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Community The Coordinates Megathread - Enraged Koala

Discussion in 'Starbound Discussion' started by BRAWW, Jan 31, 2014.

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  1. If anyone is looking for Beakseed... seeds, there's some in the purple/pink fluffy tree region on this planet. Just keep on going right... there's a few more Apex structures with random loot too!
  2. Abbadon.6594

    Abbadon.6594 Void-Bound Voyager

    Sector Gamme
    Planet gamma delta 2 gru 6215 III
    Biome forest
    Threat Level 3
    x: -88265226
    y: 88352998

    Glitch village right west to beam down
  3. comatosehippo

    comatosehippo Space Spelunker

    Sector Beta (Windows)

    Coordinates X: 30584872 Y: 39610810

    Planet is called: Beta Alpha Mus Majoris 1a

    Contains 3 Legendary weapons and a pulse jump tech to the left of spawn point. also avian city with merchants.
    ALL 3 of these, Teslastaff, Starcleaversword, and bonehammer
    And Pulse jump Tech.

    Go Left of Spawn point.
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  4. volvoV70guy

    volvoV70guy Yeah, You!

    I'm dying for pine trees. Anyone know where I can find some?
  5. Ttariel

    Ttariel Big Damn Hero

    Im sorry, but do you by any chance remember some more details about the position of the chest ?

    Cant seem to find it.
  6. Meanbeans

    Meanbeans Star Wrangler

    Found the jump tech, but none of the weapons. All chests were filled with just random stuff. Did find the villiage. So I can confirm that.
  7. Risukage

    Risukage Giant Laser Beams

    Since I found a lot of cool stuff here I'm re-posting from the last thread the coordinates to a fun little system that I found when I was looking for a different system from last patch. I didn't bother to take notes when I first began poking around last week, so I've completely forgotten what I got on three or four planets previously. I DO remember that I got a sizable number of seeds from plants and chests (I'm tracking 25 varieties in my notes, which is damn near all of them), as well as a couple of musical instruments and several vanity items. It's just an Alpha Sector system, but I quite enjoyed puttering around, as there was a wide variety of, well, THINGS.


    Alpha Fargle VIII 8072

    Items/locations on each world are recorded in order as I discovered them, starting on one side of the world and wrapping around. I usually went right from the spawn point, but if I saw something close by I jinked left instead. Not all worlds were terribly interesting, but I made notes anyway because that's just how I roll. These are my final notes, shouldn't need to update this post any further. I apologize in advance if some items aren't what/where they should be, as the game is weird on what's constant and what's random. I also apologize for the Tolstoy-esque length of this post, but this is a BIG system. Hope that this is helpful to some of you, and good hunting!

    I, desert (large): sugar cane, cultist altar, Avian tomb, 2x Avian house, Electric Bass Guitar, another Avian house, cultist camp, Floran captive by mushroom-men, Floran hut, a third and fourth Avian house
    Ia, snow (tiny): Floran captive by mushroom-men, Avian temple
    Ib, snow (small): Glitch house, bandit camp, Avian clothes vendor (human clothes), igloo, cultist altar, Avian house, Avian clothes vendor (human), 2nd igloo, Glitch house, Avian house, tech chest w/ Energy Dash, bandit camp, and an Airship with a Cowboy Jacket.

    IIa, desert (small): kiwi plant, 2x Avian house, Pixel Hero Cape and chef spawner, Avian tomb, Avian house, Apex lab with Reed Organ in chest, Apex "money lab"
    IIb, arid (small): Apex clothing vendor (human), 3x bandit camp, human base underground
    IIc, asteroid field: -did not map, no survival gear-
    IId, forest (tiny): low-G world, Apex lab with chest, tomato plants, large Apex lab, small Apex lab with chest

    III, arid (large): I cant say enough nice things about this planet. It's huge and has a nifty southwestern color scheme to it. Rather reminds me of New Mexico or the high deserts of Arizona. There are a couple of magma biomes there as well, and loads of surface chests. This place is also FULL of people and things; I recommend this highly as a place to build one's home/base. I've no idea what the weather is, as while I spent about a week of game-time on the surface I saw nothing. No meteors, though, so perhaps it's one of the few planets that is ignored by that function. The list of cool stuff is as follows, starting at the spawn point and going right: 2x bandit camp, a Glitch farm, Plague Doctor's Mask (surface chest), cultist camp, Glitch house, Dinosaur Hat (surface chest), 3rd bandit camp, legendary 2H sword, 4th bandit camp, Avian clothes vendor (human), 2nd cultist camp, Glitch wizard vendor, Glitch village with food and weapon vendors, diodia & automato & boltbulb in garden patch, Pilot's Jacket in farmhouse, another Glitch village, 2H legendary in second village, human clothing vendor (human), Apex clothing vendor (human, duh). Annnnnnd I'm spent! :)
    IIIa, arid (small): Avian village directly to left of spawn point w/ Poached Avesmingo recipe, Hiker Backpack, Plain Hood, small camp with a yellow dog (future pet?), tomato plants, cultist camp, tech chest w/ Energy Dash

    IV, desert (large): Wedding Dress (top) in cave chest, lots of poison pits and acid rain, igloo, Apex medical lab, 2x Apex lab, Apex "money lab", guard house, Human underground base, Apex lab
    IVa, moon (tiny): -did not map, no survival gear-
    IVb, desert (tiny): Apex apartment complex, small rainbow biome to its left

