubble gun :)
    + There are many rainbow biomes on this planet
    Best thing is that it's on an Alpha Planet! So it's great for many new comers to start with the rare bubble gun! :p
    Last edited: Feb 1, 2014
  7. ___MeRliN___

    ___MeRliN___ Guest

    Sweet, getting that soon, thanks alot :)
  8. PastorJaxxon

    PastorJaxxon Star Wrangler

    I know most people are going to post windows stuff, but this is for the few mac people that stumble upon this post :D

    Sector X (Mac)

    X: -47505661
    Y: -42904809

    X Iota Peg 303 I b

    Biome: Arid
    Threat Level: 5

    Once you spawn, go right and you will stumble upon an apex building with a blue high tech chest. Past that if you keep going right you will pass a chest with normal items in it. The real reason for this post is after that chest. If you continue going right you will see a chest in a fairly shallow cave. In it is a Legendary bonehammer. There are many other chests and a primitive floran village if you choose to explore more! Hope this helps and hope to see more mac coordinates being integrated.
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  9. meyerfire

    meyerfire Star Wrangler

    I'm getting an endless jump omw to this planet. Windows 8 OS, furious Koala, a couple mods that don't impact navigation.
  10. Walfan

    Walfan Void-Bound Voyager

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  11. ___MeRliN___

    ___MeRliN___ Guest

    Also looking for any kind of drink recipes (especially wartwine since I got a recipe requiring it). Would even trade an very effective grenade launcher for that recipe <.<, also looking for a food trader selling soilent green (dont ask why).
  12. Swartalfar

    Swartalfar Orbital Explorer

    Tryed but sadly my chests only had crap in them u.u
  13. MasterofKittens

    MasterofKittens Subatomic Cosmonaut

    If anyone is interested in a hero's cap, I found one. Coordinates in a sec.
    Last edited: Feb 1, 2014
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  14. Kick_04

    Kick_04 Tentacle Wrangler

    Sector: X
    Coordinates: X: -10931609 Y: 55105913
    Name: X Zosma II a
    Biome: Grasslands
    Level 10

    A short distance to the left of LZ you will find an Avian gunship, it sells 2 blue prints and a axe that does over 4,000 damage per swing. If you continue going left in a shallow cave chest (don't remember where exactly) I found a rocket launcher that does over 4,400 damage per shot.

    There is also 2 tech's in chests right next to each other. If you go left from the LZ for awhile you will run into a mini tentacle biome, where it turns from grasslands to tentacle there are 2 caves side by side. Each has a tech chest, the one had energy dash the other had human mech.
  15. Kevbot

    Kevbot Poptop Tamer

    What sector did you find that in? Also, is it new to Furious Koala?
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  16. MidnightMarauder

    MidnightMarauder Space Spelunker

    • Windows
    • Sector X
    • -556 -214
    • X Phi-1 Ori 871 VI d
    • Jungle Level 10
    • Giant Flower Biome, Giant Flower Chest, and Giant Flower Lamp Blueprint

    Head left after beaming down and you will find the Giant Flower subbiome keep going and you will find chests on surface, not hidden.

  17. MasterofKittens

    MasterofKittens Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Windows 7, Beta Zeta Tau Majoris IV a
    I don't know if it's new or not.
    Also, I'm looking for either a tricorne hat, kitty hat, monocle, or venetian mask if anyone happens to come across one of those.
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  18. Swartalfar

    Swartalfar Orbital Explorer

    Another nice planet

    go left for TECH CHEST on the surface and POOPDUNGEON :D

  19. Kevbot

    Kevbot Poptop Tamer

    Sweet! Do you have the coords?
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  20. Solinias

    Solinias Void-Bound Voyager

    Please deliver coordinates, I must have the Hero's Hat for my vanity outfit!
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