    V, snow (large): 2x Avian house, large cultist altar, Avian temple, another Avian house, cultists, a fourth Avian house, Avian temple, Avian homes 5 & 6, cultist shed w/ Fairy Wings, 7th Avian house

    VIa, forest (tiny): -no data, forgot to take notes when first exploring the system-
    VIb, forest (tiny): Glitch tower with Drum Kit in chest, Glitch castle (Chef Apron, Stuffed Automato recipe, Candy Automato recipe, Monocle, Wizard Hat, Piodia recipe, Copper Key Pie recipe), potato seeds

    VIIa, desert (small): dig site to left of spawn point, lots of surface chests. -no item data, forgot to take notes when first exploring the system-

    VIII, desert (large): -no item data, forgot to take notes when first exploring the system-
    VIIIa, forest (medium): lots of poison pits, toxic top and eggshoot seeds, also green rose-tree and toxic-top flower trees, as well as a dig site to the left of the spawn point, several toxic chests (3 chair blueprints and one for the lamp), the toxic flower backpack, a dog and its house (future capture pet?), a cultist camp with Pilot Goggles and a chef spawner in the chest, and a tech chest with energy dash
    VIIIb, snow (medium): -no data, forgot to take notes when first exploring the system-

    IX, snow (medium): epic sword, Electric Bass Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, UCSM prison facility
    IXa, desert (tiny): rainbow starfall weather, Glitch village (large library with several codecs), boltbulb plant

    X, snow (large): very cold environment with frequent hail, Human underground base, Candy Apple recipe, Apex lab
    Xa, asteroid field: -did not map, no survival gear-
    Xb, desert (small): low-G environment, rainbow starfall weather, chili plants, Apex lab, mech-guard house, sugar cane, 2nd Apex lab, Apex obstacle/parkour course w/ Pulse Jump
    Xc, snow (small): USCM prison facility, Avian house, Avian hut, Avian house
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  8. ShueDonham

    ShueDonham Title Not Found

    So I've been looking for the following in DELTA SECTOR:
    Avian Temples and Towers (NOT TOMBS)
    USCM Bunkers
    Apex Laboratories (The ones that are populated with electric-thrower wielding guards and pistolero scientists)
    Does anyone have coords for those?
  9. Rossmallo

    Rossmallo Big Damn Hero

    I have a rather specific thing I'm looking for - Yellow / gold obsidian. If anyone finds any, quote me and drop the coords, please?
  10. Jubbass

    Jubbass Void-Bound Voyager

    Anybody found a Kitty or Bunny hat? Or a Phyrigan cap?
  11. RickyTheFish

    RickyTheFish Space Penguin Leader

    Has anyone been able to find a Bonehammer with 3500+ DPS? The one I had in Angry Koala was amazing at around 3450 DPS, but the only ones I've been able to find in this version are around 1200 DPS lower, which suggests the weapon has either been nerfed, or I'm finding lower-tier Bonehammers. Also, Starbrethren - you mentioned you have the locations of several Eye Swords. Would you mind posting the highest level location you have, please?
  12. Mamoon

    Mamoon Orbital Explorer

    X Glynaith 83 IV (Windows)
    Desert lvl 8
    37378101 / -44956088
    Avian houses and an Avian tower(maybe a day walk to the right), but the most important thing is the ship in the background :D
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  13. Swartalfar

    Swartalfar Orbital Explorer

    Right next to your Spawn is a chest wich should contain a Legendary Rocketlauncher

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  14. RickyTheFish

    RickyTheFish Space Penguin Leader

    This planet has a great flat area immediately to the left of the Avian Temple found left of the LZ. It would be an awesome place to start a massive lair or obstacle course or something, because 99% of the ground levelling has already been done for you.
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  15. Ireilas

    Ireilas Void-Bound Voyager


    Want your own cuddly little pink fluffybutt-buddy?
    Found this little pets on my favorit grasslands-planet.

    "Gamma Eps Ari 57 II b", grasslands, Lv. 3
    x -6678015
    y 71568926

    "Gamma Eps Ari 57 II a" is a desert planet with a big Avian Village to the left of the spawnpoint.
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  16. Denninja

    Denninja Phantasmal Quasar

    LF> X Sector, at least 2 hazardous level 10 planets in 1 planetary system (cold/vacuum), at least one of them with meteor showers.
    Not looking for any specific item/npc spawns.
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  17. Meanbeans

    Meanbeans Star Wrangler

    Have you looked through this thread at all? There are lots of posts mentioning what you're looking for. Just on the page before, even =)
  18. AsPalacesBurn

    AsPalacesBurn Aquatic Astronaut

    Does anyone have cords to planets with human villages. I am looking for the red lava lamp found in human houses
  19. Walfan

    Walfan Void-Bound Voyager

    I found a glitch village with cactus trees on a forest planet with normal and glowing rain.


    The village is directly to the left.
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  20. Wintermaulz

    Wintermaulz Pangalactic Porcupine

    Sector X (Windows 7)

    Coordinates X: -96686730 Y: -85265353

    Planet is called X Sigma ori 63 i a

    Apex habitation block to the immediate left, small avian hut to the right, and mini boss far to the right
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